The New World: Deadlands

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Re: The New World: Deadlands

Post by Veilstar » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:03 am

The memories caused Evangeline to lose herself once more, a prisoner in her own mind. She could hear and follow what she was told or had to do, she just wasn't really there. Her mind went back to those first few weeks of being dragged around. All the crying she did and the times she had nearly lost her life, sometimes caused by her own hand. The officer didn't let her die though and ended up losing his life so that she'd have her own. That fact wasn't lost on the heiress, in fact she tortured herself over the life that was lost when she hardly wanted her own. The gunshots weren't even registered by Eva as she nodded along with what Misty said. Using the wet cloth to try to clean the blood off her hands.

The tears dripped at a very slow pace as she just knew she had to get it out of her system like usual. No point in hiding them, she didn't have the strength to anyway. It was a few long moments or it felt like it before the young girl finally got it out of her system. Back to taking deep breaths Eva lifted her head up to look around the vehicle she was sitting in. The boy looked about as freaked out as she was, likely less so than her. The woman was keeping an eye out for the man that had gone inside. Crying time was over, now she had to wait and figure out a way she could be somewhat useful. Like they said, she wasn't useless, she just had to find something that she could do. For now they were just waiting but you never know when hell will break lose again.
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Re: The New World: Deadlands

Post by CrashJr » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:58 am

Chris was pushed off Sullivan and attempted to struggle back to his feet, but a swift kick to hi head forced him to stay down. That along with two guns pointing down at him. "I'm gonna kill and that bastard Tajo" Chris growls out looking up to Sullivan, but in return a shot rings out and he feels something hit the side of his head. Although he was sure that he hadn't been shot, mainly do to the man's swollen eye and the fact that the gun was pointed slightly away from him, he was sure sometime hit him.

As he brought his good hand up to his head, feeling the wetness of blood from a new cut on his head he noticed that Sullivan was quickly getting back to the hummer. Turning his head he noticed them, two mutants. Both seemed to be no bigger then labs, but their growls and looks were enough to scare anyone into freezing in place. Getting up slowly the two canine like mutants began to near him, the other man with Sullivan began to back up now. Chris merely chuckled as he watched the man back up, "run, but they'll catch you" he laughs and pulls out his knife with his good hand.

"Come on...come on you mutts, I killed a monster ten times your size. You fucking midgets don't scare me" he calls out. One of the mutants lunges at him while the other sprints to the other man who begins to lay into the monster with every bullet. While that's happening, Chris gets tackled to the ground by the small beast and grabs it by the neck, it bites at Chris wildly, but with the man's hold he had the thing. Although he hadn't factored in the fact that he was holding the things neck with what he believed to be a fractured hand, and the pain of white hot to him. However, he just let it fuel his anger as he slammed his knife into the side of the skull of the mutant and laughed as he stabbed again and again into it. It's blood spraying all over his hands and face.

It was only a second later that he stopped and heard more growling, looking around he could see. At least a dozen were coming from different places, he looked back to the man and didn't see him, but the hummer was still there. He stood and grinned as he had read something from that journal just the night before. And with a sickened grin he leaned down and picked up the mutant corpse stabbing his knife into it and cutting he let blood and guts spill out, but instead of them hitting the ground he poured the insides of the mutant onto himself.

The smell was rancid and a part of him wanted to puke, but he merely smiled as he let the corpse drop and began to walk towards on of the mutants. It growled, but didn't turn to Chris and just starred down the hummer. Turning back Chris grinned and gave a wave back to Sullivan before jogging past a few mutants and headed down an alleyway.

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