AlphaWare: Overview

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AlphaWare: Overview

Post by Assurance » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:45 am


Throughout history, the level of technology available to humanity has increased exponentially. These leaps have come in fits and starts, and visionaries have always been at their forefront. From Gutenberg to Gates, geniuses have raised up the rest of their species by making their innovations available to the public. In recent years, this trend has somewhat decreased. Individuals like Mitchell Stervos and Nicolas Pendragon develop incredible technology, with often world-changing implications. And rather than make them available to the world, they've used these inventions to become costumed heroes.

Assurance intends to change this. With their vast resources, the group has begun recruiting talented individuals to design advanced technology, not for their private use, but for mass-production. The arm of their operations in charge of that project is known as AlphaWare.

With products ranging from clothing lines to electronics, AlphaWare has fingers in almost every pie out there. Despite being seemingly stretched thin, and having no visible 'footprint' in the form of factories, workshops, or even employees, they're consistent in making high-quality products that dominate whatever market they're released into.

AlphaWare's product catalogue is known as the Bleeding Edge.

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