[Notice] Site Rules

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[Notice] Site Rules

Post by Monika » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:41 pm

To make the rules easier to find and to promote more rule reading, here are the rules.

If you have any questions that pertain to the Casual section, or RPs in the casual section, please come to me first before going straight to the site admin.

1. Don't spam.
No copies of existing threads, excessive off topic posts, or derailing threads. Try to keep consecutive posting to a minimum.

2. Be respectful.
Be polite, don't harass others, and don't plagiarize.

3. Don't advertise third-party chat apps and forums.
If you want to share contact info, do it in PM.

4. Don't advertise roleplays.
The only place you can is the Promotions section.

5. No explicit content!
Nothing outright sexual is allowed, and don't go overboard with the gore. Keep things PG-13.

6. No roleplaying in private messages.
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: [Notice] Site Rules

Post by Light-Witch » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:19 am

Thank you Monika, and for those that don’t know, RPF has an app along with a plug-in on the app Tapatalk. If anything more explicit than PG-13 gets on here, the app and plug-in will be removed. Follow these rules, and there can be greater access to the site for everyone. Besides, if you rp in private messages, that makes things much harder for mods like Monika and our Admin Ser, and reporting the private message that’s clearly a response to a role play may end up getting you in trouble. I know because other sites allow private messages as a medium for rps, but not RPF.

Long story short, just follow the rules.
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