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The Outsiders -Us Greasers

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Halie had walked away from a situation. Being jumped and booted wasn't a fun thing while sober. She continued to walk hearing hollering from the other side. "Damn." She whispered under her breath. Her thick hair fell above her brow, brushing it behind her hair. She knelt down onto her knee to pick up the cigarette butt she threw on the ground while she walked up to the boys. She slowly got up while she slid it back into her mouth. Holding it as she lit the cigarette. She rolled her eyes hearing foot steps.

"Can you back off!" She shouted out into the distance. Seeing a familiar face called to her nerves as she slowly stopped walking. "Why would I back off? I'm only here to help." He whispered. "Not only that. You're my family." He smirked. Johnny was her kid brother. She loved him too much for him to even get close to being hurt.
"You know theyll only hurt you, Johnny Cake." she said crossing her arms, the cigarette dangling from her lip.

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