Ellison Gayle [ACF-813]

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Ellison Gayle [ACF-813]

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Cursory Infomation

Name: Ellison Gayle
ACF: 813
Class: Risky
Location: L-53

Age: 13
Gender: Male

Anomalous Behavior

As of now the current understanding regarding 813's anomaly is that, both actively and passively, 813 can alter and force emotions [and sensations] onto nearby organisms. While he cannot directly change someone's opinion on a matter, such as forcing them to desire something they dislike, he can influence it by causing them to feel pleasure while around it and draining that away when they leave. Causing them to unwittingly develop a sense of attachment and want for the object. This can either happen in a rapid, and noticeable burst, or as a slower more insidious development. While the former is a much easier change to identify and address, 813 has been known to subtly affect a therapist's mood for months. Slowly getting [REDACTED] to enjoy 813's company until [REDACTED] believed he was ready for a more lenient containment.

Within a week L-288 was placed into a state now referred to as "The Dream", in which all faculty was placed into a mindless haze of euphoria and ceased all activity. They were found wandering the location aimlessly with a look of faint pleasure. Each had lost the capacity to speak or anything more complicated then pursuing basic survival based motivations such as eating, drinking, and sleeping. Three anomalies were able to escape from L-288 before the location was reclaimed through the use of [REDACTED]. 813 was subsequently moved to L-53 and redesignated a High-Gradient Risky-class anomaly. Strangely enough during the one day he had complete control over L-288, 813 never attempt to escape. [Recovered security footage simply shows him walking through the halls and watching the distorted agents, questioning him about this matter has thus far proven a fruitless endeavor.]

While it is currently unknown if this is a byproduct of his anomaly effect, 813 displays signs of the flat affect, a severe reduction in all emotional expressions. While typically this affects the expression of the emotional rather than the presence of the emotion, 813's variation seems to affect both, leading the heightened levels of apathy. This is often a symptom of a greater mental issue, however, none have yet been observed within 813. [Following Test-033 attention has been redirected away from this curiosity and towards tackling recent developments.] It is imperative that this flat affect isn't misconstrued as a form of sociopathy or psychopathy. Rather 813 has displayed and expressed slight tangential care for others and their wellbeing, however, issues often arise in the minutia and execution of these good intentions.

Additional Notes

On 3.3.2019, [REDACTED] took it upon herself to desire what the full extent of what 813 could cause. Using a R-Class-A personnel without clearance she ordered 813 to utilize his anomaly. She told him to hurt the subject. [REDACTED] later claimed this was to purely be a test of how much emotional distress 813 could cause. Regardless of intent, 813 took this quite literally and caused the man to feel pain. The man dropped dead in under a minute and a private recording of the experiment showed the death to look excruciatingly painful. However, no bodily harm was caused, and the subject appeared to have simply suffered a cardiac event due to an extreme build-up of stress.


ACF-813 was first discovered after police followed up on concerns about the whereabouts of a Mrs. and Mr. Gayle by searching their home. The lights appeared to be on, however, the door was found to be locked with no response to any attempts to enter. After several minutes the officers broke into the home, yet to their surprise, both of the Gayles were found sitting within their home with their eight-year-old son. However, neither Mrs. or Mr. Gayle responded to any questions or even the presence of the police, instead they simply stared with a blank look of joy.

ACF arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

Further investigation revealed that the young child, Ellison Gayle had attempted to break up a verbal argument between his parents. His anomalous effect activated and both were struck by an overwhelming feeling of happiness. The emotional feedback was enough to render them both instantly catatonic, while Ellison claimed he could have released them, he thought he'd made them better then they were before. However after two days passed the mental damage had progressed to a point where it was truly irreversible, even when he was discovered and forced to release his influence on his parents, they remained unresponsive. As of [9.3.2019] they are still hospitalized. This extreme use of 813's anomaly was the first use of what would later be referred to as "The Dream." ACF quickly placed the child under containment as a Low-Gradient Risky-class anomaly.


813 appears to be a rather lean young teenager who often appears younger than his age given his small stature. His platinum blond hair has several streaks of a darker, dirty blond running through it, and is often left unkept. Other than that he bears no identifying mark or features besides his bluish grey eyes.

His speak pattern is typically blunt and monotoned, possessing very few inflection or emotive tones. He also tends to keep his sentences brief, with as few words as possible while still getting across his point. This isn't to say he's inarticulate, rather steps have been taken to ensure he maintained a proper education in spite of his situation.


813 is to be kept within a 202 square foot room that is no less than 503 feet away from any room regularly frequented by other anomalies or agents. Given the difficult nature of 813's anomaly it can often be unclear if the faculty is under his effects, however, 400 feet without direct line of sight has proven to be an accurate area of effect.

The room is to be designed and decorated with items befitting of 813's current age and is to appear as little like a cage as possible. It should include a bed, a shower, a toilet, and any requested materials. [Sketchbooks, pencils, paint, canvases, and reference photos]

Regular interaction with 813 is to be avoided at all cost, those tasked with entering his 400-foot range to drop off food or supplies should be regularly rotated to avoid becoming compromised by his anomalous effects. He is to have one therapist designated to him in order to check his mood and wants and to gauge his stability. This therapist is to undergo a comprehensive psych eval after every interaction. [Proceding The Dream incident, under no circumstances is a single agent to ever interact with 813 more than once a month. Several faculty members have complained that this severely limits any sense of rapport a therapist can build, however, this is very intentional. Raising the location level on 813 has only raised the potential damage another Dream could cause. Above all else, there must never be another Dream.]

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