Followers of the Lost [CR]

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Followers of the Lost [CR]

Post by DJ Muffins » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:34 pm

I'm planning on developing this story line into a bunch of short stories, and have been brainstorming this for quite some time, and figured I could make it a thread, that way others could introduce ideas!

This post is going to get a bit long, so I'll start with a quick summery:
A long time ago, lost in history, a Scholar by the name of Matherson wanted to learn all he could. He discovered medical breakthroughs, learned cultures, languages, magics of all kind. He created a school and a library that was famously "ever growing" His school and followers began learning arts forgotten, Dark magics that the rulers of the land feared. And for his crimes he was found, and executed by the council. However, he had learned so much, that he was able to raise himself from the dead by sheer will. The council members each sealed his corpse, creating the seven seals and hid them away. Fast forward to the modern world, the council has continued to pass these seals to their descendants. On the other side, the school of the Lost, passed their knowledge from one to the next. Matherson now needs a young magic user, to guide them to the seven seals and break the curse placed on him to return him to the living world.

Backstory (In more detail)
Matherson stood around a group a young students, the storm raging outside the stone walls. "That is all I can teach you, however this is only the beginning, the world is ever growing, such is life. Let this guide you, and you will all be just fine." One student, a girl with curly blond hair stood up "Sir, you don't have to do this, with what we know, we could fight for you, those stopping your work wouldn't be able-" Many students agreeing with her as he waved suddenly, his kind demeanor unable to hide his authority as the room fell silent. "No, we search for knowledge. Raw knowledge is neither good nor evil. However those who label our information as 'wrong' seek to stop us, and we cannot prove them right by forcing them to our will." Looking around the room with a soft smile "No matter what we believe in, breaking the laws of the ignorant is still breaking the law. I have led you all in studies forbidden by the land, and I must meet that punishment. You all, will continue my work in your own lives." Kote burst into the room, his armor slick with rain over his draconic scales, shouting orders to someone beyond to guard the hallway before slamming the door, dropping the lock bar across the door frame "Matt, they are here.." Matherson nodded, tapping a large mirror with his knuckle, the glass becoming fluid, ripples spreading across the reflective surface. "Now go. I am proud of you all, and I know you will continue our great library throughout the generations to come." He murmured encouraging words to each student before they stepped through the glass, disappearing to wherever they wished, far from prosecution of the law. Matherson turned with a soft sigh, Smashing the mirror behind the final student, the shattering glass bringing an ominous silence to the room. Kote watched his master for a moment, studying the old mans gentle breathing as his master fell into meditation, turning to the door, one hand on his sword the two waited. After several tense minutes, a thunderous crash shattered the heavy wooden doors, the two guards outside flung inside to the ground, one horribly burnt, the other bleeding from his chest, a steel spear sprouting from his chest. Kote moved swiftly in front of Matherson, eyes locked on the smoldering door frame as a slender man walked through, flourishing a document "Matherson Friser, you have been charged with several counts of learning dark arts banned by the council, such acts are punishable by death without court hearing." Kote growled at the council member as Matt simply leaned over the injured guards, a small shadow falling over each as he cut deep into his own arm, healing the two men within seconds. "Very well. I will go with you if you spare those who have followed me. This crime is mine alone. If you refuse, I cannot guarantee your safety" The official fidgeted slowly, nodding to the men behind him to move forward. "Anyone who follows you is guilty of the same-" Matherson flicked his wrist, an explosion knocking the council guards back as three more took their place...

The battle lasted five nights. Long bloody fights as Matherson fought beside his disciples to the death while the innocent in his care fled to the mountains for safety. On the fifth night, the seven council members finally brought Matherson to his demise, sealing his corpse behind seven ancient runes, each rune was to be passed on generation to generation within the Council. As the Followers of Matherson took up the name "Followers of the Lost", the council prosecuted, and executed anyone who openly supported his cause. After decades, the world of magic was all but lost, and the legend of Matherson was erased from existence. The world of technology has taken charge, the council working hard to keep the old world from memory.

Kote however, was raised by Matt from the egg, and as a young dragonling still had eons to live. Fleeing into hiding after the fall of Matherson he bid his time. His old master never left his mind, training with weapons and traveling the world to learn as much as he could he mastered several combat techniques, to one day return his master to the land of the living.

Now, the time has come for Matherson to return, The Followers of the Lost still hide among the people of the world, as well as the Council.

What do you think??
Anyone can join and pretty much any type of character is allowed! (Not too OP though)
Magic users, (Generally still learning, usually self taught unless a follower of the Lost)
Technology users, (Futuristic is allowed)
Mystical/Mythical creatures or humans,
Anyone can join with pretty much anything they want. looking for your creativity in this adventure!

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