[RP] One-shot fight (Apophis)

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[RP] One-shot fight (Apophis)

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:29 pm

Spying through his binoculars, Scout could see a petite woman with a black scythe enter the old market-place."So, that's the girl with the obsidian scythe?" He whispered to himself. Looks like the informant was right. Such a waste, all the paintings he could have made with that man's vibrant red ink was now doomed to never exist!

Welp, no use crying over spilled blood now. After this contract he'll have this womans blood to paint with and a nice 10 million dollar present to boot, well worth cutting loose one nobody. Standing up from his hiding place, a dark alley wedged between two run-down restaurants, he began to walk over towards this new mark.

"He has a gun!" Somebody yelled as he emerged into the open. Damn, he forgot about noisy civilians, so much for a sneak attack. He unslung his axe from his side and revved up the motor. This prompted most civilians to run away and a few to start calling the police.

This didn't bother him. After all, there was most likely a reason that the black scythe girl chose this market place. That reason might be because of the slow 15 minute police response time to this area. That's how far out this place was from the city.

Scout pointed his revved up axe at his target, abandoning all pretext of stealth, calmly saying "Looks like you'll be my next ink well! Don't you dare disappoint me now!"
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