[RP][AllThatAngst] After Project 2229 - Operation 3553

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Re: [RP][AllThatAngst] After Project 2229 - Operation 3553

Post by xBlackxAcex » Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:03 am

Elliot bit his tongue to prevent himself from cutting her off. "Elle..." He witnessed something swirling in her dark orbs; something he couldn't name. Whatever he said wouldn't deter her as much as he wished that wasn't the case."I have to be able to understand and accept it. Because I am sure they were horrible." The memory was fresh, and it didn't hesitate to blitz him. His body was eerily still, not moving at all. Jude was a lump on the concrete, and Elliot wished for death and all of its repercussions. "Hey Jude. Jude. C'mon man, Danielle's waiting for you." He couldn't see his face, then he couldn't see Danielle's. The room turned blurry, spinning around him, forcing Elliot to clamp his eyes shut to ground himself back to reality. 'No, no, no.' Like an electric current reviving him to life, clarity was gifted to him, and Elliot regained control of his body. "You don't know that for sure." Taking her face in his hands, his eyes pierced into hers. "What Hans did to Jude... I was his endgame. He used you and him to get to me. So if Jude ends up hating anyone, it's me." He stroked her cheek, gazing at her face. 'The woman I love.' He dropped his hands to his sides. "Jude knows, I'm sure of it. It's not like he forgot all the time you guys spent together." He snaked his arms at her waist, wrapping her in an embrace. "I don't think he ever could hate or resent you, Elle. He loves you too much to." Elliot murmured tenderly.

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