((REQ))The Realm of Valhalla

With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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((REQ))The Realm of Valhalla

Post by SaheenTikeerleesh » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:41 am

The realm of Valhalla. Those who don't know of it reside in the other faiths that dwell within each of the realms. Nilfhiem, Earth, Jotunheim, amongst all of the other realms. Though the realm with the most varying Religons is that of Earth and its inhabitants. Many that know and believe in the Nordic religion strive to make it to Valhalla. The house that behold on Einherji and struves to fight and train until the day comes where all the realms face the end of times. RAGNORAK! This story beholds that fate. The end of times has come upon the realms and the world tree is set to fall unless those who have made it to Valhalla take a stand against the fate. This is the story that not only tells of the daily activities but the beginning of the stand against the fate that is said to be set in stone.

Though Nicholas had never really had a belief in Gods and religion. That day he died on the battlefield against the Germans was an awakening. The scene that they showed as he sat to eat in what he had thought to be Heaven was what placed him in the highest realm to be in the afterlife. Sacrificing himself as he delayed the forces so his squad could make it to safety. Nicholas James Rose had joined the Marines in the faith that the training could make him a better person. When he had made the decision he saw no way he could fall on the battlefield but little did he know that the heroic act that he had performed had placed him in Valhalla hundreds of years before the tine if Ragnorak would befall everyone. The longest Einherji of the ones that wpuld be selected to the task of saving the realms.

Though he would not be the only one...



1. Have fun.

2. Obey site rules.

3. Please follow the plot when the button is pushed.

4. No Characters seemingly older than 55 before time of death and no characters older after death than 1904. My Character is to be the longest of the group so since he died on 1904 there can be no deaths on or before this.

5. Please place this phrase if you have read the rules. "TO BATTLE!!!"

I will post a character sheet as well as my character when this catches interest. I require at least 4 characters to start and at least 3 different people apart of the roleplay to start as well. There can be more if wanted but no more than 10.

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