Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [CS]

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [CS]

Post by Argonaut24 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:27 pm

Name: Maketes

Nickname/s: None

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height and build: At a soaring height of 6' 2", Maketes is broad, and muscular.

Appearance info: Maketes has the scars of a warrior. Many layer his body and one across his eye, thankfully his eye is undamaged. Also, not to forget are the scars that cover his back but those aren't from combat. Maketes wears leather armor but is often covered in a black cloak giving him the appearance of a shadow.

Cent loyalty:
Name: Schattenarmee
Camp: Main camp is hidden deep within the Frontier that only it's members know about.
Symbol: Members are branded on the right arm at the shoulder with a shield with two spears behind it.

In the Schattenarmee, there is no room for weakness, they break you to feel no pain and fear no evil. Members of the Cent, which are call Schattenkrieger, are trained heavily in the art of war and stealth. Starting at around the age of 8, children are taught how to not feel pain or fear and to fight through a process that is comparable to the Spartan Agoge or modern day Navy Seal training. Upon graduation, members are whipped across the back and are expected not to cry or react and win a series of trials. Members graduate with whip laceration scars all over their back but have no fear, feel no pain, and are some of the best warriors the Frontier has seen.

The Schattenarmee release their members into the wild to travel and find work among the other cents becoming the definition of mercenary. Schattenkriegers are sought after by Cents to help boost their war effort against another Cent either on the battlefield or as an advisor. Schattenkriegers can also be hired as bounty hunters to kill leaders or other targets deemed by the cents.

Clothing preference: Maketes wears a linen shirt, and a very durable yet ragged pants spun by the retired fighters of the Schattenarmee. Over top of this is a thick leather armor chest plate, greaves, and bracer set. Finally, Maketes wears the signature metal mask and dark black cloak of members of the Schattenarmee.

•Bow and Arrow

Bag of dried meat
Flint and magnesium
A small magnet
A grappling hook
Blade sharpener

Maketes was a child of the Frontier. He doesn't remember much but he just knows that the Schattenarmee raised him and he became who is today because of them. Maketes' travels as a Schattenkrieger has taken him all over the Frontier and had him meet many different kinds of people. He has only encountered two group of people he didn't like and that was the Caza and the Pantheon. He didn't like how they treated those they thought were below them. Maketes jumps on any contract he can that involves damaging either of those Cents. Also, Maketes isn't scared to strike one of their members down if he catches them out in the wild.

•Tracking- Finding the trail of an animal or another human.

•Melee Combat- Maketes is proficient in a few hand to hand forms, swordsmanship, and spear combat.

•Trap Building- Maketes can build traps to either capture dinner or to kill another human.

•Strategic Planning- Maketes can see where an army would have an advantage over another.

•Archery- Maketes is a proficient in archer

•Conventional Warfare- Maketes is prepared to face an enemy in an open field.

•Guerilla Warfare- Maketes possesses the skills to be elusive and whittle an enemy down over time.

•Stealth- Despite being a large man, Maketes can actually move rather quietly and quickly almost as if he is a shadow.

•Agility- Maketes can free run and scale surfaces

Personality: Maketes training not only taught him how to fight, but how to be respectful and honorable. However, the honorable part occasionally gets bent when the right thing to do is not necessarily honorable. Maketes is determined and strong willed. Surprisingly, Maketes is kind, too.

Others view me as: A mysterious soldier with a good moral code that helps people.

Character theme: (Gotta think on this one.)

Miscellaneous: (Might put something here later.)

Face claim:

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [CS]

Post by HighVoltage » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:46 pm

Name: Alastor

Nickname/s: None

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black, but no hair will grow

Eye Color: Dark brown

Height and Build: 5'10" of tightly packed, lean muscle. In order to be one of the Children, you need to be in good condition.

Cent Loyalty:

The Frontier is a hellish place to most people. To a certain Cent, that fact was inspiration. Dominate the hellish place with the powers of hell. The Children of the Damned are essentially a demonic cult that has expanded to massive proportions. They believe that the forces of Hell are real, and can be harnessed if given the right sacrifice. Children in the Cent are given a normal name until they reach age 3, at which point they have been deemed strong enough to begin carrying out the Cent's will. They are then given the name of a demon, symbolizing the bond between them. In the Cent, there are no two people with the same demon, allowing them to be the sole focus of the demon's power.

It is unknown whether these "powers" are actually due to demonic influence or simple placebo. A potential explanation could be that the act of committing harm to oneself triggers an excess of adrenaline in the members of this Cent, allowing them to perform feats beyond their normal limitations. The Cent also decorates themselves with different scars, using this as both a way to draw them closer to their demons, and as a psychological tactic.

In order to enter adulthood, members of the Cent must undergo the Trial by Fire. As a member of the Cent turns 16, there is a ritual attended by the entire Cent. A bonfire is built, and the member is asked by the leaders of the Cent to thrust part of themselves into the fire. The member must do so, and allow the flames to sear their flesh. The more that burns, the stronger it is believed that your link with your demon shall be. Upon the completion of this ceremony and the dousing of the flames, the newly-minted adult shall have the symbol of the Cent branded on their chest, directly over their heart.

Clothing Preference: Alastor tends to wear whatever is available, favoring clothing that's tough, close-fitting, and quiet. He also tends to wear little, as having as much skin available as possible is important to the Children. Typical wear is a pair of rough jeans, shoes, and an open cloth vest with no shirt underneath.

  • Hunting knife
  • Collapsible crossbow (kept in a leather holster on his hip)
  • 10 bolts, wrapped tightly in bundles of two, with a bundle tucked away with the bow at all times
  • These hands

  • Old beaten-up backpack
  • Matches
  • Lighter fluid (small amount)
  • Needle and thread
  • Dried meats
  • 3 energy clumps (nutrient-dense balls made from foraged and cultivated plants that are given to the wanderers)

Background: Alastor was born into the Children of the Damned, with the Cent being all he's known. He fully absorbed the Cent's teachings, learning all about his demon and the demons of others. When he underwent his ritual, he knew that others had stuck a finger or a hand in the flames. He stuck his head in. The flames burned all of his hair off, leaving him with angry red streaks along his scalp that have never fully healed, nor has his hair ever grown back. Since he became a man, he's become obsessed with exploring the Frontier, finding new members to bring back to the Children, and finding new places for them to expand their territory. Due to this craving, he was assigned to the wanderers, a group dedicated to exactly that. Now he roams the Frontier for weeks at a time, scrounging to keep himself alive and storing away whatever he can to bring back to his Cent.

  • Nightvision: Members of the Children are taught to be able to see more clearly in the dark. This does not result in crystal-clear vision, but a dramatically reduced need for light.
  • Stealth: Wanderers are trained to move quietly and make as little noise as possible, even when moving normally. Again, this does not make them silent, simply far quieter.
  • Archery
  • Unarmed/Knife Combat: Fitting with the motif of stealth as the primary option, wanderers are trained to fight with knives or simply their bare hands.
  • High Pain Tolerance: As the act of calling upon their demon requires Children to inflict harm upon themselves, all Children of the Damned have a high threshold of pain tolerance, especially burning.
  • Demonic Speed
  • Demonic Strength
  • Demonic Reflexes
  • Demonic Perception
  • Please note that any demonic skills are not superhuman, rather increased from the typical human average. Activation of these skills requires a self-inflicted wound.

Personality: Despite all the talk of demons and all the edgy persona that comes with the territory, Alastor is an unusually friendly man. He tends to greet others in the Frontier as potential allies, rather than potential enemies. His odd, stilted way of talking tends to freak some people out, but that doesn't seem to bother him, and he seems unaware of its effect. However, betrayal or hostility towards him results in a shift in tone and behavior. His friendly demeanor hides the cold-blooded killer that waits beneath the service, ready to do anything for the preservation of his Cent, even at the cost of his own life.

Others view me as: Heretic, lunatic, madman

Character theme: Children of the Damned

Face claim (ignore the plates around the head):


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