[CS] The Srelt Archipelago

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Re: [CS] The Srelt Archipelago

Post by kitkat871 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:04 pm

During a test look up for inspiration, down in desperation and left and right for information.

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Re: [CS] The Srelt Archipelago

Post by kitkat871 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:09 pm

Name: Fredrick Byron

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'1

Appearance: Fredrick is an averagely built man, able to pass as the norm amongst most men, although he will appear thin compared to a seasoned soldier. His black hair is cut short and he has a stubble that he keeps in check on a regular basis. His eyes are grey, with a slight darkening under them giving an impression of both sorrow and restlessness. He also has a very distinctive way of looking at people which almost always suggests a mixture of both regret and guilt. Fredrick's skin is also slightly pale, suggesting that he doesn't travel often. His clothing is also in a similar style to the Kiira, being a dark shirt, trousers and a black leather jacket. Despite the fact that they are worn and weathered, he refuses to wear any other outfits.

Personality: Fredrick is a cold, stoic and calm individual most of the time, dodging talking about himself in any major degree. He also has a bad habit of staring at whoever he is talking to briefly before he begins speaking, which can either unnerve or annoy people. Fredrick also doesn't care for political groups or movements, refusing to acknowledge any authority in any major degree. He instead prefers to focus on the current task at hand, wanting to see how he can help, particularly where the other residents of Srelt are concerned. When any residents are threatened, however, Fredrick undergoes a massive personality change. He becomes incredibly vengeful, often relentlessly attacking those responsible to an excessive degree.

Bio: Fredrick is a relatively recent arrival to Srelt, although none of the residents can remember exactly when or how he arrived. Outside of helping in the colony, he is also all but unknown to the wider world. Even within the colony he manages to keep an incredibly low profile, although particularly observant people would notice that he often 'patrols' Ebonwell by night, almost as though he is looking for something or waiting for a particular event to occur.
During a test look up for inspiration, down in desperation and left and right for information.

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Re: [CS] The Srelt Archipelago

Post by God Of The North » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:01 am

Name: Ramiel Grimoire

Age: It's rather complicated, even he doesn't know

Gender: Male

Race: Ramiel is a demon. Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, not that type of demon. Well, not exactly. Demons were created by the excess energy from the Omni Entity when it created reality. Demons possess souls, yes, but they can never move on, and they instead get recycled when the demon "dies", going back to the Void, only to return after a certain amount of time.

Demons are faster, stronger, and tougher than normal entities, but they aren't invincible either. They are quite weak against those who have the blessing of Gods, and magic, while it won't hurt them as much as it would a normal entity, still works on them. You can behead a demon, but unless you rip it's heart out and burn the heart and head, the demon will regenerate after a short period of time.

They don't age like normal people do, but they grow more and more powerful as they age, with the oldest demons claiming to have existed since the very first Reality, but there is no way of proving that. They don't really age past their primes, but if they are imprisoned in prison blessed by a powerful enough God, a demon will lose that ability to never age, and will continue to weaken until they fade and their soul returns to the Void.

The easiest way to kill a demon is to kill is with a weapon blessed by a god, as that negates the need to destroy their heart and their head, but if you lack one of those weapons, they can be killed by being burned to ash by fire, although you'd need to keep them in the fire for a while as they slowly burn to ash.

Height: 6'9

Appearance: Ramiel is tall, standing at 6'9, and weighing close to 240 pounds. His hair is a snowy white colour, and his eyes are a deep purple colour, although they turn a shiny shade of black when he is angry, or wants to intimidate someone. (Think supernatural demon eyes) Ramiel wears anything that catches his attention. If he sees something he thinks looks good, he'll simply take it and wear it. These days, due to reasons that will be mentioned in his cs, he wears a tattered, faded grey robe, and he is barefoot with a large wound across his chest and his stomach.

Personality: Ramiel is arrogant to a fault, and it often gets him in trouble. He believes there is nothing superior to him, and he has pretty much no fear the vast majority of the time. If he feels someone thinks they're better than him, he will often challenge them and try to beat them into a bloody mess to prove his superiority, but due to the fact that he was recently absolutely TRASHED by an Elder Demon, Ramiel is in a much weaker state, leaving him more subdued, and less eager to get into fights, as if he was almost traumatized by the ass-whooping he received from the Elder Demon, as that was the first time he was definitely showed that he was far from the almighty being he liked to imagine he was.

Bio: Ramiel doesn't exactly know when he was "created." He can't say for sure if he is the first incarnation of the soul within him, or if he's the millionth, and he doesn't care. He just knows he's himself, and he's the best damn thing in all of reality, at least according to him. He stayed within the void for an unknown amount of time, before he decided to leave the void and wander the world, terrorizing the "lesser beings" he came across.

He never came across a First Era being, which is one of the reasons he feels he's the best of the best, but after a while of dominating the beings of the prime plane, he decided he wanted to rule over other demons, so he began fighting them, and for a time he was undefeated. He was able to gather up an impressive group of demons who served him, but his greed eventually got the best of him, and he went after too big of a target, a mighty demon known as Azazel.

Ramiel's companions were killed, and their souls were thrown back into the reincarnation pool in the Void. Azazel decided to not kill Ramiel, instead deciding to teach him a "lesson", grievously wounding him, and casting him out of the void, through the various dimensions and planes, until he eventually crashed into the Prime Plane, extremely weakened, and in agony. Ramiel crashed into the oceans near Srelt at roughly mach 8, nearly killing him already, but he managed to wash up on the shores of Srelt.
Sort of like this, but with a massive scar across his torso, and snow white hair
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Re: [CS] The Srelt Archipelago

Post by Fluffking » Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:21 am

Name: Michael Ironfern

Age: 645

Gender: Male

Race: Elf.

Appearance: A hardy old man with a rough look. He has very defined muscles, although he has a more slender build. Scars dot his body and shows a life of conflict. His hair is a gray-ish toffee color and his eyes still shine with their youthful dark brown color.

Personality: A stern parent who believes in protecting what's important. While he can be difficult to read sometimes he is kind, but will not hesitate to punish anyone breaking the law.

Bio: The Ironfern family wasn't always a military family. Back in the days they were nothing but a farming family working hard to feed themselves. But long ago a conflict in their residence area forced them to take up weapons or lose their home and lives. While the family hadn't received any training what so ever they held their own against more experienced soldiers. They were invited into the military afterwards, an offer that made sure the family would have food on the table. Seeing their farmlands decimated they accepted. Ever since that day the Ironfern family has been in the military every generation afterwards, protecting the lands they once lived in, and each other.

Michael enrolled into the military at age 20. Here his name gave him a reputation already on day one, and many expectations to live up to. His family had been excellent military folks, and he had to follow in their footsteps. It was hard, but Michael met the expectations of trainers and commanders alike. As he got into his first unit he quickly climbed the ranks. Already before his first century he had made a name for himself and was praised by his superiors. At was around this time he met the woman who would later become his wife, a shield maiden named Era.

Years later Era and Michael got married. After the wedding his grandfather began teaching Michael how to use more weapons than the common long-sword he was using at the time. Michael grew accustomed to the weapons he knew and began using them together with his sword. This turned out to be very effective as he was able to adapt to more situations with ease. He began learning how to use even more weapons, and was known to be very easy to teach for the weapon masters.

He began using multiple weapons on the small battlefields he was sent to, and was quickly turned into a machine of war. He could adapt to broken weapons by swapping with others he had. He learned how to defend against other weapons effectively too.

Michael climbed the ranks and was set to be the captain of royal forces. Around the time he was officially given the position his first child was born(Jay). And a short few years later his second child(Marih).

For a while everything seemed to go well and fortune seemed to smile on Michael. But things wasn't meant to last. An illness took hold of Era and eventually took her life. In his time of loss he turned towards the positives in the world, his children. And with their future in mind he raised both of them alone.

Name: Jay Ironfern

Age: 218

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Appearance: A fine young man. He stands at about 2 meters in height and has clearly defined muscles, he has a more normal build being more bulky than his father. He has a light blonde hair color and grassy green eyes. A nasty scar splits his right eye, although it doesn't go over the eye.

Personality: A talented man who will protect his family even if it meant his life. He's focused and can be difficult to get to when he becomes too focused.

Bio: Jay was born into a family with a big reputation, mainly due to his father, and he has never been able to escape this fact. The town kids knew exactly who he was, some in awe others terrified. As a small kid this felt quite nice, but as he grew up he realized how much it affected him. Everyone wanted to be his friends, even if they had never met him in person. As he reached the twenties most teen women wanted to be with him.

This wasn't what Jay wanted. With his mother dying just a few months before he looked to his father for advice. And the only advice he got was: "Son, you can be whatever you want, and whomever you want. If you feel that people want you for your name, make them understand what you are. If you feel you haven't earned that right, earn it. But stay true to yourself." Jay pondered over his fathers words for a long time. And found an answer. Like his father, Jay would protect the inhabitants of his country. He'd stand beside his father in combat and fight for a brighter future for his sister.

And so he enrolled. Most trainers were unsure what to do with him, but he demanded that he got the same treatment as all other recruits. The only difference was when they were training with weapons. Here Jay's father taught Jay all he knew. At a young age Jay could wield a number of weapons effectively, and switch between them in combat. He made a name for himself in the military, and people wanted to be his friend for his sake, not his name. Jay was delighted.

But everything must come to an end. Fighting along side his father was difficult, and took more than proficiency with weapons. It took experience. But Jay refused to let himself stand at a point where reaching his father was impossible. No, he trained with every soldier he could find, from recruit to general. With every fight the strikes came more natural, and over a period of about a decade, Jay had accumulated a lot of experience. Whilst he still can't quite reach his father, he knows that one, one day he will.

Name: Marih Ironfern

Age: 210

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Appearance: A beautiful young elvish maiden, her toffee hair is cut short and her brown eyes shows a sense of dedication to er goals. She has a lithe build and doesn't have the same muscle definition as her father and brother, but don't be fooled, she's every bit as strong.

Personality: A dedicated person with a heart of gold. She'll defend her home and family, but her loyalty and trust MUST be earned.

Bio: Marih was, like her brother, born into a family of influence and reputation. But while her brother was quick to make friends with every soul that asked, Marih was different. She made sure that people wanted her for HER not the name Ironfern. She would not be humiliated because someone thought that was all she was.

Because of this Marih grew up with only a few friends. But those she had was loyal to her, and she to them. She was quicker to find her way in life than her brother, knowing from a young age that the military would be the place for her. It was the one place she knew that she could find people who would respect her for what she was, not who she was. And the only place she knew she could find people to love for what they are.

While she too got training from her dad, often time together with Jay, she couldn't figure out how to fight with multiple weapons. But that didn't stop her, instead she learned how to defend herself against any weapon. She often sparred with Jay, leaving neither as a victor. While Jay could constantly adapt using new weapons and often times new attack methods, Marih could defend against whatever her brother, father, anyone threw against her.

During her first battle she was stationed near her father and brother. And the 3 cut through their enemies like nothing. With her by their side, no one could get a spear, lance or halbard in. With Jason at their flank she knew that the enemies had no chance, and with their dad... well the trio was all the deadlier and safer with their experienced leader.

Together with her brother she reached the rank of captain, not the same high ranking captain type as their father. Marih likes the way things worked out so far. She has lots of good friends, is respected by the other members of the military and stays true to her believes. What more could she ask for by now?
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