Superpowers/School (F.A.N.G.)

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Superpowers/School (F.A.N.G.)

Post by Slem » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:09 pm

Another morning rose and another time Jobu fixed his bed. It's been around six months since he came here, all sorts of things happened to him. He had a severe sicknesses when he first moved and hardly ate or drink, he was targeted by bullies who pick on new guys but he stood his grounds and gained everyone's respect, but the biggest offender to his confort in his new home was his monotonous speech pattern. To everyone with a higher rank than him, it sounded like a challenge or mockery; needless to say, they were not pleased with it. His standoffish demeanor and iciness didn't help either.

A lot of times he was tasked with punishments for offensive acts he simply didn't mean.He would've changed his ways but he just forgot how to express feelings, he's not a good actor either.He often took all his punishments silently and executed them to the best of his abilities: pealing onions and fish, scrubbing the bathrooms with a toothbrush the entire night and spending the day with no food. He never complained, he never cared to complain. One time the general had enough of him and tasked him to walk 30 miles. To his surprise, Jobu nodded with no hint of surprise and started walking. After going about 20 miles he fell unconscious as his body couldn't handle the pressure. He woke up in a military van driven by the very general who asked him"why do you insist on being a rebel?" He asked in an almost fatherly voice. Jobu looked down to his feet, his entire life flashed in front of him."Well" he replied with his monotonous speech " the world...shaped me like that...I guess" despite his usual monochromatic speech the general felt a great deal of sadness in him, through these mere words he understood everything about him. He felt guilt, he was punishing someone whom life was not kind to, he was making his pain even worse. Ever since then he tried to involve him, be slightly kinder to him and do whatever it takes to atone for his mistakes. 

Jobu finished his bed and stood in the morning roll call, he then headed to the cafeteria "I'll have tea please" he said to the cafeteria lady "you don't want to eat anything with it?" She asked with a concerned tone "I'm not hungry so no thanks" replied Jobu. The cafeteria lady tried to convince him to eat "young man! You always take only tea every morning, this is bad! You're a growing boy and need sustenance, breakfast is very important you know" "then I'll take milk too" retorted Jobu. His monotonous speech made the joke fall flat though, it couldn't be helped " don't joke around" said the cafeteria lady in a scolding voice, a stern expression and a raised finger "you ought to eat well and I'll make sure you do that" she reached somewhere behind the counter and put on his plate what seems to be a pre-made sandwich wrapped in a paper "I knew it'll come to this so I made you a sandwich containing all the healthy goodness you need, so make sure you eat it with your tea" she said as she reverted back to her usual cheerful self. Jobu was surprised but he just nodded his head and showed a proper gratitude " life is not easy" she exclaimed " so make friendships and have fun, no need to make it even harder on yourself, okay?" "What is she on about?" Jobu thought but nodded as if agreeing then left for his table. As he started eating the sandwich that he didn't even check the inside of her words ringed in his head "what naivety...Friendships? Fun? I don't know what blissfully ignorant life you were leading but I wish I had it too, " he thought "also...this sandwich is good".
He was sitting in the first empty table he saw, he avoids people and people avoid him. 

"Jobu Rinnard! Come to the office! Jobu Rinnard!" From the speakers, his name was uttered and his presence was requested, he was just about done with breakfast so he stood up and left the cafeteria. On the way he could hear people whispering "It's the guy who speaks like a robot" "have he gotten himself in trouble again?" "God he's always alone what a weirdo" "someday he'll cause some crazy massacre, I'm telling you silent people are the worst" he didn't really pay attention to them and just walked to the office, he didn't think about the reason he was summoned nor what have he done. Orders are orders.

He finally reached the door, with two firm knocks on the door he announced his arrival "come in Jobu" said the voice of the general. Jobu came in, he was seated by the general who seemed strangely in a good mood today, Jobu didn't bother to mention it. Orders are orders after all. "My boy" said the general "you know your state don't you?" Jobu tilted his head, and frowned his eyebrows, he had a perplexed expression. Of course he could've used his gift to predict where the conversation is going, but there was a law that prevents the unauthorised use of gifts, and Jobu respects rules to the best of his abilities. "It's been six months already and you haven't found a partner yet" "I..." replied Jobu before being interrupted " work better alone, I may not have INTELLIGENCE like you do but I can predict that much" Jobu looked at the ground "however" said the general "you can't go on like this forever, our regulations says that everyone needs a partner" he laughed "well, this one is kind of special so I hope you two get along". "Right" Jobu replied ". Although the general did expect that reaction he couldn't help but being disappointed "at least fake some excitement" he said "ask about her or something" "her?" Jobu, who was never good at dealing with men let alone women, was kind of flustered. This was a rare sight indeed, enough to make the general grin as though he won a battle."With that said" he reverted to his serious facade "I'll bring her now, be a good boy and wait for me here OK? " He said and left without waiting for a response.

As though as he sounds he's a kind and loving person, however he only acts like himself when he's with Jobu. That thought made him smile, albeit a very tiny, unnoticeable one.

After a while the door opened and the general came back, behind him stood a petite girl with a light brown hair worn in two braids, the colour of her eyes was like that of a chocolate, the type that melt as soon as it gets exposed to the sun. They were sweet, innocent and full of life, in contrast to Jobu's expressionless, cold and deep black eyes.
"Jobu" exclaimed the general "this is Diara Anisele, her power is pyrokinesis and her military name is firestorm . Do show her the ropes".

"A kid?" This thought crossed Jobu's mind but he didn't voice it, however, the ever vigilant general noticed the hint of disappointment that appeared for a second on his face " she might look like a kid" he said "and...act like one...and dress like one..." Jobu raised an eyebrow " but...but.. she is 17 and...her Powers are'm sure she won't cause problems" Jobu sighed. Orders are orders are they not? "Miss Diara" he said as he stood up " allow me introduce myself, I'm Jobu Rinnard, I shall assume the position of your guide and show you all the necessary areas. I should also inform you that I shall be your partner so I hope we get along, with that said, if you do not have any questions let's commence the tour".

yours truly

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Re: Superpowers/School (F.A.N.G.)

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