Hold for an Audience: The Throne Room

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Re: Hold for an Audience: The Throne Room

Post by Annasiel » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:35 pm

"I don't trust getting tangled in backhanded trade arrangements while your nation is so... divided," Gielban replied slowly. "We can talk merchantry when the trouble has passed."

She waved her hand at the door.

"Speak with the guard stationed in the hall. He will provide you with quarter in the palace. I will allow you to stay here for the time being, but do keep in mind my hospitality is reliant on your compliance. Is that clear?"
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Re: Hold for an Audience: The Throne Room

Post by Avalein » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:58 pm

Upon hearing that IIyana turned nodding to her personal guards to pick up the things they had brought, to show Gielban. "Before we depart allow me at least give you a gift, it has been specially made for you as well as a gift for Blackwell." Nodding to the two remaining boxes. Laeroth watched her and shook his head, "of course, we thank you."

Shaking her head, her discouragement showing on her face, upon seeing that Yrlissa placed a comforting arm around her, bowing her head respectfully to Gielban, "thank you." She could tell when IIyana began to get upset and would react making the situation worse. "come my lady, we will write to your uncle hopefully he can help us figure out a solution or speak to your father about a situation."

Reaching the door Laeroth nodded to one of the guards "please show us to our rooms."
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