A Stygian Rift

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A Stygian Rift

Post by LunaHawk » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:57 pm

"I heard about your new film." Kendra had been so focused on tinkering with her film costume she'd not heard her father enter the trailer until he spoke. She looked up in shock. He wore the same tailored suit he always wore and stood as rigidly as ever in the doorway.

"F..father." Kendra said in surprise. She put her costume carefully aside ad stood. She wore simple workout shorts and a T-shirt, which instantly earned his traditional disapproving raised eyebrow. Kendra cleared a pile of discarded clothes from a seat and placed it on a similarly decorated love seat. Her father crossed the distance and sat stifly.

"It is good to see you getting work that I can be proud of. The name of our family is a proud one..we..."
She cut him off with a frustrated look. "At any rate...I wanted you to know your mother would be proud of you."

Kendra hesistated and tried to hide the look of pain from her expression."How is she?" She asked quietly, almost no strength in her voice.

He looked down at his hands, fiddling with the wedding ring. "I...have had her put into stasis...if a cure can't be found within the year..." He trailed into silence and the two shared a knowing look.

"I wish..." Kendra started, it was an old argument, one she didn't want to have. Again.

"Your chosen career took you down that road Kendra. You could have done virtually anything else. Anything else would have been better, less... embarrassing."

Kendra sighed. So they were going to do this again after all.

"Yeah well getting into acting as an untrained, unspoken for Egyptian woman isn't easy." She dismissed.

"Nonsense, the film industry is full of.."

[b"old white men who pat themselves on the back for their liberal politics while kindly explaining that no one will see a movie with an Egyptian woman as the lead. Then of course there is the matter of the wings..and one or two men who could offer a lot if only I offered something in return."[/b]

"You expect me to believe everyone was just too sexist and racist to hire you for mainstream work?" He asked with a cruelly dismissive tone.

She bit back a frustrated sigh. "It's not racism, it's moral superiority. They are firmly convinced the average American will not pay to watch a movie with an alternative lead. They tell themselves how great their own morality is, but woe to them because no one is ready to join them on their plinth of great diversity. It's too bad, they blind themselves to the great people that live all over this continent. People are good at heart, sometimes others just don't see it."

"So you decided on porn because no real studio would hire you." He said, practically spitting out the word porn.

"Someone suggested it...and it pays well. I was able to put myself through acting school and make some contacts in the j industry there. It was through the strength of my acting skills as well as my appearance that I got this role." She said.

"You will quit the porn industry now." he said.

Kendra...looked at him, for a long moment in silence. She shook her head. "It has been good to me...but not to everyone, they need my help, I won't abandon them. I have plans for a..." Kendra stopped as her father stood up and walked to the door. He paused for a brief moment to speak "I will not speak to you again until you put this nonsense behind you. It's time you started to care more about your name." Then, he was gone.

"studio to help people with no where to go..." she finished quietly. Kendra stood and walked back to her costume, she lifted the helmet and gazed at it's eye lenses and her reflection there. It would have been funny to an outsider how so many girls dreamed of being an actress or a hero...but a woman who was both dreamed of an intact family. She set the helmet down.

She could have it too, all she had to do was give up what she cared for and quit caring about anything other than her family name. She bit her lip for a moment. Her father may have acted that way but her mother had raised her to care about others...and less fortunate women in adult film we're trapped victims. She could help them. She just needed to save enough money. [I'll make a studio where women are protected and helped...where people are given a real chance beyond who they know and what values they are willing to compromise.[/i]

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