Dylan Hoffman, The Unkillable Man

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Dylan Hoffman, The Unkillable Man

Post by Deus Mortis » Fri Mar 08, 2019 1:45 am

Dylan Hoffman, The Unkillable Man
Basic Information
Full Name:

Relevant Alias:





Dylan Hoffman

“Black Lungs”





200 lbs
"The Healthiest Man Alive"
“Some people got their powers from tinkering in their labs and shops. Others got lucky and were born with them. People like me? Well, sometimes you piss on the wrong god’s statue and wake up the next day with every scar you've ever have gone, and then some.”

Anomalous, supernatural, mystical. The origin of Dylan’s inhuman health is both unknown and absolute, and certainly nothing short of astounding.

Shot out organs, slashed off arms, pulverized bones, and even vaporizing rays of energy have not proven enough to stunt Dylan’s regeneration. Given a varying amount of time, his body will always regenerate the damaged or lost body parts and cells. Objects stuck within his body such as fragmentation or broken off blades will find themselves slowly pushed out of Dylan’s body as he begins his regeneration process.

Illnesses, diseases, toxins, and DNA-altering substances all will have their effects halted entirely. For reasons he does not know, his ability heals him to his prime, which would likely be why he has yet to feel muscle fatigue since the emergence of his abilities. His muscle recovery has been similarly affected though it limits his recovery to avoid having him become a large blob of muscle.

Some traditional methods of putting down “Regenerators” are largely ineffective on Dylan. Suffocation, starvation, dehydration are worthless as he’s shown to be able to go extended periods of time without requiring to eat, drink, or breath.

“That's the kind of shooting you learn in the Academy, amigo.”
“Yeah? They teach you how to hot-wire a car too?”
As a former detective, Dylan was trained in a number of skills. His more questionable skills can be credited from his...troubled childhood.

Dylan was noted for his ability to collect evidence and make-out leads from an out-of-the-box line of thought, though he did well enough to do things the orthodox way. He was competent in the more physical aspects of a police officer’s repertoire such firearms handling, high-risk vehicle operating, and self-defense hand-to-hand combat. Unsurprisingly, Dylan was well-versed in working within the law, as well as in how to work around it.

Though not a list of skills noted down on his official file, the closest of Dylan’s friends at the station knew the man could question the hell out of a suspect. Some would call the way he questions suspects an interrogation. So long as it gets results, right? Anyways, in addition to his greater-than-average questioning, Dylan’s shown knowledgeable in contacting those who pursue more ”legally-questionable” lines of works.

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Re: Dylan Hoffman, The Unkillable Man

Post by The Spectre » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:15 pm

TFW you have a flat cigarette.

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