Liberty And Justice [Open]

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by justice » Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:38 am

So far, so good. Wonderboy hadn't killed anyone, and neither had the other girl, and both seemed like they were fine with that restriction. The other girl started up with way too many questions for in the middle of a prison break, especially with Assurance no doubt listening in to every word. Kate answered with a roll of her eyes, and a curt "Let's go," which seemed to solve the problem - until a door slammed down right behind her, separating her from the other two.

Kate responded with a word that would have gotten her mouth washed out with soap at her grandmother's house, but she felt it was pretty excusable in this particular situation. Her hallway was empty, but the sudden sound of gunfire from the other side of the blast door implied that their side wasn't - and also, judging by the way some of it sounded like return fire, implied that the non-lethal restriction wasn't going to hold without her there to babysit.

Well, that was on them. Kate wasn't some sort of team leader. Leave that for someone without any common sense. Unfortunately, she didn't think she could get out of here without help - and the empty hallway was definitely a trap, even if she didn't know what kind of trap it was. She gave the hallway ahead a furtive look, then stood against the door, giving herself some space to work, one finger touching the door behind her, moving water into a high-speed knife to start slicing through behind her. A pool of liquid started forming at her feet, freezing beneath her. She didn't want to waste it - not when it was a limited resource.

It didn't take her too long to make a line about waist height; she followed it up with a horizontal line and then another down to the floor - more like a dog door than a human one, but she'd wanted to be quick. Might be a little tight for Wonderboy, but that'd be his problem. All it needed was a solid kick. Kate wasn't much of a brawler, but she'd see what she could do.

Steps from the hallway truncated her attempt, the sudden arrival of one of Assurance's masked forces. He seemed to be alone, which surprised her. He was pointing a gun at her, which didn't.

"Freeze.Only saying this once. Hands on your head. Lay down on your stomach. Now."

It wasn't the first time that Kate had heard those words from one of Assurance's idiots. Those were, more or less, exactly the words that had gotten her in here - because last time she'd listened. Last time, she'd done the right thing.

Screw. That. What was it her grandmother always said? Privileges are for people who earn 'em. Doing the right thing was only the right thing to do if everyone else did the right thing, too - and Assurance had proved that they weren't going to.

Besides, this moron had stolen her line.

She moved, a quick blast of water aimed for the gun to knock it off target, the ice beneath her not something she ever slipped on. It was comfortable, the best terrain she could have given herself, and she was a bit sad to have to liquefy it and reform it at the newcomer, in an attempt to encase his legs and stick them to the icy ground.

"You freeze." A quick gasp for breath, then a much louder call. "Wonderboy! Finish up in there, I have company!" She hadn't wanted to have company, that was for sure.

Kate hated having company before she got a shower.

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Vengeance » Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:17 am

The girl Lethe finally put the guns down as soon as his match blew out. Reaching slowly for his pouches as to not alarm her, he pulled out a pair of goggles for himself before putting them on over his lenses.

Should get thermals and night vision built into the mask. Be sweet not gonna lie.

Now he could see not only her but also their surroundings better. Be also helpful in the long run rather than burning through more matches. Then again, he had a few ideas as to what else he could use them for. Best to stuff the box into one of his empty pouches.

Fill continued listening to the girl as she kept speaking, introducing herself and going even as far as telling him what she was doing here as well.

Aw. She's like a purple, death dealing Shirley Temple. I want to pat her or ruffle her hair. Can we do that?
She's human and she did all that? I think she's a better assassin than you'll ever be, Mr. Professional and all that shit.

Ignoring the various comments and insults occurring from his broken psyche, Fill accepted the handshake from Lethe.

"Nice to meet you too," Sideways spoke before he then began to whisper in a conspiring manner and giving a jestful wink, "And, uh, yeah, I can teleport with a few exceptions. Trade secret, tho. Don't go around telling that to anyone."

Giving her a pair of double thumbs up and a smile under his mask, Fill looked towards the direction Lethe was pointing. The plan was risky, considering he needed to see what was on the other side to make sure they did not end up materializing inside of another object or person. Then again, the soldiers would be hiding around corners, not in the center of the hallways, which meant it might have been good as empty. So, he might be able to pull it off after all. Thing was he never teleported with another person before. Guess now might as well be a good time as any.

"Alright, I'm trusting you know more of the layout than I do and have an idea where your friend is. I'll teleport us in and out of places. You tell where and what direction. Sound good?"

He then got on his knees, facing away from her and offered a piggyback ride.

"You shoot at anything that tries to stop us. Get them to go back behind cover while I 'port us somewhere else."

If she accepted his proposal, he would let her to situate herself before standing up and getting ready for their little dash. If they ended up materializing inside of some random object by happenstance, chances would be he would end up materialized inside of something rather than her.

"Thank you for choosing the Sideways Express. Alright, departure in three! Three!


The pair materialized on the other side with no problems whatsoever. Fill reasoned he could "trick" his brain into teleporting somewhere he could not see if he felt confident he would not teleport himself inside of a foreign object or person.

Oh fuck that worked. Just nice easy baby steps. Get a general idea. And pray these fuckers stay behind their walls and corners.

From here on out, it was Lethe's call. She wanted to go right, Fill would ask how far right. She wanted him to jump, he would hit the sky. She wanted him to hit the ground, he would be as flat as a pancake. She wanted him to teleport right now, they'd be gone in an instant.

"Alright, kid, we have to move it or lose it!

Remember the part where he said there had been no problems whatsoever? That was not exactly true. Apparently, there had been good number of soldiers waiting for them, only somewhat caught off guard by the duo's sudden appearance behind them. Fill did one of the things he did best in situations such as these: running. Problem was he only had so much hallway to work with.

"Like right now would be nice!"
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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:08 am

Optional Soundtrack

Sacha gave the man a very large, toothy smile. She was pleased that she was able to both win him over and guess his powers. Generally it was also very nice to meet a kindred spirit. In all honesty, a lot of people didn't really accept the girl for who she was. But it wasn't something she always faulted people for.

Good to know I haven't lost my touch.

The man offered to give her a ride, and the girl all too eagerly accepted. She loved piggyback rides. Her brother used to give them to her. Back when he wasn't well, dead! The girl was a small thing, even with her gear, she still weighed under a hundred pounds. Despite her small size, Lethe was pound for pound very strong. Much stronger than most girls her age. It was evident by the fact that she could indeed hold onto him with her legs alone. Though of course, she opted for her dual Glock-17s.

Wasn't expecting to ride this today.

"Okay! This is going to go fast! I don't have time to talk."


The two ported behind the door, appearing instantly and catching the soldiers off guard who were only watching two entrances. And they received an onslaught of paintballs for their troubles.

"She's non-lethal. Press forward."

Sacha laughed as bullets whirred by behind her. Most sane, rationale people would be serious and fearful. Fear kept people alive. Yet, the girl who grew up in a world of slavery, assassination and war received it different than others. In fact, she couldn't help but enjoy as people shot at her. She'd been getting shot at her whole life. She'd been running her whole life.

If you're going to be surrounded by violence no matter what, why be upset about it? Why not enjoy it?

Her body shifted minutely. A flechette pierced her. A round made to pierce superhumans. Her armor was only durable enough to eat conventional pistol rounds, so it cut through. And Sacha wasn't capable of fully dodging. It. But she saw the lines of where the weapons would go. And the accuracy of Assurance guns made it easy to predict where they would go ironically. They slipped through body. Continued non-lethality would host a price.

She sees one ready a grenade launcher, and smiles minutely. Unable to help help it. THUPE The grenade sounded at the same time as a gunshot. Clink. The grenade clatters harmlessly onto the ground one foot in front of the launcher. There was a cracked dent in the casing. One that looked like it was caused by a bullet.

She shot it out of the air...

The prospect of enjoying violence became all the easier when you lived in the fight so long that you could predict it's flow. That your entire mind was molded for the primary purpose from birth for you to fight. Some people dreaded it. Some people are haunted by their natures.

It was complicated. Sacha embraced and rejected it. There were parts of it she did not want. Her love for violence was close to her love for killing. But she choose violence instead, choosing to push away killing. Choosing to instead opt for less than lethal measures and rebel against what she was. She wanted to channel who she was into being something....a little different.


It was the last thing they group heard before the pair simply teleported away through the door. And the command's living soldiers began to inform Verus of the other powers the pair had demonstrated.


The pair appearde out of thin air right on top of them. And Lethe shot faster than she could process. As though she were on autopilot. She urged him to keep moving.


Four headshots appeared in the span of one quarter of a second. Yet she was not the grim reaper today. They were paintballs. Otherwise instantaneous death was averted today. Otherwise prepared men were caught unawares by their target simply dropping right on top of them. In tandem with her seemingly superhuman speed, gunplay and marksman ship. The blinded men had difficulty in navigating let alone actually retaliating.

"This way!" She pointed in the direction. Constantly guiding her ride towards the prison block. By the time they frustratingly threw off their goggles, the pair was gone.


They appeared right in front of a squad. Who themselves fired within the threshhold of .22 of a second. Yet their guns found themselves jammed by something. Men rapidly started to try to unjam their weapons only for purple paint to come out. "Port!" Flechettes embed in the blast door. But she is already gone, with Side-ways running down an empty hallway.

"We're getting close."

You should give him a gun. He can help you.

She holds tightly to him with her legs. Two magazines clatter to the floor as she reloads. "Take this." She unslings the stolen Wyrm Assault rifle, putting it in Sideway's hand. And then she takes a few assault rifle bullets and puts them on his belt. "Thank you Mr. Sideways. I don't think I could have gotten here this fast without you." She clutches rather tightly to him, a single arm to his chest so as not to choke him and a hand on his shoulder to give him a squeeze.

"You know, you almost remind me o-"

Be quiet sis. Listen.

And Sacha did listen to the one voice in the head. And then to the distinct voice somewhere in the halls ahead. Faint. Muffled.

"Wonderboy! Finish up in there, I have company!"

Sacha stops mid sentence, pointing down the hallway and ordering him down the proper path. A single barrier from what she estimated before she was in eyeshot.

You're darn right you do.


She appeared in the hallway with the other two at the other end of the entrapped door. The way she was positioned, the pair were behind the man with metahuman arm

This was no time for hugs. Every Assurance agent she had met so far had been ordered to shoot to kill. And he was pointing a gun at Kate. The fact that he wasn't wearing a uniform and had a strange arm made her believe that the man was indeed something of a metahuman. Potentially someone cybernetically enhanced by Assurance. This almost guaranteed that he would be harder to put down than anyone else.

And yet. Kate was standing right there. What would she think? What would she say. A moment of hesitation, a moment of mercy. The decision was made. Targets acquired. Frozen or not, she would fire at.


The twin sets of Glocks let loose with each respectively having different munitions. Each one firing 15 rounds in the span of one second. One simply shot military grade paintballs. Enough to crack an man's skull roughly. The same cartridge but softer munitions. It would slam into the back of his head at velocities far above that of most paintballs. And splatter his pretty hair a pretty shade of purple.

The other was a stand 9x19mm round. Yet, Sacha had such accuracy as to focus 15 rounds onto a singular point. Enough to allow the pistol to focus the kinetic 354 ft-lb of kinetic energy into some 4740 ft-lbs.

The result wound like a laser of lead. One that hit the same area enough to cause it to melt. The handgun was turned into a weapon that could shoot the bulletproof armor of men and lightly armored vehicles alike. One shot at his knee. It would go through his leg. Then it would go through the floor behind him.

Or at least. That's what it usually did. She lived in a world of metahumans now. She let go sideways, falling backwards into a graceful one-handed somersault as she shot open a door to a broom closet. Expecting retaliation.

Yet she didn't take cover at all. She knew herself that she had 14 lethal rounds in one gun. 15 in the other. And 6 shots remaining in her Blackhawk.

"Get away from her." It was less a yell and more a very loud girlish growl. She was standing in the open hallway with guns pointed, living in the space between seconds as she expected him to fire practically instantly after she spoke. Silently, she was gauging how he took it.

She'd take a bullet for Kate, if she had to.

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Jaeger » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:24 am


Fucking wonderful.

Of course-- too little, too late, because the information streamed across the HUD of his goggles as he felt a vicious stream of water splatter against his gun and arms, flecking into his hair and chest with enough force to momentarily displace his aim. Didn't stop him from firing, though-- a stream of water might have been enough for a cute little surprise, but he was a trained fucking soldier who was able to recover from the rough equivalent of being sprayed by a garden hose. Tracer rounds were loaded-- fluorescent and painful, they'd hopefully provide visibility and help him regain accuracy with the pronounced trails each bullet left in the air as they attempted to burrow into their target.

Sound from behind; Victor instinctively lowered his UMP to the height of his hip, bracing the stock of the firearm against his body as he unleashed a torrent of lead towards Corrington while his other instinctively unholstered the Beretta 93R strapped to his thigh, the barrel leveled in the opposite direction as he split his attention both in either direction of the hallway. Selective fire meant he could shoot in bursts in the other direction; with Corrington hopefully occupied by the slew of lead thrown her way, he was free to turn his attention to the unknown to determine the threat.

And, of course, he came face-to-face with a kid in purple pointing fuckin' guns at his head.

Instinctively, he guarded his head with his metal hand; a momentary splatter against his wrist confirmed that, for the moment, the little shit wasn't shooting to kill-- until, of course, a bullet managed to tear through his leg and shatter the ice frozen against the cloth, sending a screaming dagger of pain directly into his femur. The bone was broken, most likely-- blood leaked out, crystallizing against the melting and reforming cold, his UMP finally letting out a soft click as the magazine ran empty.

He only let out a breath. It hung in the air, condensed, and he finally spoke.

"Gotta be fucking joking."

She'd been aiming for his knee-- he could tell, judging from the aim, seeing as he'd managed to move the limb before it'd been completely frozen fucking solid and subsequently shattered. A grunt aided in his efforts to wrench each boot and ankle free with supernatural strength, the sheets of frost still clinging to his upper legs. Good. Frozen blood would plug the bullet wound and numb the pain. He could still work.

He let the UMP drop in a sling around his shoulder, clicking off a concussive grenade from his belt before priming it and hurling it at the ceiling, hoping that it would bounce with enough momentum and force to make it utterly impossible to track and neutralize. He aimed it for the pair of costumed fucks at the other end of the hallway-- after all, the throw had been over the shoulder, because his attention was focused on the primary target.


His pistol shot at the path before him, disheveling the ice to prevent any problems with traction before he leapt out and moved to tackle her, aiming to shove them both through a closed door and away from the prying eyes of the newcomers. Regardless of whether she was still behind or ahead of him, he went for the grab and shouldered the door open, sliding onto the floor before slamming the recently thrown-open door with a slamming kick of his boot against the metal face. There was a break room in front of him-- donuts and coffee still sat on a table in the corner.

"Hard way, then."

With a quick hand, the pistol was discarded and replaced with a knife, unsheathed from his boot and moved to stab into Justice with enough force to gut her twice over.

His rage was building, and it was only a matter of time before he fucking snapped.

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by LunaHawk » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:33 pm

She was suddenly pushed back against the wall, just in time for bullets to start filling the space they'd been standing in. Inanna snarled. If she'd been concerned about Assurance before, now she was taking it personally. What kind of a prison system replied to a simple break out attempt with instantly lethal force? Standard procedure anywhere sane with them trapped like this would have been to demand their surrender, but they'd simply opened the door and started shooting. Fine.

Inanna ducked under the other prisoner's arm. The closest two guards were on the floor already but it wasn't the closest two she was interested in. She darted forward, weaving under the hail of fire and tackled the squad commander like a line backer. When she reached him she wrapped her arms around him, planted her feet and heaved him up by the ribs.

He drove the butt of his rifle down against her back, spiking pain through her body but she'd been expecting it and her position meant his strike was weaker than it could have been. She didn't give him a second chance. Once he was in the air she drove him down to the floor, slamming him spine first into the cement.

The weight of impact drove the wind from his lungs but even so he slid a knife from its sheath and drove it up, attempting to thrust it into her chest where her heart should be. She was already moving and twisted away from the attack even as he started. The knife sliced a thin line on her side, drawing out blood the color of tarnished brass but failing to penetrate deeply.

Inanna put her own knife into play with a brutal pommel strike to the trachea. She flipped the weapon and drove it into his gun shoulder, right through the tendons and into the joint. Still clutching his throat he could only writhe in agony. Her last strike was a pommel to the side of the head, sending him into the land of the unconscious.

Inanna searched his body as the gun fire died down, the rest of his squad either disabled or dead. At last she found what she was looking for, a key card. She was tempted to take his gear but left it. If they have this much control over the facility, they have control over the individual tech. She instead settled for his baton.

She looked up to see a new weakness in the blast door cutting them off from Ice Girl. She wasted absolutely no time in giving it a hard push until the makeshift door slid free of the metal and crashed to the floor on the other side.

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Deus Mortis » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:24 pm

Intel Level: High.
Response Level (Expected): Assurance Security - Advanced Military Grade Equipment / Metahuman Response Capability II.
Expected Hostiles: Idealistic Metahumans, Possible Mole.
Unit(s) Deployed: Ray Greene, Five Additional Security Units
Hot-zone: Chicago - Assurance Holding Facility
Date: █/██/2019
Time: ██ : ██ hrs
Initial Equipment Deployed:
CQBR Carbine, SMG_02 ‘Lynx’
HN_03 ‘Zenith’ Handgun, Switchblade,
STN Handheld Neutralizer,
x2 Flashbangs,
x2 GN_04 ‘Gas’ Grenade,
x2 Concussion Grenades,
x2 EMP cluster grenades,
Pepper Spray, MK_01 ‘Medkit’
AM_01 ‘Salve’ Armor,
H_01 ‘Skull’ Helmet,
W_01 ‘Tac’ Watch


”No major changes. Handful of metahumans have stepped in to help the escaping detainees.”

”Any change on the rules of engagement?”


An Assurance truck sped towards the holding facility. The ride was, for the most part, a quiet one. The men and women inside were professionals, evident in the way they began switching weapons and modifying gear the moment their directive changed. Any and all Assurance ground forces were tasked dealing with the clusterfuck that was the reality leak going on outside. Priority One: The Insectoid Queen was waging some kind of war with Chicago, absorbing its citizens and law enforcement with little prejudice.

Priority Two was the Holding Facility.

Those within the truck were among the closest to Priority Two, well-trained and experienced soldiers who were on their way to help deal with Priority One. A sudden alert from the Holding Facility’s change in condition effectively changed their mission, their sights set on helping deal with the jailbreak. More would likely follow if Priority One was dealt with quick enough. For now though, they only had each other to rely on.

”So, you think they picked us for any special reason or…?”

”I doubt it. I saw the GPS earlier, we were less than ten minutes away from the site.”

”So it’s not because we’re the baddest of the bad, then?”

”If it were, you wouldn’t be here.”


One of the unit members finished adding one final attachment to their rifle when they looked over at Greene, pausing for a moment.

”You’re packing nonlethals, Greene?”

He didn’t even look up at the woman speaking to him.

”I am.”

”That question came out wrong, my bad. I meant why are you bringing them? We’ve got the go-ahead to shoot to kill. Why waste the time with nonlethals?”

Greene sat silent as he mulled over the woman’s words, his eyes transfixed on the black skull mask within his hands, a stark contrast to the sleek H_02 helmets everyone else had on. After a long enough pause, he gave a small shrug, putting the mask on.


No one questioned it.

Eventually, the truck came to a halt. The engine went silent as the car was turned off, the squad synchronized as they got out of the vehicle.

Brookes, Frost, Specter, Cole, and Greene. Five members moved through the garage. Salazar stayed behind, a monitor in the back of the truck connecting to the facility’s surveillance system. The former five found their masks automatically adjusting for the lack of light levels they’d find throughout the building. The position of team leader fell upon Brookes’ shoulders, not due to his vast gap in skill but rather his experience with the company. Compared to the others, he was a grandfather when it came to how long he’d been serving Assurance.

Greene was the newest.

”Warden.” Brookes said, attempting to contact Verus through his comm-device. He respected the company’s protocols by addressing him by title. ”ATF Unit Epsilon-11 has entered the facility. How copy, over.”

They stood by in defensive positions, waiting for a response. Situations changed and with them, plans on how to deal with an objective did as well. It was up to higher command on what the new plan would be. It was the grunts to execute that plan.
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Certified Asskicking

Post by Vengeance » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:34 am

Well, it seems like someone is having a good time.

Yippee-kay-yay, motherfuckers!
Damm, she's one hell of a shot.

The red-garbed merc smirked as he witnessed firsthand the girl's work while he kept running. It honestly both surprised and impressed him that she could dual wield with such precision while piggybacking, but she did take out all those guards by her lonesome, so maybe Fill should not have been all that surprised.

A few bullets managed to hit various parts of his body, but his healing factor was already kicking in and removing the foreign objects from his body. No one would notice the blood or the holes unless they examined him closely. It was why he picked the color red in the first place. Such a color would hide the fact he had such a power from others until it was too late. A neat, little strategy he devised up a while back.

Another teleport, another hallway. This one had no soldiers in it. He slackened his pace slightly.

Finally, some breathing room.

Lethe notified him of their close proximity to their target, which was good. As fun as this was, he would like to cut loose a bit himself.

Seemed Lethe had heard his prayers as he was greeted with the sight of an assault rifle. Assurance model.

Guess Christmas came a bit early this year.

"Nice. Now we're talking, kid."

Then the unexpected happened. A hug. Lethe hugged him. Why? A fraction of a second's worth of confusion washed over his face. Then she thanked him. Not a simple, casual thank you he got from fellow mercs or assassin or a curt thank you after a business transaction. A genuine, honest-to-God thank you.

It all felt good. Never had anyone shown this sort of compassion to him for just doing his job, but Fill could not dwell on it now. They both had a mission. One Sideways would see through to the end, and Lethe double so.

"Thank me when we get out of here with your friend and blast those bugs with all the new toys we'll be getting. And drop the mister, will ya', kid? Mr. Sideways was my Pops' name."

Lethe began to speak once more, but stopped. Something had caught her attention. Another order, but this time it held more urgency.

Fill kicked himself into gear and started moving at a faster speed than ever before.

Home stretch. Superpowers don't fucking fail me on me now.


On the other side of the steel-clad barrier were two individuals, a cyborg working for Assurance and a metahuman prisoner, judging that one held a gun and wore similar garb to the rest of the soldiers and the other looked not too healthy and had blue skin. Although with the blue skin, Fill had a small thought in the back of the head she might be an alien, but who really knew? Right now, Fill awaited any further instructions. Was this it? Was this her friend?

Sideways got his orders all right.

Gunshots erupted from the kid's firearms as she was hellbent on taking down the cyborg. Lethe yelled at the machine-armed man.

All the confirmation Sideways needed.

Instantly, he drew up the rifle and started firing at the soldier's cybernetic arm as he pushed forward, putting himself between the bullets and Lethe. Most of them caught in the chest, a few in the upper arm or leg. His suit dampened a few shots, but it's integrity soon became compromised as a bullet entered one of his lungs. Nonetheless, the intent of the attack was to damage it enough to reduce and limit it's function, making it virtually inadequate to counter the red jokesters close quarter attacks.

Too bad he could not get up all close and personal. A grenade richoted right to his feet before he could do anything to shoot it or knock it back at the aggressor. Hopefully, his body would absorb the explosion and shrapnel and protect Lethe if she was within the vicinity.

"Oh fucking dam-!"

The light flooded his eyes as his senses were disorientated. His sense of balance completely compromised as he swayed a bit. His healing factor unable to account for the sudden optical and auditory overload to his sensory system. His combat ability compromised for the precious seconds Jager needed to buy for his attack on Kate.

Shitshitshit, agh! He got us!

Sideways started to gain his bearings, seething underneath his mask. Everything and everyone else was ignored as his mind and body kicked into gear. He had not even noticed the sealed door had come crashing down behind the blue woman.

His focus was on the cyborg as he unsheathed his twin katanas as he moved in for the kill. With both the blue babe and the cyborg currently engaged with each other, the red jokester could not just have continued opening fire, not to mention he had lost his rifle during the process of absorbing an entire grenade.

He took one swing with one blade. A nice, vertical strike intending to capitalize on his exposed upper head, mainly the back of his skull, considering he was facing the azure prisoner.

"May I have this dance, you sumbitch!"

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by justice » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:17 am

Well. The good thing was she'd gotten his legs - the bad thing was that that still left him free to shoot her, which was exactly what he did. The bullets weren't aimed right, but they had some sort of neon video game homing system in them - Kate wasn't exactly a guns person, she didn't know what the hell it was actually called - which meant that they spun off towards her again, sharp spikes drilling into flesh. Not as bad as it could have been - two in the right leg, one in the right arm.

Would have been a lot more convenient if she weren't right-handed, wouldn't it? Perfect fucking Docesznic always seemed to take damage on her non-dominant side, didn't she? Of course, she was a professional or something like that, which was why she also wasn't in prison even though she probably deserved it and holy shit did getting shot hurt.

She hadn't quite figured out what to do about that other than try not to scream. Things changed, though, all in a hurry. Most notably, she and the Assurance jerk weren't alone any more - and the person who'd joined them was the one person Kate would have wanted to know was safely somewhere else.

And, of course, the one person she'd most wanted to see.

She didn't do anything stupid like yell out a name in the middle of a fight - Sacha was already firing her guns, taking advantage of the ice to put some bullets around the guy's legs. She'd come in with some other guy, too - maybe a friend of hers? Sacha seemed to be acquiring those lately, didn't she? Well, to each their own. The hole in the door went down, which meant that Wonderboy and Exit Strategist had a way in. The woman was there almost right away, presumably Wonderboy would catch up after he found some pants he liked or something.

Kate had other things to worry about.

Her opponent unloaded his gun again - not at her, another surprise - but at the ice encroaching on the floor, shattering it into millions of fragments. That was... unfortunately pretty smart, was the last thing she remembered thinking clearly, before his suddenly newfound traction gave him the leverage to tackle her through a doorway.

Incidentally, that hurt even more after getting shot, which put an end to the not screaming part of the plan. She didn't even have time to assess the room before the knife slammed into her side. She'd taken a couple self defense courses at the local gym, but they'd mostly been of the variant that told her to scream "No!" really loud and call the police. The first one sure as heck wasn't going to work, and the second... this guy pretty much was the police.

God, that class had been useless. He was actually going to kill her. Not that Kate had a whole hell of a lot to live for, but...


The door slammed open, kicked down again by someone else. Somewhere beyond that door was Sacha - and if he killed Kate...

Nah, that wasn't happening. Not with Sacha this close. Stupid kid would probably blame herself. Ice sprouted in shards around Kate's hand, and she swung it at him in attempt to punch him in the side of his head, maybe even do some damage with the shards. The punch wouldn't do much, because Kate wasn't left-handed, and she was in way too much hurt to throw a good punch anyway, but it'd be something. Enough to buy a few seconds, maybe.

That was all someone needed. Kate grinned, bloodstained. "You're 'bout to get your ass kicked by a lil' girl."

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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Behemoth » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:33 am

Powers, this is brutal.

He'd dissociated somewhat, for a minute, turning into an extension of the gun in his hands. Aim, trigger, pause, aim. Make sure they didn't get back up, alive or dead, didn't matter. Ice was going to be pretty fucking disappointed, but he had to do what he had to do. That was just the nature of this, really. It wasn't until he blinked and Wings was taking out the squad leader that it struck him what he was doing at all, and it wasn't until she was done with him - and Isaac was done with the rest of the squad - that he completely zoned back in.

One survivor. That's familiar. He shook his head, selectively not thinking about that as he lowered his gun.

A sudden pain sparked up from his shoulder, and he inhaled sharply as he looked down at it. The blood surprised him at first - he'd been hit. That was...bad. He'd probably gotten so caught up in the adrenaline rush that the pain wasn't kicking in until after that passed. The sudden movement of his arm had probably triggered the rush. He gritted his teeth, looking down at the wound with more aggravation than anything else, before dropping the weapon that was now almost out of ammo anyway. He'd need a gun from these guys on the floor.

As it stood, he just needed their armor. The tech in the gear was going to be unreliable at best, but given where this was going, his squishy not-metahuman body was going to need more protection, as shown in this last encounter. The bullets were stuck in his shoulder, somewhere, he was in too much pain to tempt fate by probing where, which meant bleeding wasn't as bad as it could be, but the pain was definitely up there now that his adrenaline rush was over.

He was muttering expletives under his breath as he started unstrapping the vest from the man nearest his size. It didn't strike him until the door clattered that Wings was still here, and he glanced up at her as she paused.

"A second of privacy? Would you mind?"

Not that she'd need encouragement, but he'd prefer not to make her uncomfortable as he balled up his t-shirt and stuffed it between the vest and his chest. The armor was going to chafe like a bitch - he already missed the EMA, for a variety of reasons, but comfort wasn't the least of them. It made the armor under the vest all the more tempting, but truth be told, that would've been a little too much in terms of time.

So he settled for the vest, gritting his teeth as his shirt rubbed against the puckering of flechettes in his shoulder, but not letting it slow him down. He grabbed the man's helmet, too, knowing for a fact that it'd see and hear everything he said, but at the moment it was mostly expletives and grumbles, even as he picked up three other guns...and one of their hand grenades. Just to be safe.

He turned back to the exit, measuring the door with his brain and knowing full well it was a tight but manageable squeeze. Ice and her black-clad friend were out of the picture, but with an open door where one hadn't been a second ago - well, two, but one of them had people coming out of it - it wasn't hard to say where they'd gone. Well, that meant that Isaac wouldn't have much of a choice but to follow, didn't it? And that meant...yep. Tight but manageable.

"Wanted me to fit, should've made the door bigger..." he muttered, laying down on his chest and reaching his arms through, before following with the rest of his body. He reached back through the hole to grab his borrowed gear, then got to his feet as quickly as humanly possible in his circumstances, before following Red Man and Purple Child to the doorway. Ice's comment about a little girl didn't go unnoticed, either, so he took note that the kid and her friend seemed to be on their side.

Man-In-Black, though? He pushed himself against the wall outside the doorway before glancing through to assess him properly.

It'd be a real shame to ruin those abs.

Not that he could see them from here, but judging from his build, you could probably do laundry on them. That, and it was one thing to kill a bunch of guys with Ice on the other side of the door - it was another to shoot him down with her and her friends standing right there.

The guy with the sword was probably going to grab the man's attention more than the man with a rifle aiming from the corner of his eye in the doorway, so Isaac fully intended to take advantage of that. The second he estimated the turn of the torso to intercept or otherwise dodge the bladed maneuver, he'd pull the trigger of his fresher weapon, spraying bullets into the man's left shoulder.

It was admittedly a little bit of conscious malice, to try to reflect his own pain, but Isaac felt he could afford just a little malice given the circumstances. Whatever kinds of jackasses went straight for termination over nonlethal recontainment had to at least expect it. And as much as this guy seemed like a third party or outside hiree, he happened to be the man on the other side of the scope when Isaac's finger tightened on the trigger.
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Re: Liberty And Justice [Open]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:54 pm

Her eyes went and tracked the flashbang as soon as it was thrown. It went up. Bounced up against the ceiling.


The sound of a bullet ricocheting against metal. The projectile stops mid-air, spinning for a moment from Lethe's gunshot. The flashbang is far from negated. But she wanted a standoff distance from the ensuing explosion. And she jumps to the previously mentioned broom closet. Her gloved hands covering her ears as she watches a bright light Fill the hallway. Upon it's passing, she doesn't at all hesitate to run through the hallways. In his distorted vision he might catch what may as well be a purple blur. Other people appear. A man in a jumpsuit. And a woman.

They don't matter. Not at the moment. In the split seconds she saw them, she vaguely classified them as "not hostile" and moved forward into the room. Blood. Kate's blood. She was down, tackled by a larger man. But she was far from out. Even with a knife in her gut she was still fighting. As she always had been. Surviving until this very moment.

"You're 'bout to get your ass kicked by a lil' girl."

The world moved slowly. Twin Glock-18s were leveled against the man, the fire selector switch set to "SINGLE" rather than auto. With one gun, she held paintballs. They were purple. And they were mercy. 15 rounds. In the other were 9 x 19mm Full Metal Jacket. They were metal. And they were made to induce death. 13 Rounds. And as the Grim Reaper, she may as well have been holding a scythe up against the man's throat. One shot to the head would be down and probably out. It felt like it would be so easy to just put a bullet in his head. One singular trigger squeeze. Her brother whispered to her. Urging her to take the safest route.

He's dangerous sis. Do it.

Flying into the man's blade would be an actual bullet. And the knife's blade would break completely in half. Her aim being to rob him of his weapon and thus prevent repeated stabbings.

Then comes the pain. BANG.A punch to the kidney could leave an MMA on the floor in the fetal position and leave him pissing blood for a week. She could only imagine what firing five consecutive shots that hit with some 2130 ft lbs worth of kinetic energy onto the surface area of an inch would be enough to get through his armor and accomplish that quite nicely. He did have another kidney after all. It was the closest she could think of for mercy. Maybe his armor would spare him.

Headshot headshot headshot. Three paintballs right in his face. They would pound into one side of his face with unsafe levels of force like punches. And more importantly they'd create a blindspot on one side of his face. With Sideways aiming to chop his head in two and that other prisoner shooting Assurance grade flechettes at his shoulder, he would probably be less inclined to notice Lethe with her guns Holstered and grabbing Kate. And it was in this moment that the Once Grim Reaper felt more like Sacha. She was strong enough to pick up her own body, nimble and flexible. She could end firefights that took soldiers hours in mere minutes. But Kate was obviously bigger than Sacha. And Sacha wasn't superhumanly strong at all really. She required both of her hands to yank Kate out from underneath the hopefully distracted man with the metal arm, and had to rely on the others to keep the man busy.

"Hey give me a sec." She would let go once Kate was pulled a safe distance from the fight, run to the other side of the room. She knocked on the walls a bit. She shot with relatively the same place around 3 times. And then found the perfect spot underneath a couch to plant a concussion grenade in the hole in the wall she made.


BOOM! Plaster and wood flies everywhere. Her cape flutters A nice person sized hole in the opposite wall was formed. To better avoid the incoming.

The she hurried back to help out Kate. She looked down at the knife wound, and smiled. It was an uneasy smile. One which betrayed a bit of concern. But Sacha hoped she could give Kate at least something to be glad out of the day. She did know her all too well after all.

"Good thing I still remember where the bathroom is. You seem a bit...thirsty."

She would help Kate walk and guide her to the bathroom if need be. One Glock leveled the entire time with a Black hawk on stand by.

"Hey you wanna know something? When I offered to break you out of prison, I didn't actually think you'd take me up on the offer. I was almost joking."


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