[Traditional] Nameless Art Commissions・・・標題 ! アート話題!!

Commissions? Other things that aren't commissions that you can do? Here!
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[Traditional] Nameless Art Commissions・・・標題 ! アート話題!!

Post by AstrayNanashi » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:40 pm



Welcome to my commissions thread,

[Insert blalantly stolen introduction].

Now that that's out of the way, let's explain my pricing system, shall we?

It is difficult for artists to value their work, and even more for clients to look at theirs and say "This is worth X[Currency]." After much research, however, I've come to certain conclusions. First, doing art is considered a "talent," as not just anyone can achieve this and those who do are probably practicing enough (If theirs is deemed as "good," of course) to maintain certain standards. Using said talent and offering it as a service to others is classified as a job, and like each paying job it should have a minimum wage, which, if we consider the majority of people, I've adjusted to the US'. By using said minimum wage (Ratio per hour); I calculate the worth of my work by how much practical time it takes me to finish a piece, add a fraction of cost for the resources I use and also a sentimental estimate of my effort.

What do I define as practical time?

This is the actual amount of time I dedicate to a piece of art, it does not include breaks of course. How does it work? Let's say I have a personal project, it's a mural so it's something big. I dedicate 2 hours of continuous drawing to it every day, and it takes me 5 days to finish. In this example, I've taken 10 hours of practical time to finish this mural and cannot consider it "5 days of work." For this reason, want to make clear that, even if I deliver a piece one or two days later (For whatever reason, be it lack of material, or an emergency ocurred) I will only be calculating for the amount of practical time I put into it.

If you have any questions about this calculation, please ask.

Now to this equation I also throw in the cost of resources spent in the work. For obvious reasons, I cannot charge an entire ink set for a single drawing, so fractions of costs only apply. Usually, this doesn't go farther than $3~5.

Then there's the matter of effort put in it, since every kind of person who does per-order jobs charges just for looking at stuff (I'm looking at you, IT), so I too put that into account. Again, this doesn't bump the prices too far upwards. (See above)

A note about myself, my resources and also my payment method/s.

Due to life limitations set upon me by... Well, life, I cannot for the life of me obtain access to most online payment services (Boo, I know. C'est la vie en Venezuela.). I can, HOWEVER, offer a quick solution for this which also often simplifies the payment calculations. Gift Cards~! Yes, I know... "But where do I find one? Do I really have to get up and go to the store?" Well, yes and no. You can get up, and I would actually recommend that since it's good for blood circulation, OR you can remain sitted and go straight to this convenient site to get digital Gift Cards (Which are pretty much the only ones I use). It's quick and simple, really. Though if you cannot use that option because you need it to be PayPal, there's also a wide variety of sites to get them from, and I'd gladly provide some for you.

Also remember, I am an understanding human being, just like you (I hope). So, if you have any worries or even want to try to get a good deal *nudge, nudge* just try talking it out!


I bet you're thinking "There's so much text and so little visuals! How do I know that your art is any good?" Well, because of [problems] I lost a lot of my possessions and with that, quality drawings I had finished during January-February. For an old overview of my style, there's always this thread. And for a real-time feedback on my art (Because there's stuff I don't post here), just contact me on Discord (アストレイ名無し#9336) or PM me!
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