Lith the Swallow Scion

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Lith the Swallow Scion

Post by Snake Eyes » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:14 am

Name: Lithrandil vas Elo'na of the Swallow Assassins

"The secretive Sulmer, more commonly known as Wood-Elves, like others of their kin, have long and elaborate names. Melodic yet complex, they can be even a whole paragraph long! For that purpose, they all, although naturally having their own unique dialects, share a common language reserved purely for names - also known as "Grash". It is considered rude to ask for an Elf's full name, seeing as their names tell the tale of their lives, and is a thing most intimate, I've found. Their names grow with their age, and their structure is mostly left to their own discretion. With this in mind, one could figure that the older Elves have a name one is unable to say in a single breath." -A study of Elven Culture, Prof. Cornellius

Age: Fifty two Human years

"I'va first met Sid when we were still 'yun ones. Used to play tag with 'im almost every day near the Cobbletoast inn. Then 'e went away on one of 'eir trials and what not - said 'ed be back soon too! Sixty years later, 'e comes back! Said 'e got a bit detained. Bad roads 'e said, ha! Knife-eared bastard didn even 'ave a single grey on 'is head." -William Seaworth, Dockhand

Gender: Male

"May thee beest swift liketh a de'r, stout liketh a beareth and brave liketh a lion." -Sulmer Proverb


-Viper Spirit: Lith's spirit herald allows him to use a few uncanny abilities. Namely, the scion can painlessly dislocate his joints, as well as digest food most would deem toxic. Likewise, apart from possessing potent venom glans in place of his tonsils, the elf is able to shed his skin, and heal surface injuries. This marking, however renders the one bearing it somewhat cold-blooded, meaning that their movement would be hindered during cold weather.

-Elven Physique: Lith, like most other Elves, possesses incredible stamina and agility, alongside a high metabolism - this amplified by his flexibility granted by the snake markings. Likewise, being of Sulmerian descent, the Swallow scion never feels lost inside a forest, and naturally knows how to move inside it. However, physically, he is somewhat frail, and despite his metabolism, would be better of taking a shot of hemlock than any sort of alcohol.

-Sin'tara: A extremely rare ability, typically found in those Sulmer that have a deep connection with nature. This particular power, who literal translation means "Merged-Heart", endows an individual with an incredible level of empathy. This in turn, allows for them to instinctively understand others, though it works easier on animals and lesser creatures. However, a Sin'tara user can accurately tell what another person is feeling just by being in their presence. Likewise, they are able to transmit their own feelings by using a spiritual pathway formed by bonding with another person - until the level where they would be able to speak by telepathy. Some, legends say, are even able to feel the state of inanimate objects, and the emotional brush still lingering on them. This ability, however, comes with drawbacks. Negative emotions like anger, hatred and sorrow can slowly erode the mind of the empath, who, the more proficient he is in the ability, feels the emotions stronger, as if they were his own - until insanity takes over reason.

-Unzal's Touch: A healing spell that draws from the very essence of it's user, fittingly named after the god Unzal, the Sulmer deity of healing and self sacrifice. The spell is able to heal major wounds, both physical and mental, at the cost of transferring some of the damage to the user. The spell must be done voluntarily, and with a strong sense of conviction. It is not uncommon that users of the controversial ability collapse from weariness

Weapons: Tooth and Nail

Like their name suggests, the two daggers usually found tucked in the Elf's belt were, indeed fashioned from a fang and claw of a singallian raptor. Weapons fashioned from a Sulemer's first hunt were always important to an individual, as they signified one's maturity and readiness to step into Elven society. Due to their value, most are kept as wall hangers, or as trophies. Lithrandiel, however, uses his own regularly. They are crude tools, mounted atop dried weirwood handles. Yet, despite this, the bones of the singalian raptor were always praised by craftsmen for their sturdiness. Otherwise, they are rather unremarkable. Although, Lith has a tendency to spit on his blades from time to time, making use of his own venom.


Lithrandiel is of the shy, quiet sort. He is very opinionated, yet slow to voice those opinions, being afraid of others misunderstanding him. Likewise, due to the divide between his own culture, and those of others, he is somewhat prejudiced towards other races. This, alongside the fact that he is easily influenced by the emotions of others, leads him away from people, even his own. Though, being exiled has hardened him, and he is no stranger to violence, even if he would prefer to avoid it. The stigma against his mark among his people has made him develop certain insecurities, leading him to hide it behind a mask made out of stillwood bark.
He is soft spoken, and understanding, much more so than any of his future peers. Likewise, he is instilled with a deep sense of not belonging anywhere, and holds deep loyalty and appreciation to the Swallow Assassin order for accepting him.

"My apologies eth'el, but you must perish at my hand." -Lithrandiel


Lithrandiel was born into a well off family of pure-blooded Sulmer, belonging to the isolated, northernmost clans of Shiraa. His father was a "sasael", one o the few librarians to understand and guard the ancient texts of old, and as such, was held in high regard in the Sulmer society. Of course, before any sulmer can consider himself and adult at the gentle age of thirty, they must pass their "First Hunt". The hunt, or "Trial" was an event where a clan seer would sense the hunger of the child's still unknown spirit animal, and send him on a hunt for the specific mark. This could be anything from a dragonfly, to a rabbit, to a mountain lion.
However, most would find themselves at shock after finding out that Lithrandiel's mark was a singallian raptor, a large, predatory reptilian who's health was typically associated with the health of the environment he lived in. This bad omen, appeared to come true after the young Lithandriel came back with the beast's body parts as proof of his success. In a ritual that was effectively the last part of his trial, the young Elf was to receive his weapons and reveal the spirit heralding his soul.
To the horror of everyone, the spirit animal that hungered for the raptor was, in fact, a shadow viper.
Although most animals were treated with respect by the Elven clans, either due to their usefulness, or admirable quality they displayed, the snake had none of those. It was cunning and deceitful. Likewise, it was a popular belief that black vipers ate their own children. This was a disgrace of unheard proportions, seeing as a child born with that spirit herald was incredibly rare, and, most would agree, surely a sign of bad luck.
And so, Lithrandiel's father had no choice but to exile him. The young Elf wandered the lands, using his skills as a trapper to survive, until he was found by a regiment of Swallow scions, members of an order within the military that was tasked with scouting and covert operations. They cared little for the strange tattoo that coiled around his waist and stretched across his cheeks, and offered him a position as a trainee. Lithrandiel, purposeless, decided to accept, and spent the next twelve years of his life training, learning the language and culture of these new, strange people.
He, however, before joining his brothers and sisters in service, had to pass the mandatory rite of passage - The Proving Grounds.

"Dormouse valour liketh a black vip'r." -Sulmer Saying


And so, they became strangers again.

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Re: Lith the Swallow Scion

Post by Annasiel » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:07 am

I think I am a changeling
I was born with little claws instead of nails
and I was pale and barely breathing

I think I am a changeling
I broke the mirror because the me who wasn’t me inside
was shaking, she was seething, she was screaming

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