Millennium City University

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:13 am

Jennifer Bradshaw strode through the hallway, her father accompanying her along as her bags were dropped off over by Carter Hall.

"Alright Sweetheart, good luck. Love you." Said one Ben Bradshaw. A clenched fist appearing in front of her. Prompting her to clench her own fist.

A smile. "Love you too dad."
With that, the girl strode towards the main hallway. Sneakers occasionally squeaking as she went. Her hands calmly at her side with an idle hum as she walks along to the main hall. And then while there she cast her gaze upon everyone else. It was quite the assembly to her. Everyone in the hall being someone as of yet unknown. Particularly eye catching being the sentient piece of goo. Her eyes locking briefly onto one girl who was familiar.


Eyes looked at Dia. And Jen neither smiled nor frowned as she looked at her. Eyes unwavering for a moment until a portal opened and caught her attention. Out came a face she did recognize and didn't need to announce. Jen smiles as she places her hands on her hip.

I want an entrance like that.

Instinctively her hand went out with no hesitation. An introduction as he asked them all what their majors were. There were more non-combatant and hero majors than she thought. Particular attention went to one girl.

"Ugh..." She rolls her her eyes. "Fucking snowflake..."

With that, Jen spoke.

"Yup. Right here. With a minor in civil engineering." She tacked on, despite not having been asked.

Just like dear old dad. 555th Engineering Brigade out of Joint Base Lewis-Mccord, Washington.

A burning beneath the surface as she warmed up a few degrees. A reflection of her own inner desires. A slight twinkle in her eye. But as per usual she cooled off. As she always had to. Especially in civilian clothes. A slight, habitual twitch in the eye she could usually not get rid of. And nothing more to the layman.

With that, she lowered her hands and did exactly as instructed by their leader. Following along the flag. Eyes constantly shifting between each person in front of her as she slowly melded among the crowd.
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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Deus Mortis » Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:34 am

The drive to the university was relatively quiet. Music from the radio made well on delivering the only two occupants within the car away from complete silence. Kieran preferred it this way, the chauffeur knew that.

The university came up into view once they turned the corner. Streams of students were clearly visible, even from the back of the SUV. The sight was not unfamiliar to him, seeing as there was little difference between what he was seeing now and what he used to see on his first days of previous schooling. There was one thing that separated the two, however. Most of Kieran’s classmates before weren’t exonormals.

Kieran was used to going to school with baseline human beings. Studying alongside those with unique abilities or particular skills was going to be new. It made him that much more content that he chose to enroll here than some regular ivy league school.

It’s going to be one interesting year.

The car rolled to a stop.

He tabbed out of the article he was reading on his phone and over to a messaging app. He barely needed to scroll to find Kelly’s name in his contact list before he shot her a quick message.

Just arrived outside. Going to drop my things off and head in.

With that, he turned off his phone.

”Do you need help with your bags, sir?” The chauffeur turned to look at him. He shook his head almost immediately after, off-handedly waving her off.

”No, that’s quite alright. I have it from here, thank you.” With a soft click, the doors unlocked. He stepped out of the car and went around back, dropping a duffel bag beside him before closing the trunk door.

A couple of pats on the back of the car let the driver know everything she needed to. She pulled out of the parking space and drove off, leaving Kieran alone outside the campus.

He adjusted his shirt and loosened his backpack up a bit before walking off to Carter Hall to leave his belongings. Traversing the eager crowd made the journey a little slower than he anticipated but he was able to make it in time to meet with his assigned group.

Group Thirteen was very interesting. Unsurprisingly, his attention focused on Phineas Hooper when he strolled in. The pink, gelatinous man was certainly not the most pleasing on the eyes but his macabre looks were not enough to get Kieran to look at him or away in disgust. He gave Gum a small nod in greeting before looking over at the rest of the group.

There was something amusing about finding out he was in the same college orientation group as a girl he helped save a couple months back. Considering he wasn’t in his heroic attire, he highly doubted Mina would recognize him. There was another unfamiliar-yet-recognizable face here, belonging to Daystar. Kieran finding out about her was incidental, having seen her in a news article that detailed The Pack's attack in Baltimore a few years ago. It was good seeing she recovered.

Having a member from the SOS here was surprising, to say the least. Singularity being a Binary was a little concerning as well. They haven’t gotten the best reputation over the last couple of years, but to Dia’s defense, her being on the SOS helped quell some of that concern. Not completely, though. Kieran didn’t believe in absolute trust.

Apart from those three, Kieran didn’t really know anyone else. Of course, there was Kelly but he already knew she was going to be there. Her superhero costume was a sharp contrast to the white t-shirt and chinos he had on. She certainly had more energy than he was showing right now, much to the delight of the girl next to him: another student he didn’t know. The second-to-last one to respond to Deadboy’s question about major’s. Kieran had the privilege of being the last.

”I’m planning on majoring in biophysics and biomedical engineering.” Plus any classes I don't need to be one hundred percent present for to pass. There was also the magic class he enrolled in but he left that unsaid. If he shared anymore, he'd be bragging. And his ego wasn't particularly starved of any attention right now. ”I’m going to speak to an advisor about fitting one of the meta classes into my schedule later on.”

Not too starved, anyways.

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Orange » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:24 am

To be honest I didn't like the idea of going back to school but with each job I took ending in some weird mix of failure and death I felt it was needed. The last couple of weeks and months had been a mixture of self-reflection and healing with being involved with me getting involved in fights with ninja's and that weird lady who had kidnapped Mana. Not to mention LA where thousands died in moments becoming apart of a forest or the theatre where a monster took to the stage and started to force people to kill themselves not to mention the werewolf at the same event.

All in all my career as a hero had not gotten off to a great start I had a long talk with my uncle and we both agreed that more training as a hero could be used. So when I arrived at the university I dropped my bag off at Carter Hall before getting a card with the number 13 walking up to the group just as the leader appeared out of a portal in the ceiling. That's good I'm not late yet... I took a moment to look around at the gathered group stopping when I realized I knew none of them but I recognized a couple of them from certain events or even tv. As everyone in the group began their introductions I would wait until after one of the male students in the group to start my introduction.

"Hero major Maelstrom or Landon if you prefer." That's all I had to say at the moment nothing else really seemed needed as I stuck more towards the back of the group ready to get started on the orientation.

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Millennium City » Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:28 am

Deadboy slowed down his pace to listen to the small crowd of future pioneers. He turned around to look at them and walked backwards. He had asked for their majors, but some of them had given him for more than that. Marc didn’t have it in his heart to tell them to stop. They were obviously excited about their future in Millennium University.

The only thing that made him sad is that the introduction game that they were going to play later would be less fun now.

“Oh. Wow. That’s a lot of hero majors. It’s nice to meet you all.” Deadboy then turned around and picked up the pace again.

“Now if you look to your right. You’re going to see the Administration Building. This is where a lot of the administration offices are. I know. The name couldn’t be more creative. This is where you drop off your shots, meet with counselors about your schedule, get your records and all of that stuff.” He pointed his flag ahead as they marched.

“Coming up we’re going to have the dormitories. You have already seen the newly built Carter Hall. Next to it is, Millennium Hall which is actually one of the oldest buildings in the entire city. A lot of the founding fathers of New Winchester once studied there. It’s the second oldest building on campus aside from the church.”

“It’s good trivia if any of you join the fraternities slash sorrorities. They love to ask those kinds of questions during their ceremonies.”

“Speaking of which. Another fun trivia fact. That’s the gym. Obv. We have all kinds of equipment for people with different superpowers. Gravity chambers. The whole nine. What some of you might not know is that James Novak actually taught yoga classes when he was a student here.”

“I actually went to one of those classes, but I never came back because I’m a little stiff.” Deadboy laughed at his own pun.

“If you look ahead, you’ll see “The 1938” and some of the other dormitories. This is one of our newest dining facilities. It has four different restaurants with four different styles, plus a convenience store. The facility was named after the approximate year metahumans showed up in the city. Above it is Sterlyn Hall. The dorm for students with undeclared majors. Ms. Sterlyn is actually supposed to be teaching this semester if what I hear is right.”


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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Daystar » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:22 pm

Quite a few people seemed to be running late, and on their first day no less. Alex could hardly judge them too harshly, though. Being able to fly everywhere was really convenient. Still, she dropped back down to the ground once Deadboy got the group moving. It was important not to let those muscles atrophy. Having spent a long time in the hospital, and suffering through physical therapy to get herself back in shape, Alex knew the risks of letting your legs go unused for long periods of time.

Almost everyone who arrived after Alex decided to introduce themselves, though they hadn't been asked to. Hard to fault them for being eager, though. The girl who introduced herself as Kelly was eagerest of all, treating them all to a dissertation on her intended career path as a pacifist hero. Her white-gold cheerleader outfit was also very reminiscent of Alex's old Power Princess costume.

There were a few other highlights as well. Hooper was, uh, 'unique.' His body seemed to consist of a skeleton and internal organs, suspended in some kind of gelatinous substance. He was also painfully shy, for reasons that weren't particularly hard to ascertain. Cerelia made one hell of an entrance, demonstrating her powers even more blatantly than Alex had.

Next up was a member of the SOS, which surprised Alex, but not by much. They were kinda infamous for bringing teen heroes into dangerous situations. Singularity wasn't particularly well-known for being one of those teen heroes, but that was mostly because she was a Binary. Nobody even really knew how long they were supposed to live, or anything else about them- other than what they had done to Brock LaVerne. Still, it would hardly be fair to judge this one for what older members of her species had done.

The last person to catch Daystar's attention was the redhead. Clearly someone with a chip on her shoulder, but that wasn't what interested Alex. No, she glanced in Jennifer's direction because she could feel the heat. It wasn't physical- Alex's body temperature didn't change much, thanks to the internal well of energy inside of her. What she sensed was that the other girl had some fire inside of her as well. Not metaphorical, either. Literal fire.

Well, I guess we'll find out which of us burns brighter.

Of the eleven students in Group Thirteen, only three were taking the Hero Major. Still, Deadboy seemed to be surprised. Maybe even three was an unusual number. From everything Alex had read online, it was the most intensive course offered at the University, only suited for those who were absolutely serious about wanting to become a hero. Daystar herself planned on taking a minor in Terror Villain Theory. Having met the nation's most feared 'terror villains' herself some time ago, she wanted to be as prepared as possible for their next encounter.

Deadboy was a pretty good tour guide. He wasn't leaning too hard into the wackiness, though he did seem to have a penchant for puns, which made Alex groan. He pointed out the gym, and Alex made a mental note of its location. Millennium University had gone to great lengths to make sure its metahuman students could still participate in sports, in a way that was fair to everyone. Daystar intended to take advantage of that. In fact, it was one of the main reasons she'd wanted to come to this place over any other. There pretty much wasn't a single other college in the country that would let a flier on their basketball or soccer team.

The note about Hope Sterlyn teaching a class made Alex perk up a little. She'd been very excited when she first heard that- Gyras was her mom's favorite hero. She'd watched the old Gyras cartoon when she was little, and talked a lot to Alex about what being a 'proper hero' like her meant. Mostly, that seemed to consist of adhering to 1950s gender roles, which was how Alex had ended up wearing a skirt while flying.

I wonder if it'll be weird for Dia, getting taught by a former coworker.

It was hard to tell how much the individual members of the Society really knew each other. They weren't much ones for public appearances, only appearing in front of cameras when the time to fight a giant monster came. Maybe they were best friends, maybe they barely talked when they weren't on missions. Nobody had any way of really knowing, unless they could get up to their space station, or drive out into the Nevada desert for hours to their so-called 'publicly accessible' planetside base.

When their tour guide asked for questions, Alex put her hand up, and rose off the ground, putting her head and shoulders above the crowd to make sure Deadboy could see her. When he pointed in her direction, Daystar spoke.

"Hi. Do you know when roommate assignments are? I filled out the form online, but I never heard anything about who I'm with."

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Woodrugh » Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:19 pm

Woodrugh clutched the handle of his duffle bag tightly as the group started marching after a prolonged intro session. He personally prefered a much more laconic rhetoric, especially when people who weren't taking the Hero Course started also answering? Being quiet and listening is becoming an extinct art in the modern age for real. That's not to say that he didn't enjoy a good roasting session with his cousins at the family functions.

Something about Cuban temperament.

Either way Gruppe 13 seemed to be peppered with preps and snowflakes. Not that he judged them too harshly, but first impressions were made how they were made. Woodrugh didn't make any assumptions and mostly just acknowledged certain personality traits as they walked and Deadboy talked. Their guide seemed to be chipper for a guy that looked fourty and used the neologism 'Obv'. Maybe that came with the territory though. Hard to tell. Atleast he did a good job at explaining things.

Woodrugh hung in the back of the group, incidentally walking next to the most outwardly different member of their group. A boy who introduced himself as Phineas Hooper. Though his face didn't betray an unassuming visage, Robbie did wonder how Phineas ended up like this. He read some papers about electrogenesis before, although such extreme mutations weren't prevalent in the 'struckies'. Woodrugh could practically see through Hooper.

"Robert Woodrue."

He offered a warm smile and a friendly handshake like his dear old pops taught him.

"Transdimensional Physics and Applied Technological Pioneering. I think we're going to have some classes together this year."

Chemistry at the very least. He didn't know Phineas' curriculum exactly though, he mostly guessed. Woodrugh wasn't planning on having 100% presence on all his classes though. Only on those that he couldn't negotiate down. He made a mental note of the gym's location as the group walked past. The badge sown onto his inherited duffle bag was an old army designation, it read: 75th Ranger Regiment with the words Sua Sponte hand-stitched underneath.
"It's pronounced Woodrue."

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Glitch » Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:29 pm

KeAndre looked over towards Kelly once she was done speaking and for the first time since he got here spoke loud enough for everyone to hear."Shawty that was perhaps the single worst introduction out of errbody here.". He then returned to his phone and began scrolling through his socials again. He was searching up everyone's names to see who he could scope out. The ones with more notoriety as a hero had public pages while others had privated their content. He dropped Daystar a follow real quick before slipping his phone into his pocket and continuing on with his group.

Dead Boy gave them the tour and KeAndre zoned out most of it given he was only planning on attending the bare minimum of classes anyway. If the state wanted to force him to go to school than he was gonna get em back by making them pay for him to party all night and make music all day. While he was blocking out the pasty mans borderline headache inducing voice he turned his attention to the other peeps who had pulled up during Little Miss Sunshine's preppy ass introduction.

There was the goopy kid who, while kinda gross to look at, made sounds when he walked. KeAndre took a mental note to ask that kid to record the noises he made for a sick ass beat sometime. There was the SOS girl who he already knew he wasn't gonna fuck wit given he didn't fuck wit the SOS as a whole. In all honesty he didn't really fuck wit hero culture as a whole given how it prioritized beatin up on people rather than actually helping. In his eyes the SOS was like the pinnacle of that cause, what did they really do, besides sit up in their ivory tower and beat down on villains. They aint ever really stopped to help no old ladies across the street or to help build homes for homeless peeps.

Next up was the two girls he lumped into the 'if Daystar don't workout' category. Blinded Visionary was someone he'd heard of but never really followed and he didn't know anything about Mrs.Bradshaw other than that she looked like the type to beat a brothas ass if they looked at her the wrong way.

After them were the dudes he deemed the 'dark backstory boys' based solely on how they presented themselves. Malestrom was a magic user known on some forums for being kind of a dick to people while he had never heard of Keiran before but, he just seemed like the type to have some kind of dark past.

"I'd prefer a solo room cause I got mad recording equipment wit me and like Ima need the space to set it all up."


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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Azra » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:25 am

Did he just unironically use the word shawty? Cere didn't think the guy looked intolerable might even be a decent person, anyone with that much interest in music she wanted to like on some level. He seemed to have a distaste for heroes though, current focus being on trying to shoot down rainbows. Cere didn't think the passifist angle was going to be efficient but was no point shitting on people as if this was tenth grade. Then there was again just the use of shawty. She felt that word had died out of "popular use" like five years ago. With the exception of rap and hip hop maybe, but just cause one fit it into a lyric didn't mean it fit within conventional use.

One of the more down to earth individuals of the group looked to shake hands with probably the most stand out in image amongst them. She couldn't help but wonder if the hand would come back sticky or coated in a layer of gum like substance? Did it smell weird? Did goo beings shower? Might be rude to ask, didn't change the fact that curiosity was there. There had been surprise it sounded at the amount of hero majors. Cere though felt like that was more a minor for her.

She really did want to be a hero out there, specifically one that helped the rest of the globe. Sometimes seemed like everyone was lost in the focus of the states. She just as a student wanted to focus on figuring out how to fight the abstract and weird. A lot of how to deal with villains or learning the ways of heroism she thought could be aided by just patrols. Ones equipment might be usable against aliens and Superpowered thugs. Demons and the magicians though we're more different. Her thoughts on this furthered of course by just the bleak origin story the dice rolled for her.

She had a question but the woman with flight jumped on asking first. Again using said flight to be higher and more attention grabbing. Cere could get behind the enthusiasm for sure, the flying bit felt a little unnecessary. Attention seeking wasn't really the silver swordwoman's style. "Yeah how open is the gym? I wouldn't say I'm a gym freak however more idle activities aren't for me." She'd love to pick up video games or get into movies they were all to slow though for her. "Is there anything to entertain a speedster in particular?"

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by illirica » Sun Jul 05, 2020 6:14 pm

A few more people walked in, or, like, squelched in, as in the case of a particularly visually unusual meta who made his way up to the group. Kelly figured he probably got stared at a lot, so she made sure she wasn't, like, staring at him, not giving him more than the same open curiosity she displayed for... well, literally everything. His truncated introduction and hint of nervousness made her think she'd probably made the right call, but his major perked her interest. "Ooh, cool, if you're in criminology we'll probably have some of the same classes. Nice to meet you, Phineas!" Criminology was close enough to psychology that there was likely to be some overlap - while the first was more about catching the bad guys than understanding them, there was still the point that, like, Kelly couldn't counsel someone who wasn't there, and that helping others understand villains might help lead to stopping them.

Yeah, that was gonna be kinda cool, wasn't it?

And the next arrival was like, an actual space alien, so that was cool too. Kelly was admittedly a little bit disappointed that Singularity looked basically normal - not that she'd really wanted her to have little green antennae or anything, but, well, it would have been kind of cool. What was even the point of being a space alien if you looked normal? Besides, it kinda weirded her out just that Binaries did look human - like, did someone need to ask why? Had someone asked why? Or maybe they could just kinda like... goop themselves and look like whatever? Could Dia look like Phineas, if she wanted to? Would she want to? Were there planets where that was normal?

Man, there was a lot of stuff Kelly didn't know.

A girl with a blindfold, who was apparently a speed-type. Kelly didn't know all too much about those, she'd never really had much opportunity to observe. For all Kelly's own abilities, she didn't really think she was a speed type herself - her light travel ability was more of like... a transformation, maybe? She wasn't, like, herself when she was doing it, at least not in Kelly-standard form - she was just kinda... light. Which was apparently why she didn't create shockwaves or destroy the environment, like apparently most speed types had to worry about.

Arin had explained it to her. It had kinda made sense, at least as much sense as Kelly could grasp with her total lack of scientific background. She wondered what he'd think of this place, if he were here... but she supposed he wouldn't be here anyway, because he'd still be in high school. Wherever he was.

The next girl who walked up had that same kind of look as Arin, Kelly thought. The one that was like... a little bit paranoid. Always worrying about something, her eyes kinda shifting around like she expected an attack from somewhere. The one that made Kelly worried. She hinted a slight frown, wondering what this girl had been through already that had made her like that, but whatever it was, she wasn't saying.

Well, Kelly would have to see if she needed to talk sometime - but probably not right now.

Fortunately the next person was already familiar, and Kelly gave Keiran a sunny smile and a cheerful wave, but refrained from her usual emphatic hugs because there was, like, no way to start rumors faster than that - and she and Keiran weren't a 'thing.' He was a good friend, though, and she was happy he was here. Knowing at least one other person made the whole college thing a little easier, even if Kelly knew she'd make more friends soon enough.

One more boy dropped in, too, who Kelly gave a curious look as well. She'd seen him... somewhere, hadn't she? Not personally, but... like... somewhere.

Oh. He'd been on TV, with the whole big thing in LA last summer. She couldn't really remember much more than that, other than that there had been weird plants and fire and ice and a whole lotta other stuff going on, but he'd be another one who had some experience with things already.

Introductions aside, Mr. Dead Boy took control of the tour again, and she followed along with the students as he pointed out various buildings. Naturally she'd already scoped the place out, but the little trivia facts he provided were pretty cool. Someone was already asking about roommate assignments, which was a question that Kelly was curious about as well. She wasn't really sure how that was going to go - she had never actually shared a room before, being an only child. Most of her life she hadn't even shared a house, except her parents. There'd been that brief interlude where Arin had been living there too, but somehow Kelly didn't think that was going to be the same as not having her own space.

Of course, it wasn't like she had to hide her superpowers any more, so maybe that was okay?

Meanwhile, one of the boys had taken it on himself to offer some constructive criticism on her introduction technique, which just made Kelly grin. She wasn't entirely sure about shorty given that she was, like, almost 5'5", but she didn't let his critique bother her. "It probably was!" she agreed with his assessment of her introduction as 'the worst' cheerfully, "But it did what it needed to and I did my best, so I'm good with it. No one's perfect, not even heroes."

She raised a tentative hand after a couple other inquiries had been made by other students. "What sorts of fraternities and sororities are here at MCU? And what do they get involved with that's different from other schools?" Kelly wasn't entirely sure if she was going to rush or not, but she was at least considering it. Most of the girls on the cheer team back at Solar City North went out for some sorority or another in college, and she knew that it could be a good way to meet people and get linked up with something in common - and yet she was still a little uncertain about whether it was right for her - and if it was, which one?

And would she even have time, what with everything else going on?

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Re: Millennium City University

Post by Gum » Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:37 am

When Kelly said hello to him, Phineas made sure to pay attention. His posture couldn't straighten, though he did compose himself a little more, the skeleton inside him snapping a little more upright. It was the girl who'd been talking when he came in - Kelly, alias Prism, if he remembered correctly. Her hair was striking.

"Yes, I think so. Nice to meet you too, Kelly."

Phineas' lidless eyes scanned Dia. He recognized her, of course, from the Society of Superheroes. It was amazing to him that one of their members would be in orientation at all. She'd probably saved his life before. What was even crazier was that she was from space. All he wanted to do was stare in wonderment. Luckily, when he stared, he didn't look any different than any other time. His face had no expressions, and his eyes had no lids to blink with. They were just always open wide.

But there was one intrusive thought that spoiled all the excitement.

Why do the aliens always get to look human?

Aliens had a way of blending in. Even Surgath, the greatest monster ever, looked humanish. At the very least, he wasn't that ugly. A little deformed, sure, but he had a jawline. He was recognizably a person. Phineas looked more like something that ate a person and wasn't through digesting them yet.

Next up were a few more girls. One of them made his flesh wobble when she ran in, she came so fast. Phineas zoned out a little, lost in his own thoughts. He'd not enjoyed much contact with the outside world, and it would just be torturing himself to look at women his age anyway. His eyes bubbled around where his face would have been, their miniature stalks leading back to the skull suspended in his head. That was how he looked around. Thankfully, the gel that made him up naturally soothed his eyeballs the same way that blinking would. It just meant that he was always staring, even when he was asleep.

On the periphery of his vision, Phineas noticed a boy nod in his direction. He couldn't exactly nod back (no neck), so he just gave him a fat thumbs-up instead, listing him as biophysics and biomedical engineering guy. Maybe a friend.

He twisted his body around when the group started moving, following the pack. He was only half-listening to Deadboy; all of this information could be picked through later. He had a good memory.


"Robert Woodrue. Transdimensional Physics and Applied Technological Pioneering. I think we're going to have some classes together this year."

Phineas swiveled his upper body to look down at the guy. He shook his hand in response.

"Pleased to meet you as well, Robert."

It was important to be well-spoken. His body language was "lump."

His eyes swiveled over to KeAndre when he insulted Kelly. She didn't even notice it, or if she did, she was playing it off like she hadn't. What was up with him trying to act all "hood?" He was like a caricature. Or he was nervous and playing it up. Was this of those hero persona things? God. It made him boil. He tried to play it off right away too, talking about how he wanted a solo room for his recording equipment. Phineas needed space for his cello, too, and he'd need to be alone when he played, but he was willing to work around a roommate's schedule and preferences. He didn't impose.

Without any facial expressions, he had to rely on words to make himself clear. Otherwise it just looked like he was staring at people like a fish.

We get it, you're black, he thought, looking back straight. He wondered what would happen if he said that out loud. Maybe...racially insensitive? It wasn't a racist thought, was it? The guy just seemed like he was trying too hard, acting like a stereotype. Or was thinking that wrong? Well, Phineas figured they were already judging him anyway, but only for what was on the, better keep quiet, he guessed.

This would wind up being one of the moments he'd replay later, in his head, in the shower, wondering what would happen if he started a fight on the first day of orientation.

Probably a good thing he didn't.

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