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Post by Zero499 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:52 am

Finally found something to talk about: dogfighting in gta. I am only talking about jet v jet in this as I am extremely good with them, either that or am I am extremely lucky and can take out 4 hostile jets in 30 seconds. Here's what you need to do to not get blown up!

Look at your radar. I personally never look at jets themselves until I am in confirmed engagement with them. Use the radar to get what you need to know. If they are above you, you will be exposed if you aren't in the city as your jet will stand out against the environment, so expect the enemy to see you first. To counter this, move diagonally toward them. When they go to strafe you, hold the accelerator and sharply turn upwards and do a loopdeloop, after flattening out, bank almost vertically and turn toward them while turning your rudder in their direction, this will let you turn the fastest and quickest. If you are in the city, get in the sunshine. They won't see you unless you're close enough to show your cockpit. Once you're right below them, quickly turn up and machine gun them. Don't fly above them, as you are actually more exposed from the bottom. At night is the only time when you should be above them. Your jet is relatively hidden and your afterburner can often be mistaken for a star from afar.

Now for combat. Combat maneuvering in gta dogfights is actually quite simple. The most common but longest lasting one is simply going in a circle until one of you gets behind the other. Again, bank until youre at a near-vertical angle and turn toward them while using the rudder. If there's enough space around you, you can also curve vertically to break the circle and get the drop on your opponent. Be careful not to get in front of them though. In order to kill a pursuing enemy, the quickest way to kill them is to fire a homing rocket and then hit them with your machine gun. This is because one of three common things will happen when you shoot a rocket at them.

1. If they are unskilled, the rocket might actually be all you need to kill them
2. Experienced pilots will fly downward and toward you from below. The rocket has a harder time going down and they might just get a shot off at you too. You do not want this to happen.
3. Most pilots will bank and fly sideways. This is what you want as you can switch to your machine gun and intercept and shoot them down with decent volley skills.

On terms of which fighter jet is better, I've never used the Hydra and have only used the Laser. I've shot down many of the former aircraft due to their size and they also seem to have more rigid handling. In my opinion, the Hydra is useful if you're in dire need but the laser is perfect otherwise. You can get the laser for free as well. Start an mc with at least one other person and do wheelie rider. You get no wanted level. Just enter Fort Zancudo, grab a jet, and get fighting. Just please don't be a try hard. In fact, kill every tryhard you see.

If you would like to practice (Xbox only) with me, my gamertag is literally ZERO499. Caps and everything.
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