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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Everyone woke up after the wip- night and went down to have breakfast. Tobias started acting weird due to his plan of getting close to Beatrice and destroying her reputation, while Chase was too distracted by his new girlfriend Adriana. Elijah woke up with a nightmare and Anima received some secret information on the morning mail, saying that her father was being investigated by the ministry again. Beatrice tried to console Anima and they both went to Herbology class, where Anima stood awkwardly quiet. Jessica decided to mess with the girls, but they got interrupted when Sprout came up to lead the class. Meanwhile, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were having charms class, where Flora and Elijah had an argument about the day before, when Flora was listening to his conversation with Raj, and they ended up letting everyone know about Elijah’s sexuality while throwing things at each other. The two friends left the class, followed by Hufflepuff’s prefect Holly. Holly tried to help Elijah, who was caught off guard when Derrick confessed his feelings for him. The redhead ran to talk to Flora about it, and the best friends apologized to each other.

The second classes of the day were DADA and Potions. Slytherins and Gryffindor practiced the stunning spell, and Tobias took this opportunity to make his first move and apologized to Beatrice, that didn’t fall for it. In potions, John called Flora and Elijah faggots, after hearing the rumours about Elijah being gay and quickly became the most hated character so far. Flora now wants him dead, while Elijah decided to fake his sexuality so he won’t embarrass his family.

Isara waited for Anima and Beatrice at the end of DADA’s class to talk to them and maybe make friends, being interrupted by angry Flora and awkward Elijah, that chose to flirt with Anima while pretending to act straight. Beatrice left and Anima accepted Elijah’s intentions, knowing that it would be good for her because he was also a pure blood.

Leo went down to the great hall for lunch and met Persephone, that didn’t go to potions class. Persephone started acting weird and told him not to speak to her again, leaving the boy quite confused. Soon after, at Gryffindor’s table John complimented Alex hair, which made Tobias believe that he was the guy that Alex was dating. John started having fun with the lie, and Alex left the table, upset. Tobias went after Alex at the girl’s bathroom, and the girl finally confessed her feelings for him, that didn’t correspond.

When Beatrice got to lunch Jessica decided to tease her again, and after a discussion Beatrice gave her the bottle of Amortentia she had in hands. Not knowing what the potion was, Jessica drank it and felt an urge to hug John, the first person she laid her eyes on. Raj, that has a gigantic crush on Jessica, saw it and left the great hall, heartbroken.

The other students went to their first electives of the school year. On astronomy class, Chase saw Jackie drawing a dragon and asked her to draw him after dinner. On muggle studies, professor Quirrel told them about the Fairy Tale themed ball that they would be having at Saturday night, and gathered the students in two teams to work on the preparations. Isara, Dirk, Flora and Raj would be in charge of the invitations while John, Persephone, Holly and Elijah would be responsible for the hall’s decoration.

After class, Hufflepuffs went straight to the Quidditch pitch for tryouts. Raj was the first to get there, where he met Jessica and confessed his feelings for her. She explained herself, saying that she didn't have anything with John and Raj invited her to dinner. Elijah met Anima by the lake before practice, for Flora's displeasure, but they soon started practice. Jackie did a great job, earning herself the role of chaser! Meanwhile by the lake, John was about to study when he saw Alex crying after being rejected by Tobias. The boy suggested that they started dating and she accepted it, sharing their first kiss.

On the other side of the school Beatrice went to the library to get herself a muggle book, while Isara worked on the invitations for the Ball. Beatrice found an odd looking book at the muggle's section, but when she pulled it out of the shelf the book transfigurated as a human corpse; Ellsie's corpse. Dumbledore sent Beatrice to the infirmary and invited Leo for a chat, where he told him that the boy's best friend had been killed.

Tobias was conflicted after Alex's confession and lied to Chase, saying that he'd go snog some random girl. In fact, he met Adriana and tried to make peace with her, for his best friend's sake. He watched Beatrice walk past them with madam Pomfrey and followed them to the infirmary. When they got there Beatrice had a break down, crying in front of Tobias, that listened to her quietly. When she was feeling better he left, being replaced by worried Anima and Alastair. Beatrice wasn't crying anymore and Leo waited outside to talk to the girl.

At dinner, Dumbledore told everyone about the dead girl. Everyone got worried, especially Jackie and the rest of the muggle borns. Alex went to a dinner date with John, while Raj and Jessica did the same. Elijah attempted to have dinner with Anima but entered an argument with Dirk, which lead him to scream loudly "I AM NOT GAY" and leave to the bathroom. He was followed by Adriana, Flora and Derrick; the first two managed to comfort him and convince him that he could be just the way he was and it was fine. He decided to talk to Anima the other day.

Still at dinner, Tobias, Flora and Chase had plans of taking down the murderer but got interrupted when Flora went after Elijah and Chase went after Jackie and Holly, to reschedule the drawing. Isara met her childhood friend Ella and they had a little chat about the ball and their costumes.

On the infirmary, Leo and Beatrice had a quick conversation and he walked her back to her common room, before going back to the library to get a book and then go back to Ravenclaw's dorm. Chase and Tobias had a conversation on their room about Alex and everyone went to sleep afterwards.
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Everyone woke up as usual and went to the Great Hall for a nice breakfast; except for Alex that felt sick and went straight to the infirmary. The students were beyond excited when the invitations to the ball started to be delivered and pairs started to form; Elijah asked Anima to the ball while Chase invited Adriana. John waited for Alex on the Ravenclaw's table, and annoyed by her not showing up he went over to the gryffindors to ask where the girl was. The ravenclaw prefect and Tobias had an argument, which lead to a hard punch on John's nose and a detention for both, followed by Tobias asking Flora to be his date for the ball.

After getting an unpleasent nosebleed, John walked over to the infirmary where he met Alex, and told her he'd go visit her during lunch break. Everyone - except Chase and Adriana, that went for a swim on the lake - went to their classrooms and Jackie encouraged Raj to ask Jessica out. He did and she said yes! On DADA's class the students started to practice their patronus charm, but not everyone got it right at first. Derrick asked Jake out, even though he still had a crush on Elijah that'd be going to the ball with Anima, John thought about his first meeting with Holly that was secretly his happy memory and Raj got kissed for the very first time, which lead to his happiest memory so far and released his patronus. On potions, Tobias and Beatrice kept bickering but in a more friendly way, then they all got to work on the polyjuice's potion's first step. Isara and Tobias worked hard on their potion, but they couldn't please Snape either way. After class, Anima attempted to talk about her parents with the potion's master once again but he didn't seem to bother, as usual.

Chase and Adriana parted on an odd mood, as Adriana stayed in the lake and the boy went to the greenhouse for Herbology class. Flora kept her costume idea as a secret from Tobias while Chase went over to Jackie and asked about his painting. On charms, Leo gave Beatrice his borrowed copy of Hamlet, and Flitwick told them all to practice non verbal spells. During herbology, Sprout asked everyone to colect Fanged Giranium's fangs, and most excelled at it. Tobias told Chase that he was planning on trashing the dungeons as his revenge plan for Snape, and even without knowing exactly what the boys were planning, Flora wanted in. They tried to make her change her mind but it was useless, which lead to Chase's plan to drug her with a sleeping potion so she wouldn't follow them.

Isara and Alex spent the entire duration of their second period doing origami and talking to each other. John went to the infirmary during lunch break like he had promised his girlfriend, accompanied by Ella. When they got there, Ella was under the impression that Isara and Alexandra were kissing, and it made the girl ran away from the room, followed by a confused Isara. Soon after that, Tobias and Chase walked into the infirmary to steal the sleeping potion; it's not a surprise to say that Tobias was not pleased by John's presence. John asked Alex to the ball and Tobias successfully stole the potion, while Flora remained hidden listening to the whole thing. She doesn't know about the plan yet, because she was spotted by Chase on their way out, before they could say anything about it.

During lunch break, Elijah sat next to Anima but their conversation was interrupted by Chase, that asked Elijah to help them to protect Flora. Tobias and Flora herself started to discuss their costumes to the ball, while Raj and Jessica had a lovey-dovey moment. Jackie gathered all of her art supplies but couldn't find Chase, that had already left for class after Dirk told him that Adriana hadn't showed up all day.

When History of Magic's class was about to start Flora and Beatrice had a nasty argument that lead to both being expelled from the classroom, creating a very unfortunate situation for Binns, that decided to interrupt the class after half of the students left without his consent. Transfiguration started late and ended early due to complications regarding Ellsie's death. Minerva didn't go into details with the students, but it wasn't hard to guess the motive, considering that the Minister was currently at Hogwarts and gossip spreads fast. Tobias flirted with Callie and Ella remained angry at Isara. At the infirmary, Blade woke up from his beauty sleep and started a conversation with Alex.

Beatrice went out for the gardens while Flora met Tom, that came up with a plan to help her get back at Beatrice for what she'd said. Chase went out to look for Adriana and every Ravenclaw except John and Ella left for Quidditch practice. At the infirmary, John confronted Alex and asked if she was cheating on him. Alex told Ella that there was nothing going on between her and Isara, but the Ravenclaw didn't believe her. She left for the quidditch practice followed by John, and Blade went back to his common room. Chase found Adriana at the lake and she told her he loved him, but he didn't quite believe it. He took her to her common room to change her wet clothes, where he met Blade and they bickered a bit before the Gryffindor and his Slytherin girlfriend left to meet Jackie at the Great hall. Jackie was surprised that Chase had showed up with Adriana, and started to draw him, as promised.

On the other side of the castle, Isara couldn't take Ella's "rejection" and was ready to jump and end her life. She was stopped by Anima, who comforted her and asked for help to look for Beatrice. When they got to the garden Beatrice had already left to the Slytherin's common room, where she told Blade about Ellsie's death. Tom worked on his "mudblood" plan by himself, and Tobias gave Elijah the potion to make Flora fall asleep.

Everyone went to dinner, Isara sat with the Slytherins, Jessica sat with the Hufflepuffs and Alex decided to break up with John. She talked to him outside the great hall, and he didn't quite like the news. After Alex ran back inside, he asked Callie to go to the ball with him. She wanted to say yes but said that she'd respond later because she had to ask Alex if she could go with him first (girl code). Tobias teased Chase about Jackie, and Adriana didn't seem bothered by it at all. Back at the Slytherin table, Beatrice and Blade were almost inviting each other when they got interrupted by Leo, who wanted to talk about Hamlet with Beatrice. Tom came up and spilled the pot of manure, fake blood and toilet water on top of Beatrice, getting dirt in Isara in the process. Elijah stupefied Tom, who got suspended for the next day of classes, and cleaned the dirt out of Isara. Anima took 10 points from her own house and Beatrice ran away, hiding in the girls' bathroom on the second floor while Derrick, Blade, Anima and Leo searched for her. Anima found Beatrice and took her to their room, where Beatrice took a shower.

Back at the Great hall, Flora and Elijah finally left for a cup of tea. Chase accompanied Adriana and Isara back to their dorms, having an intense conversation with Isara about Isara's new friends and Chase and Tobias' actions. John and Tobias went to their detention, where they had to clean the dirty owlery and Tobias intimidated John, almost damaging him physically another time. John left early, leaving Tobias on his own to clean the rest of Owl shit.

Back at Slytherin, Anima started building a pillow fort for Beatrice while she plotted her revenge against Tom. After enchanting a letter that was supposed to get to him on the next morning, Beatrice left to the owlery where she met Tobias and they started their usual bickering; even though he was trying to be friendly this time. Tobias said that he knew Beatrice and that pissed her off, making her tell him about her mother and why she hated him so much. After crying and talking, they ended up going together to the dungeons on good terms, even though it was all part of Tobias' master plan. They said goodbye and he left to meet Chase, so they could proceed with their plan of trashing Snape's office; except that it was already trashed when they got there. McGonagall suspended them both, and warned the next prank would get them expelled. Tobias and Chase told her that they were innocent and that they'd catch the person who did this in order to clear their names.
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Saturday, 10pm at Hogwart's Great Hall ~

+ Magical forest at the entrance
+ Firework's display above the lake at midnight


Chase & Adriana
Flora & Tobias & Siren
Anima & Elijah
Beatrice & Leo
Dirk & Jackie
Alex & Blade
Isara & Asher
Holly & Raj
Isabella & Callum




Flora Merelle - Beauty and the Beast


Beatrice Selwyn - Cinderella


Alexandra Hancock - the Goose Girl


Jackie Sinclair - Jane Porter


Anima Gaunt - Mad Hatter


Isara Rahna - Sleeping Beauty


Adriana Morte - Cinderella (?)


Hailey Grever - Robin Hood

Siren Aira - The Moon Maiden


Mirari Vinewatch - Flower


Adalicia Lenya Morgenstern - Rapunzel


John Huddleston - Knight


Chase Grayson - Prince Charming


Raj Jonas - A Thousand and one Nights


Jacob Eden - Queen of Hearts


Tobias Parker - Beauty and the Beast


Leo Stronum - The Nutcracker and the Mouse King


Dirk Morte - White King


Callum Macmillan - Young King

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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

Post by Winter » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:56 pm

Do I just post the dress here?

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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Trandafir wrote:
Mon May 08, 2017 4:41 am
Name: Tyler Duvall
Age: 17
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Tyler is charismatic and a smooth talker. He has quite a good reputation among the pure bloods, especially in Slytherin and is often in a good humor, joking around with some of his many friends around the castle. He thinks very highly of himself and is always willing to do whatever is needed to fulfill his wishes. Selfish, undoubtedly narcissistic and very observative.


Extra: Slytherin’s head prefect, part of the group in charge of the seventh years graduation.
Golden_ wrote:
Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:33 pm
Name: Charles 'Charlie' Queen
Age: 14 (4th year)
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Half-Blood

Personality: Charlie has always been severely introverted, only speaking when spoken to. He finds it very difficult to voice and explain his opinions, feelings, and emotions. The boy keeps his feelings bottled in until he explodes.

Despite being a Half-Blood, Charlie was sorted into the Slytherin house by some miracle. He thinks it's because he doesn't fit into the other houses. He certainly isn't selfless and kind, brave and bold, nor intelligent and resourceful.

He is cunning however, and has been holding in a lot of anger towards the dear professor Snape. Being a half-blood, he despises the way others are treated by those who are 'superior'.

Charlie has suffered through a lot of bullying. The other houses hate him because he's Slytherin, while Slytherin hates him for being a half-blood. With all the hate directed to him, Charlie has grown to hate others.

Short bio: N/A

Electives: Muggle studies and CoMC
Quidditch: N/A
Pet: An owl named George. He hardly ever sees or takes care of him though.



Charlie is small in stature, standing at 5'7 and appearing to be frail and lanky.
MidnightSky wrote:
Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:36 pm
Name: Spera (pronounced Svera) Gaunt
Age: 13 (4th year)
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Intelligent, calm and quiet. Spera prefers to study in the library than chat to her housemates. She is ahead of her year group education wise, but lacks the social skills that many students pick up.

Short bio: Spera has spent her whole life living in her family's shadow, watching from a distance as they all followed the dark Lord. At the mention of their great leader, the Gaunt family's eyes all filled with respect. Spera's filled with sadness. She didn't understand why they were following a man who had killed so many innocent people. Over the years she had voiced these concerns to her sister, their relationship falling apart with every word. She was too late to save her sister, and Spera would not let that fate happen to her.

Appearance: Image
Octavia_Greyye wrote:
Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:12 pm
My prefect-

Name: Vanessa Devangelo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Blood status: Pure-blood

Personality: Vanessa is your typical Gryffindor girl. She's brave, a little reckless, and a natural leader. However, she has a pure-blood twist. Though she doesn't think that she's better than everyone, she believes that only pure-bloods should be together to keep the bloodline going. The Gryffindor is somewhat serious, and doesn't laugh at jokes or take things jokingly almost ever. People see that as hating everyone, but in reality, she likes a lot of people. She just barely smiles.

Appearance: Image

Extra: She's Italian, and has an accent. She's also Gryffindor's head prefect, part of the group in charge of meetings and graduations.
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Tobias wakes us earlier than usual to look for clues about the boy who trashed Snape's office. He meets Beatrice down the dungeons and flirts with her, getting interrupted by Anima, that goes to the great hall with her friend. Tobias gets to talk with a portrait that reveals that the guilty is a Slytherin student. Chase walks out of his bed feeling incredibly sick, Alex and Isara take him to the hospital wing to get a potion. Flora decides to become friends with Tom, who clearly doesn't want her around and he almost gets in a fight with Derrick, being interrupted by Flora, John and Holly. Leo walks over to Beatrice to talk about books and have breakfast with her and Anima at the Slytherin table, while Dumbledore announces the potions'substitute teacher (Snape got a leave of absence for being too suspicious while there's a murderer around). Tom gets Beatrice letter and his face turns green as a snake's; he somehow believes that Flora is a part of it and gets even more pissed, getting chased by the hufflepuff after she hexed Beatrice with bubbles all over her face. Tobias gets down to the great hall and meets Isara and Alex. Alex tries to tell him that she broke up with John but he doesn't listen, going after Chase at the infirmary. There he tells him about what the portrait said to him and they meet Alastair, who had been there all along.

Flora goes after Tom and he tells her to go away (it obviously didn't work) and Leo takes Beatrice to the infirmary to recover from her pimples, they meet Tobias and Chase there. Chase asks Beatrice if she knows someone on Slytherin who hate Snape and she says she does, but doesn't give them the information without annoying them beforehand, and asking them to keep Flora away from her. She tells them that the boy they are looking for is a fourth year who wears glasses and leaves the infirmary with Leo, who suddenly asks her to to to the ball with him. She says yes.

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff have charms' class and Slytherin; Ravenclaw have Herbology class; Tom goes away to read at the library and Chase and Tobias go after the culprit after chatting for a while with Anima, who finds out that Tobias has information about her and her parents. Kuroko and the other ravenclaw students goes to potions' class along with the hufflepuffs and Tom, who decides to sneak in to steal ingredients. They meet the new professor, Wanda Mary Vane, who says she's going to teach polyjuice potion. Meanwhile Slytherins and Gryffindors get to the DADA class, Blade finds out that Beatrice is going to the ball with Leo and he can't ask her anymore, while Liam tries to flirt with Adriana and get some alcohol while the professor doesn't get there.

Flora and Tom sneak out of the class to brew a Befuddlement Draught, and Kuroko sends her minion to take a picture of them. They find the girl, who tried to escape but is forced to tell them who ordered the photo. Holly helps Jackie and Raj to brew the potion and they don't explode anything. He asks Jessica to help them study for charms later, and everyone gets house points. At DADA most of the students are able to succeed at the Patronus' charm except Isara. Blade invites Anima to the ball and she says she already has a date, then Blade leaves to speak with Alex. Meawhile, Tobias and Chase continue their hunt after the culprit. Chase steals veritaserum from the new potions' professor and they go after Charlie, who hid inside the Slytherin's common room. Tobias has to make out with a younger slytherin in order to sneak in and they give the truth serum to the boy before taking him out to meet McGonagall. The boys get rid of their suspension and Chase decides that he's going to throw a party. He goes after Anima to make sure that she won't be a snitch and invites the Slytherins for his party at the prefect's bathroom. On the other side of the castle, Derrick confronts Kuroko, who tries to save her skin by getting Leo on her side. He gives zero fucks and goes to the Slytherin table to sit with Beatrice and Anima.

Blade goes to lunch with Alex and Isara and the final classes start. Tobias flirts with Ella next to a very moody John, who has a fight with Tobias and walks away from class before it ends. On CfMC students have to collect a bicorn's horn; Leo, Raj and Anima succeed, while Beatrice, Flora and Jackie are not so lucky. Flora gets too close to the animal that notices her, and Beatrice tries to protect her enemy, who doesn't feel like she needed protection. They have a fight and Beatrice leaves, while Flora stays behind with Jackie and Raj.

Slytherin has an ordinary quidditch practice while most of the students gather at the library; Chase invites lots of them to the party and John decides to go with Kuroko even though he wasn't invited. Dinner goes by smoothly and Flora helps Chase with the party set up, while the rest of the people go to their dormitories to put on their pool clothes.

Current stage: Everyone is gathering at the party. Too much stuff happening for me to make a summary about it.
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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There're only the ones people sent me, and some new characters are missing, just as some people who left are in. I may make another one in the future and check how much has changed ^^

Anima: So, so very annoying. Can't she just stay out of our way for once?
Blade: She nice, we're friends. I mean, what... who is she... we've never met.
Flora: Is that the girl who's dating Raj? I don't think I hate her too much, but if she's fucks with him I'll kill her.
Raj: She’s completely perfect I want to marry her
Jackie: She's nice and super smart. I hope she makes Raj happy - he deserves it. But if she breaks his heart...
John: Smart.
Chase: Cute. How come I never asked her out?
Alex: From what Ive seen she's pretty sweet.
Beatrice: show off.
Isara: She se-seems like a ni-nice girl.
Kuroko: Seems like a good friend to have..
Tobias: Who?

Isara: Didn't deserve my best friend!
Raj: I don’t like him a lot
Jackie: He's really smart, but he acts like he knows everything and thinks he's some kind of mystical god sent from above to cleanse the world of our... I'm sorry I got carried away
Tobias: Asshole. I enjoyed breaking his nose and I'll do it again happily. Come at me.
Beatrice: I don’t care
Anima: Annoying.
Blade: Alex broke up with him, his loss.
Chase: jerk.
Kuroko: Maybe he wouldn't care if I acted like my true self around him..
Flora: (Pulling a Mariah Carey) I don't know him.
Just kidding, fuck him.
John: …
Alex: Could we ummm move on?

Beatrice: we’re friends I guess. I don’t hate him
Blade: He's annoying, but I can easily beat him in a duel - as I did.
Chase: never really spoke to him
Tobias: Who?
Raj: He likes Eli, right? I hope he makes him happy
Flora: ELIJAH 👏🏻 DOESN'T 👏🏻LOVE 👏🏻 YOU👏🏻.
You're ok though.
Jackie: I don't know him very well
John: failure.
Isara: Umm I do-don't know hi-him but I'm sure he's ni-nice..
Alex: I want to make a comment but I've never met him. *cries*
Kuroko: Bastard needs to stay out of my way or else..
Anima: Who?

Blade: He was close to that girl who died, right? Not that I care. Oh, but what is going on between him and Beatrice? I don't like it.
Flora: Hot, but with Beatrice? I'm conflicted af
Anima: The guy probably dating my best friend. At least he's decent.
Tobias: He's been hanging around with Beatrice a lot lately...
Jackie: I thought he was a decent guy, but Ellsie's death must've really screwed with his head. I don't know what he sees in Beatrice.
Isara: He-he se-seems nice...Beatrice...is lu-lucky.^-^
Kuroko: Screw that boy. Some captain he is.
Beatrice: he’s sweet
John: He's alright.
Raj: Seems like a cool guy
Alex: He looks cool but again I've never truly met him.
Chase: Selwyn? REALLY?!

John: kind of creepy
Tobias: Does she have a thing for me? She definitely has a thing for me
Beatrice: never noticed her before
Blade: Just some random Ravenclaw, I've noticed her around the halls.
Raj: maybe she’s nice
Chase: cute, mysterious… I like it
Alex: Why is there so many people I don't know!
Isara: I'm sca-scared...
Kuroko: What did you say...?
Isara: I'm so-sorry!
Jackie: Is she the one that does photography? I don't know her very well, but she seems artistic, which I like.
Flora: If you're gonna take pictures of me, at least get my good side, geez..
Anima: Merlin's beard! They go here?!

Blade: Who?
Beatrice: blue haired girl
Jackie: I strive for my hair to look as cool as her's. I respect her individual look.
John: annoying sometimes
Raj: I like her hair
Flora: THAT HAIR THO, rock it girl
Tobias: Cute girl, I think she's into me. Definitely into me.
Chase: 9/10
Isara: I...I..mi-miss..my El El…
Alex:I've never met her but I think she's cool but Isara is more important!
Anima: Oh, that's the one who nearly caused Isara to... I'm not convinced that I like her.
Kuroko: Nice hair...?

Tobias: Ah, my dear Flora. Super hot, great kisser, and best friend's ex. She's into me.
Blade: Don't even get me started on the filthy... I could go on, but you get the point. It's Flora.
Alex: To be honest she's a little intimidating especially when she dated Chase. But she's gorgeous.
Jackie: Great captain and friend. Can be a little loud and kind of rude sometimes. But I think she means well.
Chase: hot, funny, smart… why did we break up again?
Flora: Am I allowed to say stuff about myself?
I am?
Well then, I'm a fabulous bitch.
Beatrice: Got the bitch part right.
Anima: She's a real pain sometimes.
John: does she ever stop talking?
Raj: a bit scary when she’s angry, but a nice person
Isara: Sh-she's so...beau-beautiful..and ou-outgoing...I..I umm...like her may-maybe..
Kuroko: I can't wait to watch her burn..
Isara: Wha-what!?
Kuroko: Nothing!

Jackie: Sweet guy, but I don't know him all too well
Chase: I like him
Tobias: The ginger kid right? Definitely has a thing for Chase. Seems cool.
Alex: He's pretty sweet and fun to talk to!
Blade: Flora's friend? I'm not a fan. Maybe he's alright, I guess I haven't really talked to him.
Anima: he's great! He's really kind and he's a pure-blood.
Beatrice: gay dude who’s dating my best friend. Seriously, why. You can’t fool anyone
John: faggot
Raj: hey, that was rude! *Ahem* Eli is great
Isara: He...He..called me..Li-little...Lio-lioness..
Kuroko: Waste of time. Weakling.
Isara: Ta-take that ba-back!
Flora: Love you, boo

Jackie: Beautiful and mystical misfit
Tobias: Who?
Alex: Again so many people I don't know.
Beatrice: freak
Raj: …
Chase: I dig a crazy chick
Anima: a little bit.. Mad? Mud-blood.
Flora: Super hot, seriously. Those glasses just add to the look.
John: whatever
Isara: I I wou-would li-like to meet her..
Kuroko: *yawns* waste of my time really. Not even worth blackmailing.

Flora: Badass bitch, let's be real here
John: waste of potential
Raj: great chaser, she’s fun
Jackie: A good friend and Quidditch player. Really helped me out a few times.
Anima: I don't remember her.
Blade: Don't know her.
Beatrice: another hufflepuff. Next
Chase: cute prefect; my type
Isara: Sh-she's a fel-fellow prefect.
Tobias: The other Hufflepuff prefect? Don't know her all too much
Alex: Never met her ...
Kuroko: Again boring can I go now?

Anima: He's alright I guess.
Beatrice: Coward
John: dumb
Blade: Don't know him either.
Tobias: Who?
Chase: hm, nice I guess?
Raj: thanks guys, you’re great *irony*
Flora: Raj is cool, I don't talk to him that much though.
Jackie: He's become a super close friend. I just want him to be happy.
Kuroko: Hmm seems like a cute guy. He did cause me to miss out on hanging out with Jessica..
Isara: I...I...do-don't know him...he..he see-seems nice though..
Alex: I don't know ... very handsome though.
Raj: *blushes*

Anima: mud-blood.
Chase: H O T
Flora: Oh, yeah she's hot
Jackie: I don't know her
Alex: She's so pretty I really love talking to her.
Tobias: I like flirting with her. She's hot and has a killer smile. She's definitely into me.
Blade: Alright, I give up with these Hufflepuffs, I don't know them and I don't care, ok?!
Chase: She’s a Gryffindor
Beatrice: I don’t really care
John: cute
Raj: yeah, she’s pretty
Isara: She-she's rea-really cut-cute...*blushes*
Kuroko: Does she even go to this school? Who is she anyway? Can we move on already?

Jackie: I'm sorry, I don't know who this is. I think I've seen him hang around with Tobias and Chase, but everyone hangs out with those two...
Blade: Beatrice's childhood friend, I don't know him that well.
Beatrice: Childhood friend
Anima: he knows about the de- what I'm dealing with.
Chase: kind of odd sometimes, but cool
Tobias: Kind of a friend. A little weird and has this weird thing for Beatrice
Flora: Another guy brainwashed by Beatrice..
Raj: I don’t know what to say
Alex: I need to talk to him about the Quidditch match coming up ...
Kuroko: Really again? Who the hell are these people!?
Isara: Wh-who is he..?
John: Does he even go here?

Alex: Why did they choose that picture of all pictures....
Blade: *blushes* *looks at floor*
Chase: CUTE! Tobias should have accepted her feelings
Jackie: Tobias' friend?
Isara: My best friend and a big sister to me!! I wanna hug from my big sister!
Tobias: One of my best friends. Cool girl. I'd do anything for her
Chase: *whispers* except snog her
Beatrice: that girl that’s always after Grayson and Parker. I can’t remember her name.
Anima: she's alright
Flora: She's so dramatic! Nice, but dramatic.
Kuroko:I have nothing to say...
Raj: She looks nice
John: …

Jackie: Again, I don't know
Tobias: A little annoying at times. If she got over her fear of people I think she'd be cool
Kuroko: Little crybaby...
Flora: I feel like she's either crying to me or hugging me.. But she's a sweetheart
Chase: she looks like a baby rabbit. Or a kitten
Alex: She's so adorable I love my little Isara!
Beatrice: I don’t get her
Anima: She's really quiet, but also kind to everyone. Muggle-born
Blade: She seems nice. I wouldn't mind being friends with her. Plus she's friends with Alex.
Raj: she’s quiet, and looks sad all the time
John: next

Jackie: I know he's super popular and gets a lot of girls... I can see why
Blade: Ugh, pain in the arse #1. A blood traitor.
Anima: The blood traitor? Don't get me started on what he and that mud-blood -
John: jerk
Beatrice: *sighs* I don’t even know at this point
Chase: almost as handsome as me
Raj: seems like a cool guy. Intimidating
Kuroko: He's pretty hot and one of my idols.
Isara: I...I...I...Do-don't...kn-know wh...what to say..*blushes*
Flora: He's a great kisser, I'll leave it at that
Beatrice: *nods in silence*
Alex: Do I have to comment on him? Fine ... he's very attractive ... but fiends are more important!
Tobias: *winks* ayyye

Tobias: *winks* ayyye you my bff for life bb
Anima: *looks up at the picture* That one - What they did to Beatrice was cruel and totally uncalled for!
Blade: Ugh, pain in the arse #2. A mudblood.
Alex: Love him to death but why does everyone fall for him?
Chase: Because I’m hot stuff *wink*
Kuroko: Take me...
Beatrice: annoying brat. Ok, he’s a little good looking
Chase: a little??
Beatrice: shoosh.
Flora: Even if he's my ex, he's still super hot and funny.
Raj: cool guy
Jackie: Actually nice. And I have to admit, he's cute. But he has a girlfriend which he brought to our painting session. Which was weird.
John: Tobias’ puppet
Chase: HEY-

Blade: Anima's cool. We've been friends for a while.
Anima: I don't really think that I can talk about myself? I can? Oh, well then. I guess I'm smart, good at Quidditch... Uhm... Let's just say I have big plans for the future.
Jackie: I heard she's a supporter of you-know-who. But she's also a bully and that garners a big nope from me
Beatrice: pretty, I love her hair
Flora: Her hair is bigger than my future
Chase: red monkey
Alex: She's pretty but she scares me honestly.
John: silent.
Raj: scary
Tobias: Head Slytherin bitch. She will grow up to be a death eater unless she's taken down - which I will gladly do. Enjoy your freedom while you can
Kuroko: Rot in hell pathetic Snake..
Isara: I...I hope we c-can be fri-friends..

Beatrice: I’m alright
Chase: yeah right *irony*
John: unimportant
Raj: scary #1
Blade: She's a friend. I feel kinda bad for laughing at her. Ok that's a lie, I have to admit Chase and Tobias are good at pranks.
Anima: The best friend ever. I'd trust her with pretty much anything!
Flora: This *censored* little *censored* should *censored* all over herself, goddamn
Isara: Th-that's rude...sh-she's a...gre-great frie-friend to have...I..Hope we can be friends..
Jackie: I feel like she's damaged. Really mean and kind of crazy, and coming from me, that says something
Alex: She's cool but I've hardly had a conversation with her ever. I only know that Tobias picks on her sadly.
Tobias: A little psycho at times, but I enjoy making her squirm. *whispers* She's not as bad as everyone thinks

Anima: He's cool and great at Quidditch!
Blade: Well, what can I say? Really funny, smart, hot, good at everything. Overall, a really cool guy. Oh, and the most modest person I know. 😉
Beatrice: he’s cool
Chase: self centered slytherin
Flora: This asshole called me a mudblood, I'll murder him.
Jackie: Another Slytherin bully right? Next
John: *yawns*
Raj: I don’t really know him
Tobias: Ass. Enough said
Isara: He best b-be goo-good fo-for Al-Alex! I...I...see th-the way..he looks at her..
Alex: *blushes furiously* Ummmm he's very handsome and kind to me.
Kuroko: I hate snakes..

Jackie: The model girl right? She's kind of crazy and does... bad things
Chase: hot and crazy
Flora: Honestly, I'd steal her from Chase if I could.
Tobias: Super hot, but I think she'll screw over Chase. He deserves better
Blade: Pure-blooded Slytherin, she's alright.
Beatrice: insane. Should have her brain checked.
Anima: *rolls eyes* She's basically a gryffindor.
Alex: Do I have to comment? All I know is that she's all over Chase and it's not pretty.
Kuroko: Damn Snake...taking Chase all for herself....who does she think she is..
Isara: I...I..ho-hope we can be fri-friends..
Raj: she’s cute…
John: Can I go now?

Jackie: Model girls brother, right? He must have a lot of patience. I think he's cute and has a unique look
Blade: Adriana's brother, my dorm mate, quite lazy.
Beatrice: lazy, but not that bad
Anima: a bit of a jerk sometimes, but he's alright.
Alex: He's okay I guess doesn't talk much.
Isara: Who?
Chase: Adri’s brother
Tobias: Don't know very much
Flora: He's not too bad, from what I've heard.
Kuroko: Is he one of those damned snakes...to hell all of them..
John: *closes his eyes*
Raj: I don’t know a lot of people

Isara: A....a re-really big...mean-meanie!
Jackie: A bully. That's another nope from me
Alex: He's so cute and funny! He's a cool person to talk to.
Raj: are they talking about the same person?
Kuroko: Good prankster...pretty cute to..I like his type..
Flora: If he'd actually open up, I'd be all over him! Like damn, we get that you're all broody and sad.
Beatrice: Should drown on the lake.
Chase: loony slytherin
Blade: Even though I've shared a room with him for years, I still know nothing about him. I think he isolates himself too much, but whatever, doesn't concern me.
Tobias: He humiliated Beatrice... I'm not sure how that makes me feel
Anima: I'm not even going to say anything.. OK, I've changed my mind. He's such pathetic wizard, sometimes I wonder if he's as bad as the mud-bloods!

Jackie: ... who?
Tobias: Who?
Anima: he's a pure-blood, but I don't really recognise him much.
Blade: He's cool, he's in my dorm and the quidditch team. I would say we count as friends.
Flora: Wait who? I have no idea who that is..
Isara: Who..is th-this?
Alex: I really need to meet all of these people.
Kuroko: I'm out of here now.
Chase: I’m tired too
Beatrice: We should stop
Raj: Ok


Raj: Holy crap we forgot Jake!
Beatrice: Who?
Blade: Still don't know him.
Jackie: I don't know him all too well. Kind of quiet
Tobias: Who?
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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DAY 4 part 2 - POOL PARTY

After Chase and Flora finished setting up the environment Chase left to go after Adriana while Flora stayed in charge. Tom was the first to arrive with booze, followed by our beloved Hufflepuffs and some cool NPCs. Luca made his appearance, chatting with some of the puffs while Jackie decided to go dancing by herself, without saying hi to her friends and showing off the new rainbow hair. Little Iss joined her soon after and Chase got back to the party without Adriana, who was still passed out at his bed.

Everyone got to the party, except Tobias and Mirari, who was almost dragged by Ella, that had an argument with Kuroko and her new date, John. Speaking of date, that's what Leo and Beatrice should be doing before she escaped to the bathroom and never came back.

As soon as Chase arrived and jumped in the pool shirtless it attracted many female eyes, especially Spera's, Anima sister. Everything would be good if Derrick had not decided to insult her against his best judgement, which lead to a confrontation with Anima and Garret, and ended up with Derrick unconscious on the floor. Raj left his girlfriend Jessica to get some drinks, While Holly, Ella, Chase and Flora stayed at the pool; it didn’t take long for Adriana to join them, for Holly’s unfortune. Jackie took a break from her dancing session and went to get a drink and so did Holly. Raj, who had been staring at the rainbow haired girl for a while, freaked out when he realized that said girl was his quirky best friend Jakie. He ended up making a fool of himself and walking back to Jessica without the drinks he said he’d get.

On the other side of the room Alex met Blaise and they started flirting and drinking, while Tom started a ring fight and got interrupted by John and Kuroko. Flora went after Tom and they started drinking, while Kuro stood attached to John’s arm. Jackie and Iss got to the pool where Dirk was, and he started flirting with the rainbow haired girl. He offered her brownies with a bit more than just chocolate, and Jackie got completely high without having any idea of what was going on.

Outside, Beatrice went to the bathroom and bumped into Tobias who was on his way to Chase’s party. They went to the kitchen to grab some food and Tobias kissed her, while she responded the kiss. They went together to the astronomy tower and stood there for a long while. John tried to have fun but he didn’t feel well there, so he was one of the first to leave the washroom. He went back to study at the Ravenclaw's common room while the party kept going downstairs.

Leo got waisted and John decided that it would be better to study than staying there, so he left. Ella asked for Tobias and Chase told her he said he'd come eventually. She met Iss and they both had an argument that caused Ella to leave the party early soon after John. Raj danced with Jessica, but he wasn't feeling very well with all of his mixed feelings towards Jackie. He went away for a rest and Chase challenged him for some shots before inviting everyone to a game of truth or dare.


Jake asked Adriana how she felt about Chase, and she told him she loved her. Chase didn't take the news very well and the girl left the party quite angry. Chase ended up making out with Flora, Holly, Leo and Jake during the game (yay fun!), Leo got sexually conflicted and Raj threw up at the bathroom's bathroom, which made him leave early after almost confessing his feelings towards Jackie to Holly. Meanwhile, Dirk had been taking some interest in the high-as-a-plane rainbow haired girl and asked her to go to the ball with him. She said yes, and so did Alex when Blade invited her. After Raj left and Kuroko got naked due to Jessica's dare the two girls started making out, and Holly wasn't very happy to see that. Jackie had already left with Dirk, like most of the party had. Tobias showed up for five minutes wearing a scarf, but no one seemed to mind. Flora had to poke Tom, who almost attacked the girl due to his crazy nightmares. Isara had to wonder around in the dark and Anima confessed that she'd kill a muggleborn, though Chase didn't remember her answer the next day.
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Everyone woke up, some with a hangover from last night. Almost everyone went down for breakfast, except Tobias and Beatrice who had a secret meeting at the girl's bathroom. Beatrice told him about Adriana's threat and Tobias confronted her about Leo, but at the end of it and after many kisses they parted on good terms. Raj got to the hall quite early, but before Holly could say anything Jessica confessed her kiss with Kuro. Raj went to the Hufflepuff's common room pretty upset, but met with Jackie half way. The girl managed to lighten his mood while also making him fall deeper for her, but after a quick nap she left for class while he stayed to sob on his own tears. Back at the great hall the new student Asher was introduced and sorted into Gryffindor. It didn't take long for him to catch every girls' eyes, including Flora's and Chase's girlfriend Adriana. Speaking of that, Adri talked to Chase and told him that she'd only said she loved him because she was drunk. He accepted her excuse and they moved on, deciding to keep it behind them. Isara guided Asher to transfiguration class and almost everyone else went to where they were supposed to go, except Jessica and Kuroko that decided it would be best to make out in their common room and later go for a walk at the forbidden forest instead of going to class.

People started performing facial transfiguration spells in McGonagall's class, Alex paired up with Ruwan, Hailey paired up with Derrick and so on. Chase found out about Tobias' hickey and questioned him about it during the entire class. By the end of it, Tobias revealed it was Flora's fault and the news didn't go well for him. Meanwhile at history of magic, things seemed to be going swimmingly until Tom had a crazy ass nightmare and puked blood in front of the entire class. Callum was disgusted like pretty much everybody, while Flora got up from her seat and took Tom to the infirmary. Classes ended and Derrick confessed his attraction towards Hailey even though they just met. He realizes he's bisexual now.

(Trandy got lazy so... No summary for this day.)
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Re: [CS] Hogwarts (1982) - Lore/Info

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Annasiel wrote:
Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:56 pm
Name: Persephone Wake
Gender: Female
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Pureblood

Personality: Quiet, almost eerily so, with a sense of chilling presence that seems to fill a room long before she takes the time to speak. Even if your back was turned, you'd find slight shivers dancing down your back, tiny prickles as Persephone's mournful eyes perused you. She was once a lively girl as many teenage girls her age tend to be, chatty and upbeat against the pressing dark of the world around. Now that dark was lifted, but Persephone returned to Hogwarts a changed girl, the same events that doubtless affected many others evidently weighing heavy on her mind. She seemed to have withdrawn into herself. Her only contacts were her closest friends, her only words what were deemed necessary. All else was met with a silent smile, and the continuous observance by those large, sad eyes.

Short bio: Dad and mum used to be happy. Well, before mum went mad. That's the way dad put it, at least, the way he explained how she left the house screaming, how he cried for hours, how he held me tight and told me everything was alright. I knew they argued a lot, but they also laughed, also smiled, sometimes even sang. Then mum started acting funny. She didn't sleep at night, talked to herself, sent owls at the oddest of hours. She seemed to be excited about something. Someone named "Lord Voldemort." I found the name kind of silly at first, but daddy didn't seem to like me using it. As far as I knew, he was some kind of activist, or a politician of sorts, the sort of man my dad called an extremist.

"It's just a bit of a phase," he told me. "Mummy is just a bit fed up about the government, and she likes some of the things the man says."

That was a few weeks before their big fight, the fight to end all fights. I was laying in bed when I heard shattering glass from down in the kitchen. When I left my room, I could hear their voices shouting from below, sometimes even screaming.

"I told you that bloody bastard was no good!" daddy was bellowing. "He's nothing but a murderer, a genocidal maniac who wants to..."

I heard something else break, wooden this time. Later I learned that mum thrown the dining room table at dad's head.

"Wants to what, Isaac? Wants to cull the scum that are feeding out of Jenkins' hand? The stain on our purity, the natural servants to our untainted blood?" Mum sounded breathless, almost indignant.

"Eleanor... please..." dad said, but mum didn't listen. I heard the front door slam, and when I hurried down the stairs, she was gone. The house in tatters, daddy crying softly, and my entire life changed. I was four then, I think. The memories are a bit fuzzy, but some parts of it stand out in sharp relief. The sounds of the fight, the vile things my mum had shouted, the sound of daddy's sobs.

Everything between was a blur. Life went back to normal, for a long bit, and things trudged on as well as they could. It wasn't nice, seeing the headlines of You-Know-Who's dark acts, knowing mum was with him all that time. Somewhere in his ranks, somewhere in the world, aiding in the terrible crimes he committed. But in a pathetic way, I was happy she had left my life. She was evil. I didn't like thinking it, but I thought it, and it helped me distance the woman who had once sang to me at night from the masked villain hiding in the mists. I was young when she left, and young bonds are easily severed, so while my heart sometimes ached I no longer yearned to have her back.

But my dreams when I was younger, a few years past her leaving, were soon to be fulfilled. It was the night of Halloween, '81. Dad had kept me home for the year, and though I missed my friends, I understood his reasons. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named grew ever stronger, and there were whispers even Dumbledore was losing hope. Murders every morning in the post, rumors every evening on the Wireless. But tonight... tonight the radio told a different tale.

"...reports of allied militants moving in on... wait, there's been a new report. Wait, what? Are you... is..." the WWN crackled for a moment, as dad and I leaned in closer to hear. We jumped when the announcer spoke again, his voice loud and cheerful. "Everyone this is... this is incredible! We've just learned You-Know-Who has been defeated. I repeat, You-Know-Who has been defeated! We're still getting bits and pieces here and there, a reporter has been sent to the scene in Godric's Hollow, apparently the DMLE has sectioned off the entire area, but we promise we'll get you the latest and greatest on this wonderful, incredible, astounding story!"

Dad was smiling. For the first time in years, dad was smiling. I felt like smiling myself, just seeing that wide grin against his face, though his eyes still looked as weary as ever. He turned to me and ruffled my hair playfully.

"How does that make you feel, doll?" He asked, his words almost sounding rehearsed. He seemed to not be able to say anything beyond that. I was at a loss for words myself, mouth opening and closing slowly, my face growing hot with excited flush. The evil one was finally gone. The light had triumphed.

The doorbell rang.

"Who the devil could that be?" dad asked, bemused, probably expecting a gleaming neighbor with a brimming glass of ale. Instead he swung that wooden door to face the woman who had left so long ago. Her hair was longer, and more unkempt. Her makeup ran in rivers down her face. She was soaked to the bone, shivering in the rain, with a twisted face of rage and pain alike.

She entered, and closed the door with an unexpected gentleness.

"Eleanor... please, go." my dad begged. He waved his hand back at me, his other inching down his leg, and I understood. All the warmness of the wonderful news seemed to drain from the room as quick as it had come. I quickly ran to hide, slipping underneath the kitchen table, my own wand clutched tightly in my hand. I listened.

"...gone, Isaac. He's gone. He's coming back, though. You know he is. He told us. He promised he couldn't die..."

"Eleanor. Leave my house. You're not welcome here anymore."

"...defeated, but he wasn't. Not really. Don't be daft, Isaac. I'm your wife. Open your eyes. See the truth. The Dark Lord..."

"Please, Eleanor. Please... Stupefy!"

From the crack between the furniture legs, I saw the red blast deflected with a flick of mum's wand. Dad's went flying back, and he stepped back too, stammering.

"W-what do you want? Do you want Persephone? You can't have her. You left her."

She lowered her wand, the tip aimed at dad's heart.

"...please don't kill me..." he whimpered, before he crumpled in a flash of verdant light.

Footsteps, laughs, and a second flash, before the world went grey.

The incident at the Wake household, similar to other retribution killings by Death Eaters nationwide, was unique in that it was also deemed domestic. The perpetrator, a woman by the name of Eleanor Wake, was the exonerated wife of the victim, Isaac Wake. After learning the news of You-Know-Who's defeat, she entered the household late that night, and proceeded to cast the Killing Curse upon Isaac. She was then believed to have turned the curse upon herself in a passion-driven murder suicide. Persephone Wake, their daughter of 14, had survived by hiding underneath the kitchen table. She now lives with her paternal Grandmother, Fermelda.
-Official Report

Electives: Muggle Studies, Divination
Quidditch: No. She's not the fondest of sports, though she can be goaded into going to a game if someone pesters her enough.
Pet: None.

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