One x One Slem

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One x One Slem

Post by Fang » Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:17 pm

Name: Madison Chandler
Age: 22
Alias: Black Talon
Allegiance: Terrorist organization designation: RAGNAROK
Appearance: Madison Chandler is a young woman of average height and sleight build. Her hair is cut just past shoulder length and is dark brown/black, layered to frame her soft features. Her eyes are a dark blue that draws you into their depths framed by long, dark lashes. Despite seeming frail, she is incredibly tough, her body lithe and supple enough to withstand more abuse than one would expect. She sports a long, hooded coat which she often uses to hide her face during raids against government facilities. Beneath the coat she wears military cargo pants and whatever she managed to throw on for the day.
A belt thrown diagonally across her chest serves to carry her blades, a matching pair of ninjato of high-quality steel. Around her waist a similar belt holds her daggers, dual edged and razor sharp. On each of Madison’s thighs holsters have been strapped to house her .9mm pistols, the RAGNAROK crest emblazoned upon the grips.



Biography: The night sky was littered with stars as numerous as the sand on the beach. Their twinkling luminance shone down upon the gently lapping waves, upon the couple who sat upon a log of driftwood. Their hands were intertwined as they stared at nature’s light show, and after a few minutes the young man turned to his lover.

“The stars are beautiful, aren’t they?” as if in response to his praise several spots of light raced across the horizon with rainbow tails.

“They are,” said the girl, finally looking from the sky.

“Do you ever think about infinity, Madison?” the boy looked back to the sky as more comets blazed their paths. “Every time I look at the stars I think about the meaning of it. Infinity is everything. Every possibility.”

Madison chuckled and tucked her long hair behind her ear. “I don’t understand, Aidan.”

Aidan looked back at her and smiled. “I think about possibilities, and when I do I think about you.” The night grew brighter as stars fell rapidly away, as if swiped by an invisible hand. “You-“

“Aidan..” Madison interrupted, her eyes turned back to the stars.

“I know, it’s only been a few months, but..”

“No, Aidan,”

“I’m just trying to say, I think”

“Aidan look!” Madison said, grabbing Aidan by his ponytail and forcefully turning his head towards the sky. Thousands of comets burned through the heavens, their trails cutting holes through the black of the night, and seemingly in the center of this mass of light burned a single larger orb, its heat already setting fire to the treetops as it passed.

“Maddi, run!” Aidan shouted barreling off of the log and dragging the girl by the hand. The roar of the meteor tore through the night as it shot toward them, the water of the ocean hissing from the heat just before it crashed into the sand between the two.
Madison woke with a splitting headache and sand in places no woman should be subjected to. She blinked against the bright light of the sun as her head pounded a staccato rhythm as if it were trying to catch up to her sudden consciousness. She had been with Aidan, strolling the beach as they often did at night to see the stars.

The meteor flashed through her mind and she sprang to her feet. She could still feel the heat of the flames from the extraterrestrial stone as if it were next to her, and in her mind she could still see Aidan flinging himself toward her the split second before the meteor struck. Madison looked around her with tears in her eyes, hoping to find him nearby and unharmed. That was when she realized something wasn’t right. True the sand beneath her feet was familiar enough, but the white columns that rose around her were not.

Rather, they were familiar, but only from her school books. Despite never having been there Madison already knew she was is the Coliseum in Rome. The missing chunks of the stands, the red velvet ropes, all confirming her suspicions before a tinny voice echoed from an unseen speaker, commanding in Italian words Madison could guess the meaning of.
“I don’t know how I got here,” she said, stepping forward with her hands clasped to her chest. The cool wind from the sea washed across her face and Madison gasped, her toes inches from the edge of a sheer cliff. Terns circled overhead and waves crashed below her, sending droplets of foam into the air before her eyes. Madison took a frantic step away from the edge and bumped into someone waiting at the crosswalk.
“Ay, watchit,” the man said in a strong New York accent. A taxi raced by, blaring its horn in protest at Madison’s proximity to the thoroughfare.
“I-I’m sorry,” Madison said, fighting back tears. What in the world was happening?! Cautiously Madison stepped into the street, and then past the giant redwood, placing one foot in front of the other steadily as the world rushed by her. The Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, Tokyo Tower, The Space Needle; landmarks soared by her in flashes as Madison found herself running as if being chased. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, and her legs began to scream from the exertion.

How was she supposed to find Aidan? What was happening to her? Where was he?
The thoughts faded as her energy did the same, and soon she was embraced by blackness once more.
When Madison opened her eyes this time she was once again in an unfamiliar place. A rusty chandelier hung over her head, casting sparse light as most of the bulbs had burnt out long ago. Her head wasn’t aching like it had before, and with only a moment of hesitation she went ahead and sat up from the dusty couch she had been placed on. She appeared to be in some sort of abandoned house, and she wasn’t alone. Across from her, seated on an ungly yellow recliner, a short Asian man held a gun in hands.
“I don’t want any trouble!” Madison yelled as she threw up her hands. The little man jumped in surprise and dropped his gun, scrambling back onto the back of his seat.

“Neither do I!” he yelled back, glancing down at the gun. Madison eyed him cautiously and lowered her hands. With a kick she sent the gun sliding across the room. “Where am I?”
“My house,” the man said, relaxing a bit as well. “You appeared in my yard two days ago.” He slid back into his seat and pulled a smashed pack of cigarettes from his pocket. “Couldn’t leave you there, even if you are one of those freaks.”
Madison nodded slowly. “There are more like me?”
The man stared at her a moment before producing a lighter. “Of course, where have you been for the last two years? Ever since those meteors fell they’ve been popping up all over the place.”
Two years…

Madison Chandler, missing for two years, eventually resurfaced in Japan. After being mistaken for a new meta she was indoctrinated into their meta-soldier projects, and for several months was one of their top agents. At some point she defected, forming the terrorist group RAGNAROK with fellow metas and fighting against her militarized fellows. Considered the most dangerous criminal of the age she is hunted throughout the world, but she has her own plans, her own goals, and nothing will stand in her way.
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Re: One x One Slem

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