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Bri had woken up suddenly in the dark room. The curtains had been shut by Azriel to block out any light so his sister could sleep more. The dark haired girl frantically looked around, her heart beating in her chest and her fingers clutching the sheets in fear. It was only upon realization that she was on a bed that her ragged breathing began to calm. Azriel had saved her. None of it had been a dream. The princess took some time to accept the fact, only coming to realize that she had been crying when she felt wetness on her face. She rolled over with a cry and clutched the blankets in her hands, letting the smell of freshness fill her nostrils and consume her body. She was comfortable, safe and home.

After what could have possibly been an hour Bri finally got off the bed and walked to the windows. She hadn't realized it the days before but she was sore. All the muscles in her body ached which made the short thred to open the curtains more difficult than it should have been. She looked out at her country. It was the first time she was seeing it in ten years. It looked different. The air was light and she could see people bustling about. When she was taken, her last memory of her home was bloodshed and fires, swords and screams. The memories she had of it before that was not much better since her father had been hoarding all the money from the country for himself.

She sighed as she spent about another hour just gazing out the window and enjoying the view. Enjoying her freedom, stretching to find she had no bonds holding her and that she could go wherever she pleased. The image of the girl from before came to her and Bri thought about her for a moment. Lyra, Azriel had told her. She knew her brother would not pull a bystander into danger so she could only assume the girl was part of the reason she had been saved. She still didn't know the whole story of how she had been rescued so she set out to find out. However, the moment Bri took a step outside of her room she knew soon enough she wouldn't be able to find Azriel. Were the halls bigger? The pillars taller and the doors wider? It was all unfamiliar to her as she walked uncertainly in the only direction she knew. The only place she could remember to go. Bri came to the garden and sighed in relief. She rubbed her deeply bruised wrists where the chains would have been just days ago as she walked inside, taken by the magnificence of the flowers. The girl strolled around, in no kind of hurry, but she did pause when she came upon Lyra laying down in the grass and watching a rose.

"It's reassuring that the herbalists are now allowed to mix nature with science to create something like that rose. I suppose a lot has changed..." she sat away from Lyra, her legs crossed. The girl had amber eyes, unlike her brother, soft and welcoming. Her raven hair was cut short and messily and the small smile on her face seemed to be a permanent expression. "I'm not sure who you are to my brother, or to my country, but I know without you, I may not be here today. So, I'm sincerely thankful to you. You will never know how thankful I am..."

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