Thorndyke Captain of the Guard of Valeria

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Thorndyke Captain of the Guard of Valeria

Post by Avalein » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:22 pm

Name: Thorndyke

Age: 40

Sex: male

Race: Human

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 175 lbs (mostly muscle)


Appearance: He has shoulder length blonde hair, with brown eyes. Has quite a bit of muscle, from training and scars on his face and back of his shoulder from war. Thorndyke, wears mostly armor when traveling and training, even in court he still wears a sword at his side and a hidden dagger in his boot.

Personality: Stern, what he says goes, the other personal guards know not to cross him, even Valeria is scared of him at times. He does a kind side but it rarely shows itself now days.


Powers: none

Skills: very good with the sword as well as throwing knives

Equipment: a set of throwing knifes and his sword


Thorndyke is the captain of the guard for Valeria as well as her brother, he is stern, but it is do to his age and experience. He knows what happens when a rival kingdom takes over another as he lived in a kingdom before the Kingdom of Atrutus took it over. He watched as the royal family was beheaded and someone loyal to the new king was put in charge. As such he along with his sister fled to safety in the Kingdom of Dreodian. He is glad that he did as he had found out that the person loyal to the new king had put everyone who apposed his rule to death including his parents who had served the last royal family. When the King of the Kingdom of Atrutus attacked Dreodian it was his advice to Queen Lila that lead her to send him with her youngest children to keep them safe. While living in Dreodian he joined the royal guard and learned how to use a sword but also how to use throwing knives. When the King of Atrutus attacked Dreodian he sent his sister to safety in Azuria, as such he hopes that he will find her soon to make sure she is ok. Meanwhile he keeps a close eye on his charges, and hardly ever lowers his guard.
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