Mr. W. Karlsen [ACF-908-B]

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Mr. W. Karlsen [ACF-908-B]

Post by Containment » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:30 am

Personnel Profile of William Karlsen

Image Name: William Karlsen

Alias: "Liam"; ACF-908-B

Rank: N/A [underage family of active staff member T. Puzzlehoff]

Location: wherever Dr. Puzzlehoff is currently located; usually L-9

Age: 14 y/o

Hair color: brown

Eye color: light brown

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 54.4 kg

Hobbies: reading; listening to intern gossip; currently learning the banjo

Foundation History

In April of 2018, Dr. Tristan Puzzlehoff was contained by the Foundation, and with him his cousin, William Karlsen. Dr. Puzzlehoff's condition of "hyper-sanity", labeled ACF-908, was highly advanced and generally well controlled. Liam, possibly due to his age, had the opposite combination: a less advanced form of the anomaly, but paired with considerably less control as well. In addition to ACF-908, Mr. Karlsen has a condition that disables both his sense of touch and ability to feel pain, and his ability to move his facial muscles; the source of these conditions is currently under investigation. Since their containment, Mr. Karlsen and his cousin have interacted frequently under supervision in order to maintain a balance of both mentalities. When not in the company of Dr. Puzzlehoff, Mr. Karlsen spends most of his time in the company of Foundation interns, who have tried repeatedly to take it upon themselves to teach him how the Foundation functions. Whether or not this has worked remains to be seen, as Liam is not very conversational or emotive.

Related Anomalies

ACF-908 "Hyper-Sanity"


ACF-908-A "Anonym": See file for "Puzzlehoff, T.".

ACF-908-B "Liam: See above file.

ACF-908-B-2 "Sneering Ann": a psionic entity projected from the hypersane mind of ACF-908-B, similar to the way ACF-908-A-1 is projected from the mind of ACF-908-A. For additional information, see files on "Hyper-Sanity" and "ACF-908-A".

[End of file.]
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