Wanderer's Dream [Viola Ja'lael]

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Wanderer's Dream [Viola Ja'lael]

Post by Myrn » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:08 am




Name: Viola Ja'lael

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Weight: 164 lbs


Personality: Viola is a rather free-spirited and laid back girl free of most worries. She lives in the moment and takes on whatever comes her way. She hungers for knowledge and craves the answers to the unknown. Optimistic and young, Viola has the tendency to be too trusting of others regardless of how many times her uncle has taught her to be wary. That bit of naivety is still a part of her charm, she simply wants to see the good in people first.


Powers: Viola has a weak form of precognitive dreaming where she may see a glimpse of either the near or far off future. Viola keeps logs of these dreams in one of her journals.

Skills: With the many years of performance under her belt, Viola had gained skills that may come in handy in her life. Quick reflexes and a keen memory, are much to be desired in performance. Decent footwork, strength, and stamina are also key as well.


Weapons: Viola isn't well-versed in weapons combat however she does keep a small dagger tucked away in her left boot for utility usage.

Gear: She carries her Vielle strapped alongside with its bow at her side with the neck of a lute sticking out of her pack. There is an intricately woven ring of small brass bells tied about the ankle of her right boot, a low jingle could be heard with each step. Aside from the string replacements and her journals for record keeping, her pack also consists of kitchenware with a pot dangling at its side. She also carries a rolled up rug and tarp under the pack.

Deep within the Chi'bailva Woods, there is a collection of tribes collectively known as Ta'variel, and its people, the Tarvish. The Tarvish are well known for their entertainment and performances however an underlying stigma has stuck with their image as well, painting them as liars, swindlers, and con-artists. There are quite a few rumors about the Tarvish being foretellers and clairvoyants as well. Enough so that they have been sought after for a time. Some will chalk it up as nothing much but rumors, but those rumors do have a beginning at some point.

Viola was a child of Ta'variel, she had been raised by her uncle due to unknown circumstances he refused to reveal. For nearly 10 years, she was raised under the assumption that Niko was her father, however, that all had changed when she began to have strange dreams of the faces of people she didn't know and yet she knew them. As she described them she could see that Niko knew of them. They were her true parents, Rolaf and Milali, and had been missing for all of her life. Viola vowed to herself then that she would find out what had happened to them. But there was also another face within those dreams, one that she did not recognize nor anyone of Ta'variel for that matter.

And for a time the dreams had stopped, she had begun traveling with her uncle across the many different lands exploring the neighboring regions all while still being under his tutelage. Within those years spent traveling, Viola learned to connect with others and to ease in with other performers as they travel to trade stories and learn of their songs. It was then that she had another dream in which she found herself traveling alone somewhere she had never been. The lone tower of glass that reached far into the sky, not only did it pierce through the very clouds, It beckoned her with its vibrant and colorful glass. She was compelled to follow after the dream when she awoke the next day and would eventually set out for it. It was so uniquely crafted that it was easy enough to hear the rumors and stories from other traveling performers who had come across such an architect.

Viola now sets forth for the Kingdom of Azuria with dreams in hand.
"He seemed the sort to even Dream in suave."

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Re: Wanderer's Dream [Viola Ja'lael]

Post by Annasiel » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:31 am

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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