Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by Azra » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:01 pm

Mana presently of late was just concerned. There was Teja who seemed to be fixated on the sword of hers, while in the hospital after the events in Krakatoa she overheard some of what was said. She got not wanting cybernetics especially when it was very likely to be the more traditional of the past then mechanical. More so though what worried the cyborg was the dependency that healing ability made. How was she supposed to help put away the the things that helped someone keep going? In a way it might be like asking her to not use her augmentations or a power. Telling someone to cut out a part of themselves. These concerns were further backed by her own turbulence.

Senior year at the Academy was starting, mixed with trying to help start a business with Alfonse and Jordannwho didn't want to be heroes any more. That challenge was met as well by trying to just be the hero and active force for change the teen wanted to be. She was a proud member of SOS squeezing every moment she could out of a day to try and push her ideals into being. Of just keeping the world a bit brighter a bit safer. This felt like it was meeting resistance more and more though as the world got hung up on what she was over who.

She'd been a cyborg for years and a pretty active part of heroism sense late twenty eighteen, she'd helped defend LA, fought forces like Amaranth and Jackal. She managed to keep a level head despite being kidnapped on her birthday, wanting to help save another world as well just not at the cost of harming so much more to do so. She thought the fact Terminus and Teja trusted her to go with them to Divergent Earth said something about her commitment to being a hero. For everything she'd done and how much she felt she grown it seemed like all she was hearing was "but she's seventeen." The experience and skills didn't matter over a number. She felt like she was drowning, which was almost funny given how comfortable she actually was in the situation.

Golem, which of course was not originally called the Mangocycle was currently hovering in place over the wreckage of a home. The family and there currently soaked cat were being set on a sort of hovering trailer bead behind the hovering motorcycle. Mana having helped them onto the open space, a swim suit was worn a one piece more fit for a swim team then the beach, and a rebreather rested over her mouth. She didn't need it a whole lot but it was actually something the cyborg had been fairly prepared for early on. Both of course matching her color palet because asthetic was important dang it. The trailer bed of the hover bike was full of families, people and pets. She'd only started but thanks to her technopathy she knew she could get the people moving without slowing down on her individual efforts.

"This is Mana of the SOS requesting to drop people off at Skywatch? Should have a dozen or so every ten minutes, rough estimate of course."
Things had been feeling tense between the teams but the cyborg hardly found it in herself to care at this given moment. Point was Frontline had a base here which would do better at keeping civilians cared for than leaving them on rooftops. Of course as well when flying over the crashing waves in the streets she noticed a few additional people. Specifically a friendly Viking she'd come to know and Landon, who she didn't exactly end on the best terms with last she'd seen him.

He treated her like the damsel to rescue, but being kidnapped didn't change her status as a hero the cyborg had felt. At any rate communication was important and her telepathy only went so far. As the Golem flew people to the Skywatch or a near by safe position the cyborg took a moment to fish a comms device from her toolkit as she flew over to Bran. She landed and did a bit of reworking on the device. It wasn't originally the device intended but more meant for if she needed to make repairs to her own hearing cybernetics.
"Note to self load Golem with some spare stuff. I'm dum...I wasn't thinking enough in advance."
She told herself before handing the device to Bran.

"Keep in touch man. Natural caused or not teamwork makes the dream work or something."
Mana remarked briefly before darting off to where she had last seen Affie. Getting answers from the scuba diver was important, but that could be passed over comms. Something told the cyborg though the Viking probably didn't have a Bluetooth let alone a means to keep in touch with the people on the scene. So for now she would head that way. The teen hopping back onto Golem as it returned to her.

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by Ryoko » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:48 am

"I know that thieves are opportunistic by trade, but this is ridiculous..."

Ryoko stood, crouched, over a pair of unconscious "Scuba-thieves" and took a moment to study their gear. All it took was a quick knock on the back of the head to put them both to sleep.

Now, looters popping out during a disaster and robbing places in the insuing chaos was neither unheard of nor unusual. And it was only two or three "marine specialists" who had found themselves in a situation to take advantage of the flood, she'd have found nothing overly suspicious. But to have a city full of thieves who were, conveniently prepared to take advantage of this situation? And for all of them to be using not standard, but identical, high tech gear?

That's way too much coincidence to ignore.

"Does this city even have a history of flooding?" she went to comms, "Everyone! I've got a hunch that this isn't a natural flood. If you see anything out of the ordinary that might be dragging water into the city, let us know. That includes you, Kid Smash. And Mana! If you can assist with evacuations to Skywatch, go ahead. But, if you catch wind of any suspicious tech, make it known."

Ryoko cut the comms momentarily.

She stole the weapons away from the unconscious men and shattered them over her knee before emptying any bags that they might've been carrying on the roof and burning them them before they could be used to haul away any more stolen goods. She left them with their scuba gear, though.

If the building they were on ended up collapsing, at least they'd have a way to survive.

And then she began to rise from the rooftop.

"If there is a metahuman behind this, I'm going to see if I can find him"

She took a moment to familiarize herself with everyone there who was making a difference. She scanned the area with her eyes as she locked onto their souls, one by one. Mana, Maximum Man, Terminus, Maelstrom, some guy in a hood who reeked of magic, a spider and... a viking?


She closed her eyes, shut out as much of her other senses as she could, and felt the area for a unique soul. She pushed past those that she knew, ignored their presence, and sought out an unknown well of power that was capable of destruction like this. Something... someone unfamiliar who might've been the cause of all of this.

Truthfully, she half expected not to find anyone there aside from more civilians. But, the quicker that they could identify the source of the flood, the quicker it could be effectively dealt with. Even if that meant finding out that this was just the work of mother nature and that everyone on the scene just needed to focus on preventing more lives from being lost and riding out the storm.
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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by The Human Flood » Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:40 am

Location: Downtown East
Squad: Bravo

The bubbles of a frantic, anxious cry erupted from the scuba mask of Bravo One, who'd been speared by the Spectre's grapple device. It tore through his thigh, the water around him turning a deep rich red as he was dragged from the depths. Not enough blood for him to bleed out.

The sudden vertigo that came with being hoisted that high into the air was as disorienting as the pain. Piss trickled down the man's leg as he was consumed by fear. Who could be faulted? He was in the clutches of a vigilante, his weapon dropped into the roaring canal below.

"The Flood! The Human Flood! He promised money - a-and bitches - aaaaaaAAAAAA!"

He struggled, but every movement just produced more pain. He was about to pass out...

The Iceberg Cometh
Location: Downtown South
Squad: Delta

The flow of the water was diverting Delta Squad unexpectedly. Some broke away from the rush with their propeller boots, but one unfortunate soul found himself lagging behind. Inexperienced with the new technology provided by their benefactor, he could not help but be drawn closer to the colder water. There was a super-type freezing the flow over there, and if metapsychology held any truth, he wouldn't take kindly to discovering their little raid.

Delta Three. Freeze.

When Maelstrom broke the ice, he did tumble out, flushed from where he'd been swimming. The man reached for his harpoon gun, freezing it solid in his hand. He dropped it to the ground, useless.

But it was just a puny kid. A little snot. He'd give him something he'd not soon forget.

As powerful as Maelstrom might be, he was nonetheless very close to the criminal robber. Reaching out to freeze his weapon with his palm was evidence enough of that. His first mistake was being that close; his second was wasting time asking a question. Especially when there was still a resource at the robber's disposal.

Delta Three couldn't fire his speargun anymore. It was frozen. But it was still a speargun, with a deadly sharp tip. Like a bayonet, he drove it upwards towards Maelstrom's stomach, rising with it. He made sure to go for the guts; a blade could get stuck in the ribs. If you hit the guts, you could still withdraw it, and maneuver afterwards, going for subsequent attacks.

That was precisely what Three intended.

Terminus et. Al
Depressurization Kills
Location: Downtown East
Squad: Alpha

No sooner had Alpha Squad breached a jewelry store than had they attracted the attention of Terminus.

The new local superstar, along with Proton and Aristotle.

This was always a possibility. They had confidence that the armored man wouldn't kill them. Just starting out, the Front Line would want to seem clean. There was an entire scheme set up around telling them they'd been hypnotized into robbing the jewelry stores during the flooding. As long as nobody in any squad squealed, they could get off scot free. In a way, they'd always been here to function as bait. This was just an occupational hazard.

Naturally, the torpedoes hit their marks, knocking out two of the men and leaving the third - Alpha Five - conscious enough for interrogation.

The question was posed.

Ordinarily, water would quiet the noise. It would be a query audible only to its intended recipient - the hapless thief. But the High Tide could feel these vibrations.

He could respond, perfectly clearly, as he shot through the shadows, adjusting the water pressure around himself to elude sonar detection.

The Human Flood did not swim. He used the ocean itself to propel his body, a cone of pressurized water surrounding him as he rocketed towards the Machinist's back. The water around him, like a sheath, served two purposes: to confound any machine that sensed an oncoming mass, and to turn him into a hyper-invulnerable bullet that would strike the armored behemoth's back at blur speeds.

"That would be me."

Assuming the first strike landed, he curled his hands into fists, drawing water from around himself and pressurizing it to a deadly degree, such that it was solid without freezing. It became, in his hands, a deadly weapon, distinct from the other seawater they were immersed in.

Aqua Hammer!

He spun at impossible speeds, propelled by hydrokinesis as he attempted to drive the fluid sledgehammer into the Nautilus' head. The strike, if it found purchase, was to be both a kinetic blast and a vessel for his hydrokinetic powers to worm water into the sealed-off suit, raising the pressure around the armor until it burst.

This was Cortez' ambition. Terminus was said to be unstoppable.

But he was still, ultimately, human.

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by Terminus » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:47 am

TerminOS v3.3.3
Now Playing: Creedence Clearwater Revival- Who'll Stop The Rain?

Armor Model: Nautilus.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Online.

His grip on Alpha Five releasing on reflex, Terminus tumbled through the water, firing the miniature thrusters on the Nautilus to stabilize himself after the initial impact of the Human Flood. If he'd been on solid ground, it would have been much harder to move him like that, but fighting underwater was wholly different. For one thing, it meant his sensor suite was much more limited. The aquatic armor's sonar hadn't even picked the New-Age Nemo up until mere moments before impact.

The pirate had somehow shaped the water around himself in order to confound Pendragon's armor. He was clever- most hydrokinetics wouldn't have been clever enough to come up with such a niche application of a power with dozens of other, more obvious uses. It was also a consequence of the Front Line's public profile. Nicolas could no longer rely on his relative obscurity to keep his armor's capabilities secret from potential enemies. Every potential opponent could study him from hundreds of freely available online videos, and even use that information to guess the capabilities of new armors like the Nautilus.

That didn't, however, mean that they would be able to beat him.

Just as Terminus had reoriented himself, he felt a second impact. The Human Flood's water hammer was virtually invisible, somehow solid without being ice. He was using his hydrokinetic powers to hold a specific volume of water in a certain shape- but while they were both fully submerged, that meant it was visually indistinguishable from the rest of the depths, aside from a slight distortion that resulted from its inability to freely flow.

A single strike wouldn't have damaged any of Pendragon's armors much. But Cortez was clearly clever. Not only had he engineered the flooding to deploy his legion of acquatic thieves, he was also trying to take advantage of an environment in which he was clearly superior. Unencumbered by heavy armor, the Human Flood would be able to move faster, and his powers meant that everything around them was his weapon. According to the databases that the Nautilus had accessed the moment it identified Cortez, he was also physically enhanced while saturated with water, meaning his ordinary blows would be more powerful as well.

The use of water pressure to try to kill Terminus was smart. His armor had been designed to withstand the Marianas Trench, but the Flood was seemingly capable of increasing the pressure to arbitrarily high levels. If he could keep the attack up for long enough, he would crumple the Nautilus around its pilot like a soda can. Already, sensors were blaring inside the armor, warning Nicolas that the surface integrity was failing. Fortunately, he had rapidly recovered from the disorientation of the initial blow.

Raising one of the warsuit's gauntlets, Pendragon began charging the suit's flash cannon. It was a short-range electric attack designed to incapacitate enemies. His palm would glow with energy, as the attack increased in power. The intensity had already been recalibrated to account for the Flood's enhanced physical attributes- the standard setting, while capable of knocking out an ordinary human, wouldn't have slowed him down. Increased charge, however, meant a longer charge time. And every second Terminus spent powering the flash cannon up, his suit's hull was getting closer to collapsing.

Finally, the weapon fired. A burst of electricity that would, in theory, harmlessly incapacitate Cortez. If it failed to knock him out, it would at least disrupt his concentration, and disperse his aqua hammer. That would give Terminus a moment to activate the suit's thrusters, and put some space between himself and the Human Flood.

A message, the notification held back due to the active combat engagement, popped up on his HUD. Manaria Goleme, asking if she could drop civilians off at Skywatch. Nicolas felt a stab of annoyance that the Society had brought a child into a situation like this, but there was no time to send her a response. Hopefully Novak or McCoy could handle that.

Speaking of which...

Activating the Front Line comms channel, Terminus addressed the team.

"I found the bad guy. Roger Cortez, AKA the Human Flood. Seems like he's got teams in SCUBA gear all over the city, trying to ransack the place. My guess is that he's using his powers to make the storm worse, too. Sending my coordinates."

For a moment, Nicolas considered broadcasting their location to everyone in range, but that seemed like overkill. One metacriminal didn't warrant the attention of every hero who'd shown up to help save lives. Their time was better spend on search-and-rescue, or dealing with the heist teams. The Front Line could handle the bad guy by themselves.

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by Evolve » Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:32 pm

Ash stared into the dark waters, and for a few moments, nothing but the dark waters themselves stared back. Then, something moved - and it was quickly followed by some kind of projectile.

"Ash!" Gray had turned just in time, and caught her by one arm to pull her out of its way. His intervention kept her from getting completely impaled (through the shoulder), but she sucked in a breath as the head of the spear grazed her other arm. The blood wasn't a problem, as the seawater would mix up any DNA left behind with the DNA of literally thousands of other people stuck in the flood - and though the salt stung, the water was what allowed her to focus on the site of the pain and let liquid fill the gap, binding the halves of the wound together into a neat little temporary scar.

She was already looking out into the water again, but Gray pressed the bag - surprisingly full, for less than five minutes - into her hands and picked her up bridal style into the air. "That's our cue."

"Can't argue," she agreed, watching where they were going as he slammed his shoulder into a door marked "Fire Exit". Sure enough, there were some stairs, leading up to the rooftop. She was looking behind them, in the meantime, watching for whoever had thrown an ice spear at them. The main bad guy who'd started this? A hero with coincidentally similar powers?

Without really wanting to, she thought, Maelstrom?

"Bingo." Gray conveniently interrupted that train of thought, as he pressed his shoulder into the next door - the roof exit - and found it unlocked. They were immediately met by wind and driving rain, but that was in many ways better.

Gray glided above the surface of the water pooling up on the rooftop to the opposite edge of the building, and set Ash down there before taking the bag back and raising himself up even higher. This time, they didn't need to talk. It was in a few ways a bait-and-switch: one stayed in sight with what looked like the quarry, the other vanished, in this case into the rising water levels, with the real deal. They'd go in opposite directions, then meet back up somewhere nearby. Despite their specialties, they thought similarly enough that they almost always wound up at the same place without conversation.

In this case, Ash had the real deal, as she let gravity take her underwater with the tied-off fake bag, and Gray took to the air along the water's surface, skimming, every so often, but well within sight of the building. If they guy was smart, he'd figure out that the obvious one wasn't the one with the jewelry. They'd learned that pretty early in their career, and Ash had figured out the "surprise" touch of giving the less obvious one the fake jewels. If it didn't work, they'd either have to drop the loot, or just take whatever Spear-Guy was throwing - preferably, though, not another spear.

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by James Novak » Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:44 am


The Front Line opened its door for all those that needed shelter during the storm. James Novak talked to FEMA about the relief efforts. The Atlas Initiative would obviously pledge assistance in any way the organization could.

The phones rang. The door slammed. More screaming over the hall from annoyed employees. It had gone on like that since the storm hit. Whoever caused this was a true evil doer! What kind of likable villain would pull this on a Thursday knowing that it would ruin everyone’s weekend? .

Last year it was a heat wave and now it was a flood. When it rains, the world ends around these parts. A storm like this would have telegraphed itself if it was natural, which indicated foul play for a lot of people.

This was Millennium City after all!

James Novak laid his head against his desk. Superheroes got burnt out sometimes too from constant crime fighting. He should take up cooking classes and learn how to cook pasta like his brother!

The phone rang again, but what could it be?


“We have a message from the SOS, sir?”

“I think I’m going to slit my own wrists.”

“Sir. Are you there?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Put it through.”

"This is Mana of the SOS requesting to drop people off at Skywatch? Should have a dozen or so every ten minutes, rough estimate of course."

“Great. Now I need to decide between putting my money where my mouth is or saving people. What a superhero moment.”

Is it better for a superhero to be a hypocrite or a consistent supervillain? Keep reading, true believer.


“Yeah. Give me a moment.”

“Okay. Let them through.”

“Okay, sir. I’m receiving a call from Mr. Pendragon. Should I put it through?”

“Yeah. Oh and Stan?”

“Yes, sir?”

Of course, a top class superhero like Proton would find a way around being attacked for doing the right thing!

“If anyone asks, I don’t know anything about that SOS message.”
“Understood, sir. I’m putting Mr. Pendragon through as we speak.”

"I found the bad guy. Roger Cortez, AKA the Human Flood. Seems like he's got teams in SCUBA gear all over the city, trying to ransack the place. My guess is that he's using his powers to make the storm worse, too. Sending my coordinates."

“I’ll be right over.”

With the press of a button, a hidden compartment rose from his office’s floor containing the Powerful Proton Suit! He quickly took off his clothes and put it on. Firefighters didn’t get ready as rapidly as the Atomic Adventurer did!

Time to get positive!

Proton took the elevator to the Junction on the eighteenth floor. He plugged in the coordinates that Terminus had sent and-.


Proton stood above on a building where a tussle was occurring. He looked down and saw all the flashing lights. Before leaving, he made sure to pack a little toy for this situation. A compact sized rebreather, small enough to fit on a purse or a utility belt. He gently bit down on the mouthpiece and took another look at the jump.

Proton dove head first into action. There were many things that scared him. Yes! Superheroes get scared too! Proton feared many things. Water? Not one of them.

If he could talk, he would have told him to surrender. Instead, he floated next to his partner in crime fighting! Proton drew his disks at the terrorist that had sunk his city for the last time.

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Re: Batten the Hatches! [OPEN]

Post by OpusRex » Thu Aug 06, 2020 5:30 pm

Gator Bite

The men apparently hadn't noticed the large gator-like beast circling them in the dark. This was a perfect situation for a predator to find himself in. In his ideal environment under the water, in between his prey and their escape route, and all the while completely hidden from them. They didn't look human with their gear on, and Thrall was familiar enough with the human culture to identify important buildings. Normally, the shinier something is, the more valuable and important it is to the humans. The owners also always have a way to retrieve their valuables by means of other shiny things that look like tiny little fish that stay on a ring in the humans pockets... seeing as they weren't using those little fish to retrieve this stuff, that would mean it didn't belong to them. Which means they were bad people and if Thrall could stop them, maybe the good people would finally start to like him. So be it!

His predatory instincts kick in to over drive as his senses become heightened. His hearing had become focused on the group as well as his sense of smell. He had picked up the scent of all three divers and would now be able to identify them each based on their scent alone. He scanned the group, observing their movements and gaining all the knowledge he could on possible defenses and attacks they may have and how he should best hunt them for maximum efficiency and minimum injury to himself. It would be best to wait for one to separate from the group and pick that one off first. Afterward, disorient the others by attacking from above or below. Humans weren't as adept to aquatic environments and always forgot that predators can attack from any angle in this setting, not just from the ground level. Almost as if they wanted to be caught, one of the divers turned away from the two that were looting the case and went to see if he could find more in the back of the store.

"Simple minded prey always my favorite..." Thrall thought to himself.

Sticking to the shadows once again, he quietly followed the diver to the back of the store. The diver appeared to be looking for something... perhaps more things that weren't his. Hunting was a waiting game and all Thrall needed was a split second opportunity. The very second they were both out of sigh of the other divers, he rushed towards his prey. Aiming to sink his massive and powerful jaws into the nape of the divers neck, he would be able to easily shatter the vertebrae of the spine. Just like an actual alligator, the small bones of the human spine would be like a human biting a cooked carrot in half. His teeth were like combat knives; sharpened to a razors edge and come to a needle like point at the tip.

"Break the crunchy bit in the neck and prey always dies quickly."

Thrall reached out to pull the diver into a death grip in his claws so that he could have better control over his prey as he went for the kill. He could grip with the strength of a welders vice with his hand strength alone. If he really wanted to, he was strong enough to cause serious stress and compression fractures in the femur, the strongest bone in the human body. It would be over before his prey or the other divers even knew what happened.

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