What Lurks in the Dark

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What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Drake » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:23 pm

The steps echo across a huge opening, so ironic when considering the extremely narrow corridors navigated thus far, always oddly fitting, but never letting up that inherent claustrophobic experience of being surrounded by miles over miles of immobile, gelid stone. The earth itself had swallowed these people, and with it, all the pressure of those adamant formations came tumbling down, crushing those under it's peerless eminence. Despite not comprehending exactly where or how they arrived there, the emerging figures taciturnly all accepted the reality: they were many more miles than expected under the ground. How could anyone know? Truth be told, nobody would be as controlled as to ponder those questions at the moment, and still they simply did know.

Before those confused eyes, sparkling with bewilderment and, perhaps, worry, there was only natural wonder. To those accustomed to life in the city, regardless of age, every breath felt heavy, distinct to what the upper lands had to offer. Pure, freezing the nostrils as it invited itself inside their lungs. Refreshing, even moreso than the most tranquil forest in the entire globe. A tiny slope presented itself from the rocky platform they had arrived on, a solid wall stretching far beyond what their eyes could properly envision, ending in darkness before there was ever a ceiling. No paths led back, and forward was a mystery shrouded in the velvety threads of an unbeknownst thrill. A path split itself under the brief slope, breaking itself in two. Long stretches of untampered rocks, collecting dust for years, yet still oddly modern all things considered. Once again, vision stretched for a feet before it ultimately faded into utter darkness.

Stalactites rose from the ground to greet the adventures, formed years ago, towering far beyond the humane size of their guests, guests they hadn't seen in a very long time... Or was it not that long? The dark tones of mahogany monotonously scattered throughout this place, and the buffeting wind howled upon hitting whichever objects obstructed it's path. The wind came from the north, violently roaring with unparalleled strength, not unlike the wind of a calming storm. The ideas acquiesce leisurely inside their minds, and as the timed breathing eventually regained it's normalcy, and they quiescently accept.

This is not what anyone expected.

This is not their land.

And yet, this strange sense of familiarity fills them with determination at every pump of the heart. It's soothing, welcoming even. Perhaps, just perhaps, these strange sentiments over the last few weeks were justified after all.

Perhaps it was, indeed, a greater call.

Or was it just a trick of the mind?
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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Atwood » Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:36 pm

The Cavern

For someone who grew up in the open forest, miles and miles and miles of rock in every direction wasn't exactly the most comforting thing, especially not without some kind of path back to the surface. There was only one direction from the cave mouth after she crawled through it, and that was forward. The narrow tunnel was suffocating, and although she'd taken the time to fish a flashlight out of the depths of her backpack and held her ax in the other hand, Hazel Atwood was not having a good time.

It was the wind, really,that convinced her to pick up the pace. Where there was wind, there was an opening, and even if that opening didn't lead outside, it meant something bigger than the cramped, barely-Hazel-sized hall that seemed to be closing behind her, as if to keep her from retracing her steps. There was still only one way to go.


The wind intensified for a few hundred feet, and Hazel narrowed her eyes against it - and the void - before stepping abruptly out of the tunnel and into a massive cavern. She took a few extra steps, getting her bearings and bracing herself against the slightly-less-than-gentle pull of the wind before turning her head and flashlight toward the...nonexistent tunnel she'd just come out of. She sighed, taking a deep breath of the strangely fresh, cool air of the cave. It was empty, clean, and crisp, lacking even the life of the woods she'd left behind.

With no way to go back, she turned again to the cave ahead of her, not thinking to look to the sides, though her ax was still held ready for any surprises. She didn't really need to look up; this place was big, and she didn't exactly need to know how big to know that without a light source, up probably wasn't an option. Instead she looked dead ahead, squinting again through the wind and the dark beyond her flashlight's beam. The space gave the light more room to diffuse, so there was a faint gray around the edges before it faded back to perfect darkness.

Ahead was flat ground for a dozen or so feet before the ground started to slope downward, and she followed that inward, mostly because, well, there wasn't anywhere else to go. A short way ahead there were two paths, one right, one left, and Hazel surveyed them as well as she could as she approached. They looked basically the same, really, but it was when she went to pass her flashlight between them that she found the room's most interesting discovery.

Way ahead, just at the edge of her flashlight's reach, was the lip of what looked like a massive hole, all black against the light of her beam. Despite the distance between her and it, she could still tell it was pretty fricken big, letting the light skim its edge a few times. She wouldn't have seen it before now if she'd stayed near the wall, which made her somewhat glad to be out in the open again. Maybe that's where this comfort was coming from, the feeling that she could even make a sound despite not knowing where she was, or what else could be here with her.

"Daaaang," she said in awe, but louder than she meant to, and the sound carried throughout the cavern, bouncing from wall to wall along the wind's path. She looked up toward the ceiling as it grew, and then faded out altogether. She chuckled a little, oddly comfortable, then let her attention go back to the paths, and the hole, unaware that she wasn't alone in this strange new world.

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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Azra » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:13 pm

image.jpeg (66.73 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Her body felt hot, burning internally like a star at the exhilaration of combat. Her servos internally softly humming with every motion. The fight was a dance a girl, even as a machine could fall in love with. Blades flowing right past her and automatons hulking limbs thundering by. The breeze of motion was soothing to the touch her senses flared in delight from every swing. The munitions missed her, faulty programming in mechanical eyes whistled past her. The lack of maintenance deteriorated their accuracy while she'd constantly been cared for. So things fell into close range a swing of the SV-02 splits one machine down the middle. Her heel holds the EW-01 swinging it in a wide arch of a kick to part two more machines into scattered parts.

It didn't matter, large or small close or far the android couldn't help but clear the field. Her heading was a cave instructed to follow her dream. Which perhaps sounded cliche or weird but who was Cere to complain? This order to just follow where her emotional and logical programs dictated was the closest to freedom she had gotten. She also had no place to return to. Her passion was in violence so the entry point she made clear. Internally a part of her told her it was so that exiting the cave would have no surprise in waiting. She knew though it wasn't that, it didn't adhere to strategy or logistics. The rush was all she did it for. Limbs gears and broken things were scattered amongst the rocks in droves.

Knowing darkness was all she could find in the cave likely for sometime the android scooped up the head of a machine. A spherical thing with wires and rebar dangling not unlike a spine. This would be the robot's lamp the eyes luminous and bright. Car parts once made eyes. With that in hand her weapons were set to rest, magnetically hovering along her back as the brutality loving machine ventured into the caves depths. She walked, climbed and if she fumbled would never admit to it and in time she knew she was several miles below the earth. So far down that looking up was just gazing into a void. There seemed to be no opening no real venturing back, and if it was still there it was finding a lightly silver needle in a desert of a haystack composed of regular silver needles.

Her world was metropolis in ruin mostly, being taken over by the world again but still more iron and plastic than stone. Cere found she rather liked it, the new tightly woven caverns that were also hard and good for smashing things against. The place was so cold which meant violence food or company was needed for warmth. She could see the setting as being quite the place to bring people together. Her only worry was that there might not be any company. The one thing she feared was that her only foe would be bats or company trying to find a rock to make her pet. Through her reading the android was pretty sure pet rocks were not a thing, but her previous master insisted he had one as a kid. Maybe they had gone extinct?

Thankfully though she could see a light or perhaps lights not to far off. "Greetings! I'm Cere! Might we become friends or perhaps murder eachother?" She thought it as a friendly a greeting as one stranger could direct toward another. At least someone had an ax, which was a nice choice for weaponry. Might be a bit of a close weapon but the closeness of the walls might lend to it. "Also I'm bad at directions unless you know of a hostel down one of these caves I've no preference or idea which way to go."

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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Ryoko » Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:55 am


There were many ways that a man could prove his faith.

Prayer. Repentance. Donations to the church. Being good to one's fellow man. But, for the knight who was granted a blade in return for his prayers, he chose to prove his faith by wandering the land and putting it to use. He would cleanse the land with sacred steel warped into magic and press forward until he received a sign that told him to turn back.

Venturing into the cave was only natural.

Even when marching towards the unknown, he knew no fear. Either he would prevail by the grace of the lord, or fall and rise to join him. There was no need for worry or hesitation.

His hand moved to his blade and he lowered his stance as he heard footsteps echo in the narrow passageway through which he descended. Slowly his the steel was drawn from its sheath as he heard their voices just around the bend. He took a slow breath, then burst forward with blade drawn, ready to behead whatever was waiting in the open cavern just ahead. His blade moved before he realized what his target was, and came to a stop just short of her throat.

"Apologies," he took a step back, then fell to a knee in momentary shame, "I did not realize that there were people dwelling within these caves."

With only his eyes, he had no way of knowing that mechanical construct standing before him was about as human as the monstrosities that he had been hunting all this time.

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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Ash » Wed Feb 19, 2020 4:55 am

Dark, and endless. Home sweet home. Misty walked along the tunnel, the only sound her footsteps, and her breathing before she was falling.

Misty was just enjoying a nice walk in the forest, when she was called towards the cave and she started to walk into it, with no hesitation. It was the same feeling she had whenever she walked into the battlefield. Something about it just seemed to call to her, hence why she was there now.

She stood and wiped the dirt off her dress, and looked at her surroundings. She could feel the shadows move within the cave as if they were reaching towards her. The air was cold and frigid. She readjusted her backpack on her shoulders and grabbed her rapier from its sheath. She could clearly see three other people in the cave. She turned around and noticed that the path she came from was gone now. Misty, walked forward as two of them spoke. One of the women, with silver hair, called herself Cece. The man in armor was in his knees doing, what seemed like, an apology. The third body she could see was holding a flashlight and yelling into the darkness. The last figure rose from the ground and seemed to just be observing them.

Misty chose to walk towards the last figure. "Who or what are you?" she asked with caution once she was in front of it.

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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Lord of Nothing » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:48 am

"Move forward, merchant."

The jab of a spear in his back. And he walked. Leading him down the path. He was surrounded on both sides. His hands bound. His weapons stripped away from his body to be carried by the man in front of who was before him. He remembered distinctly being here. Walking this same path. And retrieving an artifact that the crusaders were all too interested in.

He to looked his right. There was a wall with markings. Pictures that told a tale as they walked. He looked in front of him. There was someone walking. Armed to the teeth, head to toe in plate armor. Behind him, he heard someone else. Similarly equipped. All toting spears. And to his left, there was nothing. He look down into his left down into the abyss down below. And he remembered roughly how.

Right about now should do it.

With the of his wrist, blades erupted from the space underneath his forearm. He whips around, rushes the man behind him. The man's eyes widen as he tries to level his spears. Slck. He chokes on his own blood and stumbles back into the confused crowd with a push.

The other turns around too late as the Merchant surges forward with newly acquired dagger hand, his body pressing up against the knights eye to tickle his frontal lobe. His considers taking it. "Not interested." The knife was left in place and the man tossed aside. All the while the man with his bag felt his feet taken up from underneath him. And he is tossed. The merchant jumps after him. Sliding down the deep cliff.

Down they both go. Into the abyss.

The man slides off the edge of the edge. Screaming as he plummets to meet the bottom.


The shady merchant slows as he nears the edge. And then gradually drops down. His strong hands move down the path, gripping all the rock with a combination of strength and grace that allowed him to quickly descend. He heard the voices above scrambling in the dark temple. Trying to find their way to the pair. And the merchant eventually made his way down the rocky cliff to it's bottom.


The dancing of a torch leads him to his next goal, he sees the man lying face first in the dirt. He body obviously having cushioned the fall so that all of his things would not be destroyed. "Thank you very much, brother." Silently, he thanks his guardian as he grabs the bag, his weapons and the torch. His only guiding light among the dark pit he finds himself. And a beacon to others. Voices near by and he sees torches. And he runs. Deep into the first cave he sees.

He runs. And runs. Just as he always did. He ran from his family. He ran from the Assassins. He ran from the Crusaders. And soon, the voices are no more. His breath heaves from carrying the bag. But he looks behind him after some twenty minutes. And he sees a wall of stone. Nothing more.

No turning back.

It feels familiar oddly, even in such a foreign place. That he would leave.

Fate? Allah? God? The absolute? Who or whatever it was, it was in their hands. He moved forward, finding himself in yet another foreign place. The traveler had been to many places, and yet, nothing felt so distinctly otherworldly as this. As he pressed on, soon he heard voices. He lets down his torch, leaning it again the wall as he quietly lets his bag down and moves forward to scout out those voices. THere were only two at first. And then numbers grew.

There are 3 individuals here. Three of them women, with one looking quite a bit younger. And one of them a man. All of them looked foreign in their own way and seemingly all of them armed. Hailing from places that clearly he did not know. Listening to their conversation they all seemed as confused as he did. He disappears then.


He appeared moments later. A man in a ragged dirty, cloak with lightweight armor underneath which provided padding. Now in plain sight, holding a torch. "Hello." He said in English, his accent Arabic. "From the look of confusion on everyone's faces, I would say none of us live here."

He looked around to gather their faces.

"I stumbled upon this place. I have traveled many places. But I hail from Persia." He says.

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Re: What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Azra » Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:14 am

"That is a fantastic if not bold fashion choice! Flannel is such comfy sleep wear." The android remarked her voice loud and echoing at the sight of a young redhead. Programming calculated might be to young to classify as attractive but she definitely had the impressions the woman would be such in the future. Granted a dress with a skirt design short enough to allow for mobility perhaps made her suspect on fashion choice. Cere rather liked her look though and she certainly didn't think today she would see a person in what she concluded as only a rare choice of attire for sleeping. Or at least when someone decided to be modest enough to wear something when they went to bed. She never understood that short of staying warm, but if that was the reason one should just add more blankets. This was taking up to much processing data though focus on others arriving to the scene.

Swiftly her arm Raide and her katana caught the swing aimed at her. A soft mechanical humm escaped her as the blades met steel pressing in a test of strength. The android giggled at the moment "Push against me harder." There might have been some innuendo to that, flirt.exe was a component to her combat protocols. An intricate system that turned a companion bot into a war loving weapon of autonomy. There wasn't much time for playing in tests of strength though before more arived.

An apology came and then another woman arived asking what the knight was. She was pretty sure was a guy in there but who was she to judge a human's choice of questions. Human's made her so they were at least the smarter race, at least that was what programming said. Another arival, a guy great complexion her programming concluded also great at stealth. Might have been aided by talking but aided or not she barely heard him arrive. He also gave some level of introduction though he looked to be wearing something dated he was definitely in the smart human category.

"Like I said I'm Cere, I'm from Paris year two thousand hundred something, the exact date is unknown. I'm an android great for friendship cooking or best off all fighting!" She preffered fights to be to the death but logistically speaking she concluded that may not be the best opener.

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