Ser Doran Berengar an Ciallmhar [WIP]

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Ser Doran Berengar an Ciallmhar [WIP]

Post by Mat » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:40 pm

„Disgusting. The bastard of those Carraige man-eaters playing knight-errant... What a fuckin' farce.“


Birth Name: Doran an Ciallmhar.
Alias: Ser Doran of Sienna; The Wildling Knight; Old Wolf's Howl;
White Walker of The Winding Path; Boy Borne to Fragarach;
Son of Ard Carraig and Sienna; Henrietta's Bastard;
Highest of Savages and Lowest of Kings.
Official Title(s): Ser (Sienna.)
Berengar (lit. 'Bear-spear', Carraige.)

Age: 26 y/o.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde.
Eye Color: Steel Blue.
Height: ~5'11" (182 cm).
Weight: Undetermined.

Species: Human (Cunning Folk).
Gender: ♂ Male.
Birthplace: Unknown.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Base of Operations: Mobile.
Orientation: Heterosexual.

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: Tormund an Ciallmhar (Father, Konung/King of Carraige.);
Anna Henrietta (Mother; Duchess of Sienna.);
Raymund von Vianco (Step-Father; Duke of Sienna.);
Maria Annabelle (Step-Sister; Heiress of Sienna.).

Occupation: Cunning Man; Knight-Errant of Sienna.

🢖 Physical Description 🢔


🢖 Repertoire 🢔
„Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. / It is often that a person's mouth broke his nose.“

White Walker of Ard Carraig
Doran - through his father, Tormund - descends from the long line of Cunning Folk from the Island of Ard Carraig. These were a caste of men who can trace their lineage all the way to the legendary folk hero Ullr, Son of The Red God.

The Cunning Folk, also known in Azuria as 'White Walkers', are different from Azurian pellars and druids while in the same vein of natural power and responsibility. Cunning Men can be understood as witchers who roam the land and resolve various issues of the unnatural, magical, agressive variety - curses, monster infestations, hauntings, etc. Most of them are deadly warriors wielding lesser elemental druidcraft.

Unfortunately, Doran's education as a Cunning Man leaves a lot to be desired due to growing up in Sienna.

Reliable Talent
Due to Doran being a bastard, he hasn't spent much time in his step-father's court. Instead, he was always nudged out of the castle either by his own nature or the machinations of Raymund. He is much closer to a commoner than one might think, having run with urchins and thieves as a child, apprenticing under a smith for most of his teens and even under the court mage for a year before embaring on a sea voyage. Because of this, Doran has grown into a resourceful man and a veritable Jack-Of-All-Trades.
  • Literate and Lingual - Has taugh himself how to read and write Common fluently. Furthermore, he can read Carraige Runes and somewhat speak their Dialect of Common.

🢖 Inventory 🢔
„Is fada an bóthar nach mbíonn casadh ann. / It's a long road that has no turning.“

Tástálaí the name of Doran's loyal mare. She was gifted to him by his mother at the day of his knighting. Tástálaí is a Siennan thoroughbred of the same caramel brown complexion and short mane as the breed is known for. Siennan horses are bred with an emphasis on endurance and steeled nerves, qualities sought after by knights from all across the world. Additionally, Tástálaí is an exceptionally intelligent beast that Doran cares for deeply.

His horse is responsible for transporting him and his lackluster possessions across the lands. Thusly, Tástálaí is dressed for the occasion at no small expense - sporting a mastercrafted saddle imported from the desert kingdoms of Talibah and smartly tailored saddlebags. Generally, Doran doesn't like to put blinders on her.

Explorer's Pack - Includes a backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 2 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it.

Doran's Piecemeal Armor
Equal to Studded leather, though lackluster. His legs and arms are covered in studded leather, he has attachable full-plate greaves, knee and elbow guards and vambraces. Doran doesn't passively protect his torso, hating having to sweat and sleep in thick layers. His hands are protected by finger-less studded leather gauntlets. Instead he wears a white shirt and an off-white gambeson over it. He can, however, add a thick leather and metal girdle with studded leather faulds to protect his abdomen and hips. He has access to enough full plate to cover the entirety of his left arm, shoulder and a part of his chest. His pauldron has a thick, vertical grill that can stop a blade.

Old Wolf's Bite (Longsword, Appearance)
The only thing that connects him to Clan an Ciallmhar, a mastercrafted longsword snuck into Doran's quarters on his 15th birthday by Tormund's decree and effort. Compared with the elegant rapiers and jeweled swords of Siennan nobles, Bite is a crude and minimalistic weapon. It's sharpness, however, is never to be questioned.

The Carraige longsword has a 38½ inch blade, a silver-plated siderite steel core, and it's name Moralltach (lit. 'Great Fury') in runes on the base of the blade's fuller.
  • Young Wolf's Howl (Knife, Appearance)
    Doran forged a partner to his sword. The knife's name in Carraige dialect is Beagalltach (lit. 'Small Fury'). Forged from Siennan steel over a taxing autumn morning, the blade has a 12 inch blade and nigh-perfect balance.
Personal Effects
Signet Ring of Siennan Knighthood - Symbol of status and sign of authority. Minimalistic, thick ring forged by dwarven artisian Meyster Zoltan from electrum. It's design is deceptively intricate despite it's outward simplicity with heavily geometric patterns, as seen commonly in dwarven architecture, around the ring's peak. A sterling silver inlay sits on top and a furrowed head of a lion with a cluster of grapes in it's jaws is carved into it, the symbol of Sienna.

🢖 Background 🢔
„Níl saoi gan locht. / There's not a wise man without fault.“

In Lands Far Away“ - Prologue
In the south lies the small, picturesque Duchy of Sienna. 'Tis a land where chivalry never dies, opulent knights-errant roam the lush countryside between sprawling vineyards and ancient ruins in search of a feat worthy that would earn them their lover's graces, where cheers are never far away - the land of ever-summer. It's denizens relish the prosperity brought on by the just hand of The Illustrious Pair.

Sienna appears to be a fairytale made reality.

However, there were times before her reign. When Anna Henrietta was young and bold - little weasel, the castle's staff called her. For where she and her older sister Syanna strode, trouble soon followed. Once, they even lit the taicoat of an Azurian emissary and the whole court watched him panic to douse his behind in the garden fountain. Mean streak they called it. Fortunately, their father had a way with words that prevented an international accident.

Oh Henrietta was a number, alright. Atleast until her older sibling died. In the light of that, she had to refine her manners for she was to marry a noble in her sister's stead - a man she never met - all for political gain. Alas, she was not as tactful and measured then as she is today. Fate had it she found a lover in the arms that stole her away from her ship to meet her future husband, the hands of one Tormund an Ciallmhar. Despite their culture clash, Anna came to appreciate the rough Carraiger.

However, theirs was not a love to be. Tormund and Henrietta had to part under threat of her wronged amant, Raymund von Vianco. Henrietta snuck away at night to save the headstrong Carraigers from a naval fleet so large it would've surely meant their destruction. This was her first act of self-sacrifice and the birth of the beloved duchess of Sienna. She did bring a memento of her true love with her, a beautiful son: Doran an Ciallmhar.

When Tormund got word that he had a heir he celebrated so heartily and so loudly that Carraigers to this day say that clan an Ciallmhar drank all the barrels of fine mead across Ard Carraig dry and that gods themselves tore the skies open to pour into their tankards.

„Highest of Savages and Lowest of Kings“ - Act I

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