Anvil of the Blood God

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Anvil of the Blood God

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Real Name: Rothmir Gaugenson
Aliases: Warsman of Ngognirc, the Second of the War-Chosen, Anvil of the Blood God, the Walking Mountain, the Firemane, the Mighty, the Wrathful, the Juggernaut, the Unstoppable, the Boastful, the Fat, the Massive, the Flatterer
Height: 7' 4"
Weight: 650 lbs
Eye Color: sky blue
Hair Color: burning red

Powers and Weaknesses:

+Incalculable Strength and Durability+


Rothmir's most boisterous talent in the field of combat is his insatiable physical output. Easily labeled as a Class 100 brawler and blockbuster, Rothmir's combination of muscle mass packed underneath the thick layers of fat his body is responsible for makes him a veritable juggernaut in the field of battle. His girth is such that he can flatten legions of monsters, wrestle with the heaviest hitters he can find, and still sometimes come out on top. He is an extinction event-level striker, even when point-blank proximity is his only option for range.

His unique center of gravity allows him to ignore attempts to move him unless he allows himself to be moved or if the opponent is suitably strong enough to simply rip him off the ground. Of course, this means that the ground is coming with him! His enormous bulk can even stop out-of-control trains or put an impassable roadblock in the way of an angry troll. It is quite befitting that Rothmir puts an enormous amount of pride into his belly, as well as an even more enormous amount of food and drink.

Strength itself when considering Rothmir's physical capabilities is merely one of the many advantages he has in a fight. His truly immeasurable output is supplemented by a virtual invulnerability. His godlike physique makes him entirely immune to earthly forms of injury. Even in the void of space, Rothmir seems relatively unharmed and rather unamused. He would much rather be fighting or eating or drinking! Deprive him of those and you get a very grumpy Yjramsviking.

+Heightened Battle Speed and Awareness+

Despite his vast size, Rothmir is capable of inhuman feats of speed and reactionary time. His mental faculties accelerate in such a way during a fight that he can counter speedsters and enemies moving many times his own natural wavelength. How he processes information during a fight is truly frightening, as it can take less than a microsecond for him to understand and then immediately react to something.

However, this does not apply when he is outside of a battle or doesn't know that one has started. The electrons firing in hyper-human coordination in his brain do not accelerate unless he directly knows that he is in a fight. He can easily be blindsided by a foe who is savvy to this weakness of his.

Rothmir often puts his size to his advantage during these periods of heightened battle awareness. Whether it is to catch a foe off-guard or to put himself into a favorable position by suddenly stopping and changing directions, Rothmir's fantastic bulk owes itself legendarily to his excessive combat speed and reflexes.

His mastery of armed melee combat, especially in the crucial middle-to-close range of his poleaxe, also buffs this combat awareness spectacularly. With his mental faculties constantly accelerating during a fight, he can naturally assume defensive or offensive positions with any weapon he has in hand. With his fantastic strength he pushes the boundaries of scientific law, greatly exceeding any known limit of air resistance or friction in his fluid, physics-defying movements. This automatically puts him into a favorable position regardless of whatever moment he finds himself in during a duel or brawl.

+Omega-Level Energy Resistance and Elemental Manipulation+

More than any other power, it is Rothmir's Blessing of the Storm that grants him exceptional lasting strength in the grander scale of war. Before he was born, the Blutsviking of his tribe gathered around and convened over the portents. When the bones revealed the sign of the storm, the tribe knew they had a new champion.

Over the years, Rothmir began to understand that he could not rightfully control the lightning element without a proper conduit. That is why the hammer-poleaxe that has become his iconic weapon was forged from unbreakable Sturmstahl, a metal considered sacred from the mines of Duardland.

Rothmir became an adult by the time he mastered the weapon, which he named Dhumenschaefer - Chooser of Dooms. With Dhumenschaefer in hand, Rothmir conquered all of his enemies as a mighty Lord of Storms.

His powers as wielder of Dhumenschaefer are vast and overwhelming. It is a magical artifact, blessed by Ngognirc himself from the day of its forging. Nothing Earthly can destroy it or do it harm. Even alien weapons do not seem to scratch it or cause its structural integrity stress. On a pure striking level, it endures Rothmir's monstrous physical power exceedingly well, only enhancing the devastation he unleashes.

In terms of magical output, it allows him many forms of energy resistances. Telepaths would find it extremely difficult or even impossible to breach his mind while the hammer is in his possession, while any temperature-altering advantage is completely nullified by its presence. Even those who would steal the breath from his lungs, involuntarily accelerate his cellular growth through radioactive means, boil his blood chemically, or kill him with neurological diseases or attacks suddenly find that the hammer-poleaxe itself interferes with such methods directly. Magic flows from its core, protecting its wielder from any sort of poison or underhanded ethereal infiltration.

On the other side of the spectrum, its generation and manipulation of lightning is considered to be on an 'Omega' level classification. Easily moon or even dwarf planet-erasing level, the lightning is arcane only in origin. Magic resistances are soon loathe to realize that the heat and plasma are very much grounded in reality, and smash into them with all the force that Rothmir desires. Though he can easily change it to magical lightning, the end result is very much the same: complete annihilation, should the situation warrant it.

Dhumenschaefer also allows him to fly at hypersonic speeds, very well coming close to or at the speed of light should he necessitate it using an accelerated form of lightning as a travel device.


  • Carries flasks of solid black mead made from Skallar death hornet honey
  • Claims to have a longboat
  • Has a wife and sixteen children

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