Variety of roleplays

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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Variety of roleplays

Post by princess » Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:53 pm

1) I lived in a small town in the outskirts of England. Outside of the little town was a rather large Mansion. If not for how well kept and the expensive car seen outside the large estate, it would've been seen as abandoned. No one ever seen anyway go inside the house or ever leave it. Over the years different legends arose about the house. Some stated an old man lived there who died years ago, and because he had no other relatives it remained untouched. Others more dark. The one mentioned the most was, a horrific beast (vampire) who feasted upon the blood of mortals resided there. Of course unlike the gullible towns people I took no interest in these foolish legends, in fact I saw them as nothing but scary bedtime stories for children. One day when I was around my group of friends playing truth or dare, which turned dark right away. One of them dared me to go to the mansion and trespass on the property. Of course me being the brave soul I was ventured outside of my town to the lifeless mansion, only to shown the scary legends of ignored were all too very true. (Starter) :I crossed through the brush, the large estate coming into view. I shivered a bit as bit of wind whipped up. "This is utter bullshit." I grumbled to myself as I stepped onto the green grass of the front lawn. "For such a lifeless place it's very well kept, better than most homes in town." I mutter approaching the steps. The house was lightless, causing me to assume it was empty. As I stood in front of the door, I touched the handle twisting it. Unlocked? Curiosity striking my heart I pushed the door open. I stepped inside gasping, the home was filled with different expensive art and furniture. In complete awe I continued to explore inside. "How could someone not live here?" I whispered, running my fingers along the expensive oak coffee table.....

2)I'm a big city girl. who's lost everything my parents my house my life. My aunt who is a country girl offers to let me move in to her house in the country. As I don't have any other options I except and move to her ranch down state. After a couple weeks I finally decide to go look around this one horse town and start walking to town. As I get there you see me walking on the other side of the street from the country store you own. As you knew I was living with my aunt but have never seen me you believe I am Leslie's niece. you are very taken by me but as I'm a city girl you deem me stuck up but you watch me as I walk looking around at the small stores and the one light in the middle of town (think radiator springs in Cars) I sigh and look over and see your store. I cross the street and walk in as you have the door open to let in the fresh air on this hot summer day. You stand behind the counter ringing up a customer you loom up at me "good morning miss. I don't think I've seen you round these parts" you say smiling I nod "I'm kind of new I live with my aunt on Bauer ranch. Been here for a couple weeks." I say looking around as the woman leaves you walk around the counter to get a better look at me. I have long red hair and big bright eyes I am wearing cut off shorts a small white tank top with slip on shoes. My hands are in my pockets...

3)The wind ripped through my hair, sending chills running down my spine. I look up at the sky seeing that the threatening storm clouds made the once bright blue sky into a pitch black emptiness around me. I pull my jacket on a bit tighter before I cross my arms in front of my chest, conserving as much heat as possible. I feel rain land lightly on my cheeks before it immediately starts to downpour. I groan in annoyance before I hear voices ahead, coming towards me. I freeze in place for a moment before seeing flashlights waving around in the woods. The group was running, and quickly. I swiftly get behind a tree, looking around for a better place to hide. After a second I duck into a ditch, pressing my back up against tree roots as I hear the voices finally get close. I look up, peaking over the ditch before my eyes widen. I see you, the leader of a group of who has completely overthrown the government and killed all of my people before I had gotten away. As you stand in front of me, fear radiates off of me. My eyes stay locked on to you before you finally catch my stare. I quickly duck back down, hoping that you didn't actually see me. I give myself to the count of three before I immediately start to run. I run as fast as my legs can carry me, but I hear your men's frustrated chatter along with footsteps close behind me. I suddenly slip, giving a small scream, my body hitting the slick ground underneath me as I groan in pain.

4)It's Halloween in the new town I just moved into. (back story for your character you are the richest man in the town, you own every store in town.) I have opened a boutique this frustrates you because no one owns anything in town that you don't know personally. You live on the high hill in the mansion. Everyone I've talked to never seen you. You do business over the phone and when you inspect your businesses you don't late at night. You're house staff has also never seen you. The only one who sees you daily is your Butler and he never talks. So the week after I move in and set up shop I receive and invite to join you for a Halloween dinner party at you mansion on Halloween night, I have asked everyone I know and no-one has had gotten an invitation. However I decide to go. I am picked up by your Butler at my house. He opens the door to the limo I get in wearing a black dress and heels with my hair up in a twist. I get in and he drives silently up the hill. As we go the lights get further and dimmer. All I see are the lights in the windows of the mansion and I start getting apprehensive. We get to the gate and it opens. He drives to the door and parks. He gets out and opens my door he offers me his hand and I take it looking up at the huge doors....(this is a romance but it's more Halloween oriented. You can be who you want. Just remember you're character lives alone in the mansion with his house staff.)

5)My parents and I had moved here a few months ago after my father had been offered a job. Although it is in werewolf territory, it had seemed okay at first, acres and acres of forest and a big town. Everyone seemed friendly towards each other...until we entered the picture. People would whisper and glare at us, sending us disgusted looks, but we stayed anyway- due to my father's new job. I had met you at school, when I had nearly bumped into you. Everyone had parted, making a way for you as you walked down the hallway. I hadn't gotten the memo, as I had been busy listening to music on my phone while walking to my next class. I had nearly collided with you, making everyone go into an outrage.
"Such blatant disrespect for the Alpha!"
"How dare a filthy human touch our Alpha!"
You had looked down at me with your cold eyes. Even though you had been expressionless and silent, it had spoken volumes. Domiance and power rolled off of you in waves. Though, when I looked into your eyes, you immediately relaxed, letting go of your tension. Your gaze had moved from me to the pack, and a silent message seemed to be shared. After that, no one glared or talked behind my back. Everyone was willing to help me whenever I needed it. I was grateful for it, even if their help was forced. Whenever I look back on that day, I can't help but be surprised. I had nearly bumped into the ALPHA, and had not gotten even as much as a verbal lashing. My name at school had changed from "filthy human" to "Alpha's mate." "Wonder what that means...mate...surely it couldn't mean..he doesn't even come near me..", I murmur. People begin to part in the hallway, the whole atmosphere changing. Looks like you're finally here. I sigh and continue organizing my locker.

6) You are riding your motorcycle down the road. You see a small white car on the side of the road with its hood up. As you get closer you see me I am bent over the engine trying to fix it. As you stop I stand cursing the engine and kick the fender. I sigh and lean on the hood. I hear the motorcycle and turn seeing you getting of it. All I see is a black full helmet and leather pants and jacket with gloves. I turn walking back to the drivers side of the car not exactly sure what your intention is. You take odd your helmet and you smiles at me "having engine trouble?" you ask I nod "it's not turning over" I reply. You look at it and nod "it's fired, can I give you ride I go town?" you chuckle shaking your head "I'm sorry my name is..." you say and pull your gloves off extending your hand to me I take it and shake "I'm Serena" you smile and gesture to your bike and I follow you and me the extra helmet and then get on, I get on the back wrapping my arms around your waist as he get back on the road....

7) It was probably just around eleven at night when she heard the warning cry that struck fear into the hearts of everyone in the town. Pirates. Ailith, who had gone to bed early due to being exhausted from the chores of the day, quickly got out of her bed and made her way down the hall, and in less than five minutes, she was dressed in a rather expensive looking gown, posing as the governor's daughter while the real deal scrambled to safety with the rest of her family. After all, the life of a simple Irish servant girl was worth much less than the life of a high ranking Englishwoman. In spite of how long and hard the small town fought against the invaders from the seas, they were quickly overpowered and the rough men started to ransack the town. Of course, the main target of the pirates' would be the Graysonton mansion, the richest-looking building in the area. And as Ailith predicted, it wasn't long before the front door was burst open, and who should walk in, but Y/C, the young, wild pirate captain himself.....the man was met by an indignant and short young Irishwoman with firery red hair and ire-filled turquoise coloured eyes, holding a pistol that was pointed at his head in her left hand, and a sharp, light rapier in the other. "Get the hell out of my house. Now." She spoke with a flawless English accent as she glared heavily at the man. It would probably be comical, if she didn't know how to use both both so well...

8)You are a demigod (choose your name) Your father Cornus is the ruler of the Paradise Realm. At 5 years old you were put in a human elementary school. You hated it. Human children were mean and vicious always picking on you. Even the teacher despised you. Today was the science fair and your class was walking to the auditorium to present your science projects. As your name is called. You walk up getting tripped and falling on the stage floor. Everyone laughs even the teacher. She looks bored and waits for you too explain your project. As you finish she yawns. "you fail" you give her a look. "why?" you ask her. "because you are a show off you and you constantly disrupt my classroom" she smiles. This breaks you and your eyes start to glace over. You open your palms and shoot your power at her causing her to fall on the floor. She looks up at you. You smile at her and close your hand she screams and disappears. The children start to run and scream around the auditorium. You laugh and immobilize them. You start to float above them looking down at their fearful faces. Just before you unleash a power that is hotter than a thousand suns. After a few minutes you snap out of your trance looking around. 'oh boy' you think to yourself. (fast forward 8 years) you are now imprisoned in hell. That's where Cornus your father put you for destroying earth twice. Today is the day he comes to see you. This is the day you plan on getting out with or without his help. He shows up bitching you out. You sit there waiting. After a few moments you look at him. You smile knowing now is the time. He is standing in the sweet spot the deity trapper that you have been charging with the leak of power you discovered a few years ago, even though your father sealed them for eternity. You two yell back and forth and the trapper starts to glow. Your father sees this knowing what your intention is a d he starts to scream at you which makes you even happier. FF. It's the next day and you wake up in the woods of the human realm. You check yourself making sure you are fine. You are satisfied that you are and but notice you are very dirty so you Conger up a small fain shower and toothpaste and tooth brush and start cleaning yourself up. You Conger down clothes and start walking out of the woods toward the small town. You get to the town and see the neon light of bar and walk-in
Seeing me I smile at you as you sit at the counter "hi I'm Serena what can I get you? ".....
9)My father the king and your father his royal general are bestfriends. So in turn that makes us bestfriends as we've known each other since we were 5. You and your father are special. You and him have senses of a Wolf and are valuable to the kingdom and help out my father's army. On this particular day we are in my father office we has grown so close that we have been wanting to tell our fathers that we have fallen in love...but as we sit down my father starts telling us that we will be traveling that night to the next kingdom Quail to meet the prince, who will be my husband next month. I nod standing "yes father as wish." he turns to you "as my closet friends son you will be accompanying her on this trip as her personal guard. I expect you to get her there safely" you stand bowing "yes your Majesty" you say. He smiles at us both. "I expect you both ready in an hour get to it." we both bow and leave. I sigh neither of us knowing what to say. I wipe a tear that's escaped my eye as we walk back to my chambers. You glance at me but don't have words to comfort me as you feel just as heartbroken as I do....

10)You're a bounty hunter and I am the bounty you are hunting for my father the dictator of the Planet asgard. He has adviced you to bring me in dead or alive. You start off in your pod. Which is a space ships equal to an rv. You start searching...a couple weeks later you come to the end of the galaxy. As you are about to turn around your system stalls and you plumet in orbit on to what looks like a deserted Planet. After you crash you notice that you happen upon a compound like the one is star wars death star. As you get out slowly to get a closer look you see me surrounded by a huge men with what looks like tazers. As you get closer to the compound a couodk guards see you and sneak up behind you, your hit from behind and knocked out. Your dragged to the brig and dropped on the floor you wake up hours later on a small cot built into the concrete floor....

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Re: Variety of roleplays

Post by FallOfPrometheus » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:17 am

Hello, I am extremely interest in either/ or both seven and eight. I’ll be Atlas the demigod even though atlas was a god himself and not Cronus son but I like the name. And for my pirate rebel I’ll be Bastian. Let me know whatcha think.
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Re: Variety of roleplays

Post by Sassyunikitten » Sun Jan 05, 2020 5:05 pm

7 looks interesting, would you like to try it with me? I'm pretty experienced and will respond with about the same length as you. Pm me if you are also interested 😊
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