Orphan Isouda Tarrenrock of Azuria

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Orphan Isouda Tarrenrock of Azuria

Post by Avalein » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:24 pm


Name: Isouda Tarrenrock

Age: 14

Sex: female

Race: Human

Height: 5'7'

Weight: 130 lbs


Appearance: Isouda has long brown hair and brown eyes, she wears rags, white gown.

Personality: Kind and soft, but she is known for her quick and sneaky as she has to usually steal food in order to live.



Skills: she has quick fingers that once did needlepoint, and sewing, thievery, she has a beautiful singing voice and can ride a horse

Equipment: a small purse where she keeps some trinkets from home, and a small sack where she keeps what she's stolen.


Isouda use to live in a life of wealth until she lost her parents in a fire and as she had no family or friends to live with she lived in the streets, stealing when she could to pay for food. She has earned money by doing needlework and sewing, but it is never enough. Her parents came from both wealthy families, but when they married both family disapproved and cut them off. As such when a fire ravaged her home, killing both her parents and nowhere to turn to, she started to live on the street when she was eight she was taught by other orphans how to take care of herself as well as steal food and other things. Isouda has stolen things from both of my families her way of getting back at them for not helping her as well as taking back a few small things that went missing before the fire. She mostly steals small things that would not be missed, though at times she has considered stealing a horse to get away from the bad memories of when she was younger and was in training to be a lady, with her father's family. Her father is a noble of high birth while her mother is the daughter of a merchant.
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