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[OOC]Daughter of Diana Lore

Post by Stitches » Thu May 03, 2018 2:39 am

Hierarchy: Witches are, predominantly, a female run government. Their ranks are based on power/age/potential. Witches/Warlocks receive a "coloured" title upon completion of their training, both identifying their coven and their main strength. Those with True Power- power that they were born with- tend to command the covens. Rogues do not adhere to any coven leader, and are only loyal to their Regent or their Chieftain.

Regent: A witch of extreme, incontestable power upon realization of their full potential. They can reign in and subdue any of their own. There is only one at any given time, though the spot has a tendency to remain vacant for long periods of time...

Chieftain/Matriarch: A witch of nearly incontestable power who can command a large number of covens at once. There is one for North America, South America, Europe/Australia, Asia, and Africa. The North American and European leaders tend to hold the most power.

Chieftess/Chief: A commander of a single coven, which consists of hundreds, even thousands, of witches and warlocks. This position is typically held by one of the witches who train others in the magic their particular coven practices.

Apprentice: Witches/Warlocks in training to inherit their coven. Fully trained and loyal firstly to their coven, secondly to their Regent/Chieftain/Matriarch.

Prime: The original witches/warlocks. They exist outside of the Hierarchy, those that are still living.

Shifter: A special sect of warlocks who study the Old Ways, in which they adopt a spirit animal and connect to the Earth through it, giving them the ability to physically alter their bodies into creatures that predate humanity. Their animals are their closest companions, and they have the ability to see through their eyes. They are warriors, and almost gender specifically male. They do not adhere to the witches' authority, and instead elect their own Regent, who is the only Shifter who deals directly with the witches.

The Diamond, White, and Black witches are special titles given to War Commanders, who in times of war, reserve the power to usurp an incompetent Regent. The titles are currently held by the North American Chieftain, the European Matriarch, and the Shifter Regent.

Enchantress vs. Witch: A witch specifically studies only a single path, while Enchantresses study all magic.

Covens: The most powerful covens are the Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, and Opal.

Ruby Coven: The coven of the Enchantresses. They spend centuries as Apprentices to their Chieftess.

Amethyst Coven: The Conjurers, the summoners of illusions, the voice manipulators, the masters of disguise.

Sapphire Coven: Seers. They have abilities that fall in the realm of scrying, fortune reading, and visions. Can occasionally be trained in the art of mind reading.

Emerald Coven: The Healers of the witching world, they can specialize in either physical, mental, and emotional damage.

Onyx Coven: While powerful, the Onyx witches are defense practitioners and considered nearly powerless due to their peaceful nature.

Opal Coven: The Opal witches are practitioners of the darkest magics and are mostly warriors. They are the Onyx witches' direct counterpart.

Thorn and Blood: These two rouges function as the covens' historian and the seeker of unknown witches.

Wands: The most powerful witches require a channeling device in order to make their magic function properly. Many turn to a well known and common accessory, usually made of wood or metal and decorated in jewels, studs, and other ornaments. By no means is a wand the only channeling device. Many more modern witches forge their own in the shape of bracelets, gauntlets, and various other items. One particularly well known one is the dowsing rod belonging to the Sapphire Coven's Chieftess.

Charms: All witches, fully trained or not, have a charm or an amulet that contains their essence and is rarely removed from their person. Each one is unique and helps to focus their magic. It calls to them at a young age, and the witch it attaches itself to will do anything to get their hands on it. These can be stolen by other witches, but most would never consider doing such a thing, as prolonged use of a stolen amulet leads to the death of it's owner.

Members of a Coven are naturally drawn toward the colour of their coven. They have a tendency to dress in the colours that match it, to decorate the entire manor that serves as "city hall" in it's colour.

The Covens are given these colour names because the colour of their magic changes depending on how much of a certain kind of magic they use. A witch will start with a glittering rainbow of colour in their magic, and it will gradually darken to the colour of the Coven they have chosen.

Rogues have the same rainbow colouring as a new Witch, as do the Primes. They have no formal training, and have not been exposed repetitiously to the colours of the Coven.

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