[ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

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Re: [ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

Post by Nymphrodite J Wolff » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:30 pm

(alright. I will keep an eye out}
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Re: [ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

Post by Miro-chan » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:20 am

Lydia regarded him with a bit of a shocked look hearing to stay away from his old friend. Nodding as she watched him move about, she thought about what he said. So, he was interested in men in a romantic way...? A warm smile spread across she's lips, though it held a hint of disappointment, as she gazed up at him. "Oh... I'll do well to remember that then," she said as she turned her gaze down to her bare feet.

The young woman thought a moment, thankful to have her thoughts of slight dissapointment go away, as she stood by the door and answered his with a quiet mutter, "I'm not sure..."

She glanced upwards at the familiar ceiling, and placed her finger on her lower lip. "I guess I will figure it out once I actually get to see the snow."

As he walked past her, the feel of his hand messing up her hair in a soft gesture warmed her heart up a little. The dissapointment returned soon after she had opened her eyes from his having removed itself from the top of her head.
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Her brown orbs flicked upwards hearing the door open, both filled with excitement and expectation at being able to see the world outside the small room she had been cooped up in for three months straight. The first thing that happened before she even took a step forward was the wretched aroma that filled the room. Though she was uses to smelling it, it seemed she would never get used to it. The stench filled her nostrils and caused her nose to crinkle upwards in a disgusted snarl. Her hand lifted upwards to cover it with its top and soon after she was surprised to feel a hand suddenly grasped around her waist. The sudden contact made her jump slightly and her head turned and looked up at her master, who looked much more...masculine than she was used to seeing him. He appeared to be more on edge and uneasy and even though Lydia could tell she was hiding it well, she could still see some of the true emotions coming from him. Her heart skipped a beat and her mind began to fill with an emotion she felt was both forbidden, yet familiar... As she walked by his side, she quickly looked down and focused on her feet, knowing she wasn't supposed to be looking at him, especially with the feelings that were throwing themselves around in her mind.
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