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Re: Archer TV

Post by Archer_Algren » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:47 am

“Here in shitty streaming services, you can watch all the shitty shows you want for free!”
Said the mascot as the older woman and the young girl looked on.
“Ain’t nothing here but shitty shows.”
Said the Older woman.
“Lets just have fun here.”
Said the younger girl.
“All we have here is Archer TV though.”
Said the Mascot.
The Older woman and younger girl were suddenly wearing sunglasses as they pinned the mascot to the wall.
“We’re the Archer TV legal department.”
Said the younger girl.
“We’re gonna squeeze you for everything up to your folk’s pension see?”
Said the older woman.

“You two won’t be appearing in Archer TV anymore.”
Said the executive to the older woman and younger girl.
“Why not?”
Asked the older Woman.
“Because we’re your replacements.”
Said a voice the older woman would know anywhere.
Said the older woman.
“People want a more sophisticated idol and her sexy older sister, not a hick and a flat chested cabbage, besides, you two uggo’s shouldn’t even be allowed near terrestrial television, lol!”
“Did she just say lol?”
Asked the younger girl.
“That sounds Sketchy as shit.”
Said the older woman.

“Please buy our new Album! Lancer TV Love!”
Said the Idol.
“And please tune in next time to Lancer TV for more sideboob hour!”
Said the older sister as she flaunted her figure.
The two then laughed in front of the camera while the older woman and the younger girl were in a cage to prevent them from ripping apart their replacements.
“*sigh* our supremacy is so far away from us now...”
Said the older woman.


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