Blood Drive - Apoclypse Death Race -

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Blood Drive - Apoclypse Death Race -

Post by Neforium » Tue May 29, 2018 10:39 pm

So P rimarily I just need one more person to get this thing started, however many are welcome to join!
I have several threads already made so the information is being added constantly.
Start Date is the 1st so there is plenty of time to get characters together!

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Neforium wrote:
Mon May 28, 2018 1:23 am
Image 1999 - It's the near future in Los Angeles, climate change keeps temperatures a cool 115 degrees in the shade, water is as scarce as oil, which by the way, costs thousands per barrel, and crime is so rampant that authorities only bother punishing cases of severe law-breaking (i.e. stealing water rations, injecting RED) with a merciless violence of their own. To top it off, a strange corperation has its hands in every pocket of every player in this unforgiving game. Now You may be wondering how you would survive in such a hellish enviornment. Well, you usually don't, unless youre willing to put on a good show and make a few... sacrifices..
There's a Race you can join if you're bold, It's host, a vaudevillain nightmare, Self-proclaimed God of the stage, myself, Julian Slink. Ladies and gentlemen, bastards and tramps, bloodsuckers, mother*****rs, road trash and vamps, to the queer and the strange, in the crowd and on the stage, to the violent, the malevolent, and those seeking a grave, welcome home!
But whats a cross-country race without a delightfully gory twist? Our cars you see, have taken a more fuel efficient turn. Instead of going green, we went R E D.
For they run on human blood, so the entire race will leave nothing but a bloody, psychotic rampage in its wake. Thanks to the mileage though, they have an appetite as ravenous as their drivers.
Image As if that wasnt enough, our participants are homocidal psychos and the only way to keep pushing them forward is with an explosive charge in the base of the skull. Team charges, will be linked. So if a partner strays too far, or you're last across the finish line each day... INSTANT. Brain. Jelly.
So Racers, Feed your engines, and get ready to participate in the most violent, crazed death race of all time!


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