Antichromatic [Limited Event]

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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by Drake » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:05 am

It wasn't quite as effective as he thought it would be, perhaps the entire atmosphere had shifted, and the fact so many other people extended hands towards her, people who probably had their monologuing game way more on-point than he ever had his, made the archer very uncertain of what actually transpired. He was legitimately shook, not by the odd gathering of figures or the surprised eyes ogling him as he entered the scene, okay, maybe the last one a little, but the mere shrug and refusal hurt him. It would never be so easy, yet had he read the situation wrong? Perhaps this was a gathering of the Rooftop Society he had just entered, or maybe the recording of an actual movie. Who knew? Certainly not the newcomer.

He had just gotten carried away, same as everyone else, the seemingly pompous armor-clad marauder calling other names and kneeling whilst asking to be hit. The scene was almost comedic in a sense, yet when the boy begun to explain things, using some outdated comic examples, the archer once more began to piece everything together. Oooooooohhhhhh, so it's about that, huh? I guess she does look on the right age for it. Drake nonchalantly brought his hand back, shyly scratching the back of his head as he let out a resentful chuckle. His other hand went deep inside his pocket, as he walked forth, not approaching anymore, but rather going to the very edge of the rooftop himself. A couple seconds later and he pulled a single cigarette from within, and a lighter to lit it. "I hope you don't mind me. Always wanted to smoke like I was in a John Alton flick." This feels so noir, let me live my dreams.

Calmly inviting the alabaster, gaseous guest inside his very body, Drake silently perched himself at the very edge, legs shaking freely as he was literally a single push from falling into his utter demise. Not a sight he had been unfamiliar with, specifically following his very unorthodox line of work. A dry thud resonates within the colorless scene, a weak slap against the magnificent helm of some glorified fighter or overpaid costume. "Leave it, my man. I don't think she's looking for purpose right now, rather I think she's looking to come to terms with everything else happening." His sympathetic eyes and smile now turned towards the girl he had wrongly misjudged. "Sorry for the big entrance, I overheard a couple things and tried to step in. But you're right, hurting someone, fighting someone, even saving someone, none of that really matters right now, does it?" He lets out a puff, the white dissipates as it rises with the wind.

"You know, I have this girl I like too. I was on my way to her when I saw you up here, thought I'd make myself useful, didn't really expect the whole Society to already be here when I got here. The thing is, I've had a bit of a problem with myself recently, you know? Motivations, the whys and the buts of everything I did, just complete fear of the future." Of dying. "Ended up figuring out the best way was to vanish from that girl's life for six months and just play dead. Real dick move too, I know. She didn't choose any of this, I just decided it was what it was, and I regret it sometimes, wonder if it was right or not."

He paused, tipping his cigarette over the edge, ashes sprinkling down on the street.

"From what I understand, you had a special someone call the shots for you too, right? They had to think real hard, think about the consequences of giving up all those happy memories, the possibility of being hated by you, of hurting you more than anything in the world, but they still did it anyways. They sacrificed all that which was precious to them because they believed it was the right step, even knowing all that stuff they still gave up on something they seemed to hold dear." He pulled in more smoke, letting it leisurely leave his nostrils. "Would they like what they see today? Their former selves, I mean, they are still alive somewhere in there." The archer pointed towards her chest. "Having shots called for you is awful, I know. I'm going to stand in front of a girl to who I basically did the same. Get stabbed and bleed to death, probably. But unlike her, your friend didn't suddenly die or decided dying was the best way to deal with problems. I mean, sure, they probably don't remember much, all those happy times are memories only you have, but can't they make more happy times? They are alive! And after sacrificing so much, knowing of all the bad things that could happen and still choosing to give up their memories, they are still alive! Don't you think jumping would be much more painful than starting over?"
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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by Volksgeist » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:27 pm

More words. More emptiness. How many further platitudes could be offered until the well of pity ran dry for this monochromatic girl? Actions often spoke volumes more than words themselves— which begged the question of why these children still insisted upon talking. Gods, mortals and their frailties.

The girl, at least, fulfilled his wish and struck him. He knew not what he'd expected, but it was certainly something more effective than a punch which felt like a subtle breeze rolling over his plating. The Nation-Spirit furrowed his brow, touching the same two fingers against his helm once more; they pressed the very same spot her curled fist had contacted the metal.

"Is that what you wanted?"

Volksgeist answered decisively, standing to his feet with the soft clink of moving armor.

"I'd certainly anticipated something less pathetic— that, I am certain of."

The demeaning comment was paired with a soft chuckle which rolled across the ground, generating small eddies of dust along the rooftop as the Earthshaker viewed the other young woman approach with violent intent. She'd displayed a harsher proclivity for escalation than her other nascient comrades, which was promising. Emotion was something easily exploited within mortals, and this girl seemed greatly excitable. Good. Of course, there was the blatant issue of the paled one stepping between their imminent conflict, attempting to play peacekeeper alongside the boy from earlier.

"You think you can just... mask your feelings and fight someone, and that'll fix everything."

Volksgeist's brow furrowed once more as he crossed his arms, head lolling to the side a slight degree as he heard the child out.

"You think that all that matters is how much you can hurt someone."

"I would not expect you to understand, girl. You've proven your insolence quite well enough already, you and that tart that stands before you— what do you want to come of this, hm? Shall we sate your melancholic spell with begging and pleading? Shall I coddle you and have you suck from the teat of pity like the newborn calf that you are? The punch was not for me. It was for you. Your resolve is utterly shattered, and reconstruction can only occur through the extreme."

His tone rose in anger, crescendoed with the brandishing of Stahlzahn in a muted, monochromatic display of fire and brimstone. The flattened top of the conjoined axehead was pushed up against the girl's back, pushing her and cornering her upon the rooftop's edge. Where the girl went, Volksgeist's weapon followed, prodding her towards the cliff of the building until she reacted or prevented him from otherwise doing so.

"You want to fall, leap to your death like a hunted leper a ledge's edge? Go on, do it. Jump. That boy you seek will never remember you again, and any recognition will be in your passing if you do. But there wouldn't be much to remember, would there? Nothing but a crumpled, greyscale heap."

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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by Annasiel » Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:37 am


"You think you can just... mask your feelings and fight someone, and that'll fix everything."

Yeah, but...

"You think that all that matters is how much you can hurt someone."

Was she talking to her, or...

"You think you can just... mask your feelings and fight someone, and that'll fix everything."

The armored man, obviously, right...?

"You think that all that matters is how much you can hurt someone."

She didn't even...

The net was even less surprising than the hurting girl's words, even as it jerked Rachel off her feet, sending her tumbling across the rooftop in a tangle of rope and limbs. It was too close. Way too fucking close. She had to have been talking to the man, but she'd gotten between them, looked at her, judged her, not a found her wanting, hero and here she was not knowing what feelings were hers or the girls anymore. This was a dangerous place to end up in. A place she'd tried to avoid ever since her powers first manifested, ever since their fucking thoughts started popping into her head and mixing up with all the ones already there.

She already had her own crowd of jeering onlookers. Did she really deserve everyone else's too?

"Just wait and see how this thing goes down. Please."

It wasn't like she was going to do anything else. Wasn't like she wanted to. She'd tried once, and failed. She'd tried again, and failed. She didn't belong here. She couldn't help. She-

Why did she get involved in the first place?

It was a disgusting thought. She'd been the first to get there, when the girl was teetering on the edge. She didn't know others were going to come too. For all Rachel knew, the girl would have died if she hadn't had intervened.

But she didn't, did she? She's fine. Still hurting, but not going to jump anytime soon, not with danger staring her in the face. The fear sat beneath the sadness, but both were rising in Rachel, which meant they had to be falling in her. God, did she even really want to die? Did-

Clenching her hands in tight fists, she curled her knees to her chest and focused on the sounds of her own breath, the heartbeat in her ears, and the rush of wind over the concrete plain.

"I understand," she replied to the boy who'd shot the net, her voice a low hush. "Let me go. I won't attack again."

She sounded far more confident than she had any right to.

"Life is a constant process of dying."

Schopenhauer fucking wept.

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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by LunaHawk » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:31 pm

Tom shook his head. His words went unheeded. He'd have to be more direct this time. He stood up and turned around so he was facing everyone, Kelly included. He'd start with her statement to him. "It's never been about masking my feelings, it's been about learning who I really am. It took a Numinous Stone and a friend to show me." He turned to the others, helping the girl in the net by gently removing the net.

"You guys aren't listening, this isn't what it looks like. She just said the only time she ever hits someone is when something else is controlling her actions and then, she hit someone. She's not suicidal, she's being manipulated by an entity called an Akuma. It wraps around your negative emotions at a time of weakness and weaponizes them against you, it turns the negative emotion into the only emotion and opens your will to Stygian Moth."

He gestured to all the monochrome. "Doesn't it seem convenient that she's sad and it's making everything black and white? Kelly Sanderson is Prism, a hero known for color and light and everything is the opposite. This is what he does. The incident in the bay with Arin and the giant robot, the incident with that poor girl who's sister was killed fighting Chevron, those were his doing too. We have to help her fight it, to remember who she is and what life is like. It's never always one thing."

He turned his attention fully to Kelly. "Life is never just one thing, it's never all good or all bad. What happened at the party was awful, the fact Arin turned and left and willingly lost his memory was awful, but he did it out of a misguided attempt to protect you. Your life is full of people who love you. Even these strangers are all here to try and help you. Arin doesn't have to forget forever and a hero doesn't do anything for themselves, it's always about other people."

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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by Azra » Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:37 pm

"I get it, it's not the leap but the stop. But I think what you need's a reminder over an ending and death doesn't stop the hurt just makes more of it." Words were given to many or perhaps singled out but to Mana it missed the point. "Isnt about causing pain but trying to prevent others in pain. If I can spare just one person of losing a limb during those experiences I've done something. Doesn't matter if your lasers stopped two demons or a hundred, if one person escaped or dozens at least you helped someone. Mango remarked trying to give anything that might sink in.

One of the kids said something, was opposed it seemed to conflict, Manaria wasn't sure how much of an option that would be. The shield caster, who Mango was still a bit envious of for having color when she didn't seemed to agree to not attacking. Everyone seemed here to help but history had a tendency of late to go for violence. Following the archer's words Mana continued a little. "You think those people want to feel what you do now? For someone who doesn't punch people jumping off seems like a hell of a way to retroactively do so." That felt harsh to her but she really wanted to snap the girl out of it. She didn't want good people feeling as awful as Kelly was now or as bad as Mango had.

The friend jumps in with a monologue of his own. "Don't ignore the real issues for just a villains thing" she wasn't going to disagree that it could be something weird to it. There was plenty of weirdness it didn't seem as easy as blaming someone though to her. "Changed my mind though, I'll die before letting you jump instead of doing the landing for you. My way of saying thanks" not just for the heroism in the past. But also for helping remind Mango how much color meant to her.

The tail of her's would persistently look to keep a hold on Prism. Desperate to help make sure someone in a rough spot didn't jump. As for Volksgeist trying to provoke things Mango would activate the powerful magnet system in her left palm looking to lock the weapon into something she could have control of prevent it from finding a sheath in flesh. Her right hand went for a simple jab anything to keep the titan from hurting others. Better Mana suffer then those around her she thought odds were redundant. A punch that could dent cars and walls looked to collide with the helmet. He probably was going to take punches that leveled cities with ease her's was likely nothing but she had to try. Better her life and limb then theirs with the punch though also came an opening of her wrist revealing a small turret.

They were only the size of a needle but each of the high velocity munitions went off in small explosions. Often turning a shot that could sneak into openings to do minor damage to do extensive bodily harm. "For someone content with all the deaths in Rome you sure seem invested in the life of this one." She wasn't sure if prodding for answers would help anyone she couldn't help but be curious though. If nothing else maybe she'd have some answers before losing more body parts for a stranger.

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Re: Antichromatic [Limited Event]

Post by illirica » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:07 am

The girl had stopped attacking, and one of the others was trying to calm her down. The man who'd come in last of all had gone to stand on the edge of the roof, staring down and smoking a cigarette. He had a lot to say about his own problems. She had the feeling he probably needed someone to talk to. Once upon a time, she might have been the right person to listen.

This time... she wasn't sure. She had the feeling that he was pretending he was trying to make her feel better as a reason for talking about himself. The thought wasn't really like her, and she did her best to put it aside. It wasn't like she didn't suddenly have other more pressing matters to attend to, after all. He'd pulled an axe on her of all things, pressing it against her. Not the blade of it, fortunately, and for a moment she did nothing, just standing there with the axe pressing into her.

Push turned to shove, causing her to stumble a bit. He was moving her, specifically, towards the edge. She resisted, sidestepping where she could, but he was persistent. He wanted her to fight, of course.

She didn't think he understood what fighting was. Or at least, not what fighting was for.

Tom broke in, trying to explain. She wasn't sure if he was trying to explain things to her, or explain things to everyone else. She supposed the answer to that depended on who listened, didn't it? A touch startled her, coldly metallic - not a hand, but an extra appendage of some sort, coiling around her waist. A promise, unspoken: I'll hold you here. It was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. The girl turned on the god as well, trying to needle him into a fury.

Kelly lay a hand down, atop the coil that might have been a tail. Whether it had any sensation, she didn't know, but the hand, while firm, wasn't meant to do any harm. "Stop. Just... stop." Words, to break her silence. She looked at the nation god, at the other girl who'd tried to attack him, at the coil beneath her hand. At the boy, who was trying to find a reason to give the others for what was happening.

"He's right." A pause, just long enough for a very short sigh before she added, "And he's wrong. Partially right, I suppose." She turned back to Tom, because he might understand who, even as she tried to make the others understand why. "He's sad again. He... he forgot. You know. And... I don't think he remembers any more, what it was like to be happy."

She smiled a little bit, but there wasn't any happiness there, either. "I couldn't let it happen again. He's been through it once already. I couldn't let him suffer like that again. And it hurt - Tom, you don't know how much it hurt, it still hurts. It's... crippling. But it's enough."

She closed her eyes, soft gray and colorless. "I... volunteered, I suppose." Another little smile, again not with happiness, but maybe there was a hint there of something like satisfaction. "I don't think Hawkmoth can control more than one person at a time. So I let it hurt, and I let him in, and now I'm holding him captive until Arin gets better. I've been... for a while." She laughed, shortly, not her usual laugh at all. Her eyes, when they opened, sparkled with colorless tears, but they didn't fall. Not this time. She'd cried enough.

"He doesn't like it. He's pushing me. Towards the edge. That's... that's why I need your help. To keep me off the edge. So I can keep him inside. So I can keep Arin safe. So I can keep everyone safe." She turned, to the god and the god alone, and added, with
crimson fury that bled into the world around her:

"So don't you tell me I don't know how to fight."

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