Varian The Various

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Varian The Various

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:14 am

Varian the Various, Entertainer Extrodinare


Usual Appearance


Actual Appearance

Name: Varian

Age: 60 years, appears 30

Sex: None, Usually displays himself as male

Race: Changling

Height: anywhere from 5'4 to 6 ft

Weight: Anywhere from 130- 190 pounds


Appearance: As a changling Varian has pale skin, white hair, and blank eyes, though these change at will. Varian doesn't show his true self often as it tends to frighten people. He usually takes the appearance of a taller, Half-elf man with blonde hair and elmerald eyes for buisness and bringing in crowds.

Personality: Varian is, as his title precedes him, a changeling of various talents. When he doesn't infect people with smiles, Varian participates in performances that stretch that human term of norm.

Even though his race has yielded unjust discrimination throughout his life and so it will for many years to come, Varian fights through these chants of inhumanity with a carefree smile.

Whether he juggles or tells tales of long ago, Varian utilizes his quirk in many ways, several of which involve rapid continuous shifts to keep a momentum going, his eyes set on finding greater and greater crowds, dreaming of glory, his future filled with hopes of turning even the grand theater into a spotlight of entertainment for all to come.

It is Varian who will draw the crowd in, and it is Varian who will get them to stick around for more.



Shape-Shifting- As a changeling Varian has complete control of his appearance, including his clothing. He is able to change from a city guardsman to an ugly orc warrior to a beautiful human princess and everything in between with general ease and speed. He can even temporarily create additional limbs or body parts, though this talent is more difficult than simply changing his appearance.

The are a few limitations to these abilities. He can only adjust his size and weight to a degree, and cannot take a non humanoid form, limiting what he can turn into. Varian also cannot change any equipment such as his blade, just his own appearance.


Showman - A purveyor of fine entertainment and art, Varian has picked up quite a few impressive acts on his travels including juggling, acrobatics, knife throwing, fencing, singing, playing instruments, acting, sleight of hand, etc.

Vocals- Along with altering his appearance, Varian's changeling nature allows him to naturally mimic a wide range of voices and accents.

Salesman - It does no good to hold a show if no one will come to watch, so Varian has gotten very use to selling himself and his acts. He's quite use to hyping up crowds and convincing passersby to give their hard earned coin for a night of entertainment.

Fencing - though initially taught for a show Varian has further developed his swordsmanship and uses it for self defense.




Throwing knives

Cart full of props


The Story of how a changeling became an famous entertainer is an odd one to say the least, but those tend to be some the best. As a child Varian was warned about the dangerous of using his abilites in the open, about how much changelings were feared and distrusted, but he couldn't help himself from pushing his limits. He enjoyed nothing more than imitating the people he saw and wished he could do so without fear of being seen and killed.

Then one day he and his family saw a traveling troupe of performers and Varian was inspired. He could do all they could and more, he could be a one man circus, his talents used to bring joy and laughter. No one would be afraid of him. That night he began practicing his first routine, mimicking the performers as best he could and practicing their skills.

When he came to age he joined a carnival to learn more from the other performers, his shape shifting being an instant hit everywhere they went. Though at times he was unjustly accused of crimes or refused entry into a tavern he never let it get to him or held it against anyone.
Eventually he set out on his own and became Varian the Various, entertainer extraordinaire for kings and commoners alike. After years away the famed changeling is now coming to Azuria, anxious to perform.
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Re: Varian The Various

Post by Annasiel » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:16 am


Jk, accepted.
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