The Paranormal Investigator

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The Paranormal Investigator

Post by Ryth » Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:23 pm


SUBJECT: "Paranormal Investigator"
NAME Elizabeth Danger
DATE of BIRTH 05th March 1995

HEIGHT / WEIGHT 5'4"'' / 120 lbs.
HAIR / EYES Blonde, Green Eyes

Details undetermined.
OCCUPATION Investigator, Interpol, Doom Corp field agent
SKILLS Exorcism, Investigations, Paranormal Phenomenon. Study
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Elizabeth Danger was 19 when she was recruited into the European Organisation known as Doom Corp that specialized in the study of paranormal phenomenon and acted as top global contractor for dealing with such anomalies when they tended to arise. She quickly rose up in ranks largely thanks to her grandmother who is the Director General of Doom Corp's internation operations.

Ryth enjoys on field duty rather than one behind a desk, and as such does not hesitate to go on field ops rather than investigative missions. Murder mysteries, capturing ghosts, demons and exploring old ruins in search of secrets they held, they are all included in Ryth's specialities and hobby. A talent like her was then scouted by interpol, and that's where she serves. Still a member of Doom Corp but also an investigator for interpol operations.

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Re: The Paranormal Investigator

Post by Ryth » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:14 am

Powers & Abilities

Ryth had to spend a few years in Doom Corp's collage acquiring the necessary skills to ward off evil and harmful effects from herself before she was even qualified to learn about exorcism, and before she could go out into the field. Normally it was believed that αποτρέπειν (warding off evil) and εξορκισμός (binding by oath or in this case reverse binding) were two very different fields of practices. It may well be, however every Doom Corp field operative undergoes rigorous training in both disciplines, for the safety of themselves and their clientele.

Likewise, Ryth holds a philosopher's degree in warding off evil and harmful effects from oneself and others. Spells range from protective charms to talismans to wards to paper incantations to simpler but effective spells. Mind, Body and Soul, protection of these three is important to every Doom Corp field agent, and the corporation supplies all necessary training to make sure their agents are well equipped to deal with any and all threats that present themselves.


Ryth holds a master's degree in the art of exorcism, holding the capability to bind and exorcise even the most powerful demons of hell, the knowledge to deal with invasive Eldritch entities and the dark forces that plagues the underbelly of mankind. Manner of these techniques include barriers, expulsion techniques, spirit elimination techniques and dampening techniques, all of which require thorough preparation prior.
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Re: The Paranormal Investigator

Post by Ryth » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:38 am

Equipment, Gadgets & Weapons
Doom Corp supplies its agents with standard issue items that gives its operatives an edge over contending companies that work in the same field. At the very least, they try to equip them so.

The Doom Corp Personal Data Assistant or PDA for short: The Doom Corp PDA is a complicated devise with multiple functionality and apps targeting the various uses it may be required for by the agents.

Database: The PDA gives Doom Corp operatives access to case files, past reports and biographies on various demons and anomalies that the company has dealt with in the past. It is constantly updated, both with public records, library entries, books and research materials relating to subject matter, demons, Eldritch and other nasty anomalies that happen around.

Connectivity: Th PDA is online 24/7 via use of Doom Corp's own satellites and service providers. These are secure connections with limited access if at all, to the world wide web. This is so because the Doom Corp PDA is not to be used for leisure activities. Secure channels are used to relay text messages between agents and operatives.

2-Step Verification: The PDA activates once it has recognized your voice, your ratina scans and your facial recognition. For convenience, this process can be discarded, but it is not advised.

Security Siphon: The PDA can hold security information, passwords, passes and door lock codes for ease of access for the agents. You don't have to remember a pass code each time you are to enter a room within Doom Corp. This feature is extended to external locations and applications as well, but the applicability might be limited.

The Backpack: Important for storing goods, the PDA and various other objects of interests, Ryth carries a backpack with multiple interior and exterior pouches for the sake of convenience.

Mana Shots: Doom Corp invested heavily into producing mana injections for the danger family. These are injections that contain pure concentrated magical energy. It's primary use is to replenish the reserves that Ryth might use up during an operation. She has twenty of them on her person at all times, each shot as of now, at age 25, is capable of filling half the mana requirement needed for keeping Pink Doom under control.

Remote Storage Access: Doom Corp issued backpacks come with a secret function. It opens a small pocket dimension to a storage compartment roughly the size of a house. Anything with less recurrent power than 64V can be stored within this space without difficulty. All remote storages are built deep underground in a facility in Siberia. The backpacks simply act as remote access to the vaults, unique to individual field agents.

The secure Doom Corp facility is protected by thorough sound/radar proofing, and persons are not allowed into the facility at any time. Only with special permission from the directors can one access this secret secure facility.

DMG (Denuclearizing Gun): Ever wonder what its like holding nuclear energy in the palm of your hand? Every Doom Corp field agent does. The gun fires an highly concentrated plasma energy beam capable of vaporizing anything it touches. Advised to only be used against demons or Eldritch entities. The companies insurance policies and guidance laws does not cover firing on humans, meta-humans or any law abiding citizen of the world. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination and handover to authorities.

9mm Semi Automatic
ImageThe Semi automatic was purchased after her trip to the states. DMG is too dangerous for day to day carry, the 9mm serves as a realistic alternative that will not incur any sort of negative response from Doom Corp even if she uses it more than strictly necessary. Her job as an interpol liaison also allows Ryth to purchase and own guns under the badge.

Types of Ammunition:
- Full metal jacket
- Jacketed Hollow Point
- Ballistic Tips
Teleportation: The PDA acts as a receptor for Doom Corp's sat relay, capable of projecting any of its field agents across the globe.

Special Passport: A special issue passport from the UN allows Ryth to be anywhere across the globe without having to use the countries domestic and international gateways. She prefers to fly on a plane rather than teleportation, though.

WST Outdoor Multi-function Tactical Lightweight Armor Set:
ImageThis on-duty tactical vest is designed for protection and flexibility during missions. The material construct is flame retardent as well as blast resistant, and offers bullet proofing.

.Color: Grey
.Material: Polycarbonate
.Product Weight: 2500g
.Product Size: Height 165~190cm

Ryth purchased it on a mission in Asia, and has been with her for close to a year. The suit is highly serviceable, as most of its parts can be changed quite easily.

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Re: The Paranormal Investigator

Post by Ryth » Mon May 18, 2020 3:28 pm

αποτρέπειν Medallions and Incantations
From the texts of Utukki Limnuti, Tablet III
  • An Enchantment to ward against evil:

From the Underworld' They have gone forth
They are the messengers of Bel, Lord of the World

The evil Spirit that in the desert smiteth the living Man,
The evil that like a cloak, enshrowdeth the Man

The Evil Ghost, The Evil Devil that seize upon the body,
The Hag-demon (and) Ghoul that smite the body with sickness

The Phantom of Night that in the desert roameth abroad
Unto the side of the Wanderer have drawn nigh,

Casting a woeful fever upon his body.
A ban of evil hath settled on his body,

An evil disease on his body they have cast,
An evil plague hath settled on his body,

An evil venom on his body they have cast. An evil curse hath settled on his body,
Evil (and) sin on his body they have cast,

Venom (and) wickedness have settled on him,
sr Evil they have cast (upon him).

The evil man, he whose face is evil, he whose
mouth is evil, he whose tongue is evil,

l Evil spell, witchcraft, sorcery.
Enchantment, and all evil, S4 Which rest on the body of the sick man

* . . . . which like a clay vessel hath con- sumed the spittle,
The enchantment and all evil that have closed the mouth,

The baneful witchcraft which hath seized the tongue,
The lord of .... , the evil god.

On the high road have attacked this man.
The man of Ea am I

The man of Damkina am I
The messenger of Marduk am I

To revive the ( )* sick man,
The great lord Ea hath sent me ; He hath added his pure spell to mine,

He hath added his pure voice to mine,
He hath added his pure spittle to mine,

He hath added his pure prayer to mine.
(Plate III.) Though that which resteth on the body of the sick man

Had power to destroy temples,^
Yet by the magic of the Word of Ea

These evil ones will be put to flight.
The tamarisk, "" the powerful weapon of Anu,

In my hands I hold.
May the god Dubsag-Unug-ki,^ the patron of Kullabi,

* For my life and health follow after me. A kindly Guardian marcheth on my right,
A kindly Spirit marcheth on my left, Nin-Anna,^ the mighty Scribe of the Underworld,

Reciteth a purifying incantation before me. By Ningirsu, master of the sword, mayest thou be exorcised

Evil Spirit, evil Demon, evil Ghost,
Evil Devil, evil God, evil Fiend,

Evil are they, lU^c -t^( Unto my body may they not draw nigh,
Before me may they wreak no evil. Nor follow behind me,

Into my house may they not enter,
My fence may they not break through,

Into my chamber may they not enter.
a. By Heaven be thou exorcised ! By Earth be thou exorcised
(source - Click)

An absolute object of blackness must be doused in oil and buried beneath desert sand until a full moon. Incantations are carefully etched onto this object using silver. Each word must be clearly written and well phrased. Black Tourmaline or Black Quartz is best, a stone with the surface area no bigger than a clenched fist is recommended.

While the incantation itself has immidiate uses by way of warding off negative effects on or around a human body, the full effects of the incantation is only revealed through medallions. The incantation engraved stone can be made into a necklace worn around ones neck, which offers a relief from phantom pain, high fever and various allergic reactions caused by malicious spirit or demon inhibitions. This medallion only offers relief from physical ailments caused by an evil spirit. It does not offer relief from diseases that can be cured with medicine, that has nothing to do with an evil spirit.

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