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The Patriot

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Name: Benjamin D. Bradway
Nickname(s): The Patriot, the Weekend Warrior, the Northeastern Vigilante
Age/Gender:  37 or 38/Male (DOB: 15 AUG 80)
Nationality:  American
Area of Operations:
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
Appearance and Gear:
Whenever on the prowl, the Patriot is always seen wearing a dark black hoodie and a blood red ski mask to cover his face. Witness reports claim that he is a Caucasian man of above average height [estimates put him at around 5'11"-6'2"] and of a slightly large build. Throughout his career as a self-proclaimed vigilante, he is known to have used a variety of firearms to carry out his killings. They are:
  • Marlin .30-.30 lever action rifle
  • Mossberg 500 Sawed Off Shotgun
  • Beretta M9 Semi-automatic pistol
  • Ruger LCR 22 Revolver

- The Patriot -


Bellows Falls, Vermont

Early Childhood
Benjamin D. Bradway was born and raised in Bellows Falls, Vermont, not far from the Connecticut River. His father was an avid Red Sox fan and would take young Benjamin to the country store in North Walpole, New Hampshire just to get a glimpse of "Pudge", Carlton Fisk after his retirement from the White Sox in 1993.

Ben's father, Paul owned a farm in the hills south of Bellows Falls not far from the Railroad tracks and the river. Farming in Vermont is difficult; you go to work before the sun comes up and you finish long after the sun goes down. Paul Bradway was disciplined about the farm and kept at it all day long. When Ben was not in school, doing homework or sleeping, he was helping his old man on the farm.

Often times while out harrowing a field, bailing hay or harvesting field corn, Paul would tell his son that he should look into working for the Central Vermont Railroad which ran along the eastern edge of their property. Ben rarely took his father's suggestions seriously, but tended to his work regardless. When Ben graduated from Bellows Falls Union High School, he never looked back. He did play Defensive Back for The Terriers and outfield on the baseball team, but never good enough to go to College. Nor were his grades all that impressive; he was lucky enough to have all Cs.

After High School, instead of following his father's footstep in working the farm or taking up on his offer about the Railroad, Benjamin enlisted in the United States Army, attending Basic Combat & Infantry Training at Ft. Benning, GA. Upon completion of the 14-week Infantry Course, he proceeded to Airborne and Ranger Schools, at Ft. Benning, GA. In 1999, after successfully completing training requirements as an Airborne Ranger, Private (E2) Bradway was assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-McChord about five miles south of Tacoma, WA.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Benjamin D. Bradway, Member of Charlie Company 2nd battalion 5th Special Forces Group, from Bellows Falls, Vermont, seen at OP Mace in eastern Afghanistan Kunar province near the border of Pakistan. August 16, 2007.

Military Service
By October, 2001, Private First Class (E3) Benjamin Bradway was reassigned to A Company, First Battalion, 27th Infantry (1-27 IN), 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, HI. On 1 January 2002, Benjamin D. Bradway was promoted to Sergeant (E5) and assigned as an Infantry Team Leader with C Co., 1-27 IN.

The onset of Operation Enduring Freedom and the NATO invasion of Afghanistan meant Sergeant Brady and his unit was sent over halfway across the world to fight for Uncle Sam. He served a total of three tours; two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq during the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was hospitalized for a brief stint in 2003 for a gunshot wound (GSW) to the right thigh.

In January 2004, Sergeant Bradway arrived at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (JFK-SWC) in order to enter the selection process for the Special Forces Qualification Course. The course lasted one year and three months for Sergeant Bradway. At its conclusion, he received the 18B Special Operations Weapons Sergeant MOS.  He also received classroom instruction in the Arabic language.

In April 2005, Sergeant Bradway was assigned to Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 5235, C Co., 2nd Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (2-5 SFG), Ft. Campbell, KY. While with 5th Group, Sergeant Bradway deployed to the Middle East at least a dozen times between 2004 and 2008. During this time, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant (E6) and engaged the enemy no fewer than forty-three separate engagements. It was around this time that he received both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star during an engagement with Taliban forces by the Pakistani Border. Saving the life of one Corporal Ted Garcia who was incapacitated by sniper fire, Sergeant Bradway received multiple wounds but was otherwise able to save Corporal Garcia from further wounds by shielding the Corporal with his body. Both men were medevaced shortly after reinforcements arrived and suffered no long-lasting injuries.

In 2009, Benjamin D. Bradway retired from the Army as a Sergeant First Class (E7) with ten years time in-service. However, as it turns out, life across the Fence was not interesting enough for a man like him, and he quickly reenlisted the following year.
In 2010, Staff Sergeant Bradway requested training and assignment to the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. He was recruited and indoctrinated into the dark underworld of a unit that is informally referred to as Delta Force. As a Delta operator, SSG Bradway was deployed to many locations around the world. He received training in speaking Russian, Farsi and Polish while serving with Delta. He has engaged the enemy in numerous hostile actions and received additional wounds forcing him to receive hospital care.

His elite training, reputation as a no-nonsense soldier who always got the job done and his love of his country would earn him the nickname the Patriot amongst his peers. Other Deltas respected him and his enemies feared him. In recent years, there are rumours abound that he and his unit were involved in several black ops mission in Syria. Supposedly, he came into contact with a Spetsnaz squad and a short gunfight ensued which resulted in the deaths of at least a dozen elite Russian soldiers and just three Americans. Of course, this event was kept under wraps and no one but the most highest ranking Military officials even knew that it ever happened. During the battle, Staff Sergeant Bradway personally took out an enemy APC and several Spetsnaz soldiers with nothing but a... spoon?

Alright, maybe that last part never really happened.

In reality, Benjamin never re-enlisted after his retirement and never became a Delta. With both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star to his name, he felt he had served his country to the best of his ability and figured it was high time he went back home.

New England Central Railroad

Life Back Home
In 2009, he went to work for his father full time after his career in the military, but found being around his father all day to be irritating; his father, though proud of Ben's military record, never really got over the fact that he practically joined the Army without asking permission. Reminded of his father's offer way back when he first graduated High School, he quietly drove down to the railroad office for the Green Mountain Railway located in North Walpole to inquire about employment. He was told they were not hiring, but that he should check with the New England Central in St. Albans, VT. He was given a phone number to call.

Following a two-week process, Ben hired onto the New England Central Railroad, formerly the Central Vermont in 2002. He took a job working as a Track Maintenance Technician. This meant he would have to inspect portions of the rail that ran from the Canadian border north of St. Albans, south to the Massachusetts border at Vernon, VT. He learned the job working with an experienced trackman. He and three other rode in the same "High railer" inspecting track and replacing 100-pound and 130-pound rail where it was needed. Every year they also engaged in replacing the large wooden ties, soaked in creosote. It was usually the hottest day of the summer when they were working the tie job.

Paul Bradway and his sons Benjamin and Thomas who was two years younger than Ben always looked forward to Deer hunting season in late November and early December. The nice thing about Vermont is they have a Rifle Season. Unfortunately, their Massachusetts neighbors to the south only have shotgun season. This tends to send a flock of clueless flatlanders north into the hills of Vermont to get lost. There were more than a few times when Ben and his father and brother would run across a flatlander winded somewhere west of Windsor Mountain searching for the way out of the woods. They would offer their assistance and help the godforsaken clueless bastards out, and then laugh at them behind their backs later on. It made for some funny stories.

Benjamin's favorite hunting rifle was a Marlin .30-.30 lever action rifle. His father used a Marlin 336C in .35 cal. Both rifles had 7x50 scopes mounted on them. His brother, Thomas used a Remington .30-06 which also had a 7x50 scope mounted on it.

He lived a comfortable enough life in the years that followed his retirement from the Army. His job at the Railroad paid well enough and he enjoyed being around his family. Unlike some men who served alongside him, his time in-service was something he looked back upon with pride and happiness. It was sad to know that several of his friends came out broken after their service, but Ben was always there to help them if and when needed. In 2015, he got himself married to his girlfriend of four years and by 2016 she gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter who they named after Ben's late mother, Carolyn. Life was good.

However, it was about to turn a complete 180.

The state of the Benjamin D. Bradway's home after the burglary of October 12th, 2016

Trouble at the Homefront
On a cold October night in 2016, Benjamin was out doing emergency maintenance on a railway route near the Canadian border. Apparently a bunch of metahumans had gotten into a brawl with one another and took the fight north, tearing through the forest and severely damaging a part of the rail system near Swanton, VT. Usually, he'd be at home at around this time, but the company had called on the majority of its employees to help fix the problem. As it just so happens, his name also got called. Saying goodbye to his wife and baby daughter, Ben walked out into the cold winter night and drove north to Swanton.

Unknown to him, a group of armed men were right outside his house by the time he arrived in Swanton.

Bellows Falls had only a population of roughly 3000 people, and meant that everyone knew each other and there were rarely any local crime. But that was not the case this time. This particular band of no-gooders were from out of town. On the run from Massachusetts, they had gone north in an attempt to evade the police, but figured they might as well get some money from the small town before moving further north.

When Benjamin came back home at around midnight, he found his front door kicked in and his house completely trashed. Panicked, he damn well near tore down his house trying to find his wife and daughter who were nowhere to be seen. It was not until when his neighbors came to investigate the house in the morning did he learn about his family. By the grace of God, his family had been staying over at his father's place when the burglary happened. His wife had wanted to leave a message to tell him where she was, but she figured he'd call when he got back home, so instead she just told the neighbors.

Though no one was hurt and the things the burglars grabbed were insignificant, the event still traumatized the small family. For around a week after the burglary, Benjamin would stay awake at nights, pistol in hand as he watched cars go by his house at night with suspicion. They had reported the crime to the police, but unfortunately the trail went cold even after extensive investigation.

Over time, the family got over it and went on with their life. Ben, however, never got over it.

What little free time he had, he spent it on conducting his own investigation into the crime. It came to a point where this became a sort of an addiction for him, as he spent hours on end trying to piece together a puzzle that has long since burned out. If a team of professional police investigators couldn't solve it, how exactly could he? Eventually, much to the delight of his wife, he let go of it. Instead, he poured his effort elsewhere: Home Defense. Purchasing himself set of handguns, Ben also did home improvement projects with his brother to ensure anyone who tried to break in would have a hard time of doing so.

Months would pass and life in the Bradway household went by like normal. It was not until 2017 would Benjamin discover an important piece of info he overlooked during his personal investigation that would lead him down the path into becoming the vigilante known as the Patriot.

The Patriot's First Kill

Becoming the Patriot
When his house was burglarized and the safety of his family was threatened, Ben had done everything in his power to keep that from happening again. The Police, whom he had expected to be able to bring those who did it to justice, had turned out to be a disappointment and had found nothing despite long-winded interviews and investigations. It was as if the group of burglars had simply up and vanished into the snow.

Wholly unconvinced, Ben had done his own amateur investigation into the case even after it was closed. With the help of a police friend who once served with him back in Afghanistan, he dug up police records and tried to connect the dots. As expected, he also came up with nothing. However, he did dig up some pretty interesting info about a couple of locals who had previously had history with the law. Considering none of it was really useful to his investigation, Ben pretty much forgot about them all.

That is, of course, until a local kid committed suicide around April of 2017.

Being a small town, news traveled fast. The suicide victim, a 16-year old high school student by the name of Billy Judkins, was the son of one of Ben's co-worker in the railway company. The death had hit everyone hard, especially the boy's parents who were both confused as to why their son would commit suicide. And indeed, none of it matched up. Even at school, Billy's friends and fellow students described him as a cheery and smart boy who never got into trouble nor started any. Granted, there was a shift in his behavior prior to his suicide, but all of it happened so fast that no one even realized it at the time.

People mourned, but eventually they forgot about it over time. Around this time, Ben also noticed that a local bus driver was planning on moving out of town. This fact would've been pretty insignificant and not worth mentioning were it not for the fact that the man was no one else but Ricky Ibanez, a name Ben recalled being mentioned in a police report he read during his investigation.

Confirming his suspicion, Ben read the man's police record and found out that he was a registered sex offender. How exactly a man like him managed to get a job as a school’s bus driver was indeed something that needed to be questioned, but it was not as important as the reason why he wanted to move out of town just conveniently after the suicide of Billy Judkins. It might just be nothing but suspicion, but if his time in the Army taught him anything, it was following his gut had never gotten him into anything but success.

Telling no one, Ben vowed to get to the bottom of it and during school hours, he snuck inside Ricky's house. Not only was the guy dumb enough to leave his backyard door unlocked, he'd also forgotten to turn off his computer. What Benjamin found in the man's hard drive sickened him to the stomach.

At that moment, he knew he had to act fast and make a decision. The evidence before him was more than enough to keep the sick fuck behind bars, but that thought made Ben pause. Did the guy deserve to live years of his life a cell and get three meals a day after what he had done?

Hell. Fucking. No.

With his mind set, Benjamin D. Bradway planned for the murder of Ricky Ibanez.

Of course, after seeing the sickest shit in the guy’s hard drive, Ben wanted nothing more than to just walk up to the fucker and blow his brains out, but he knew that'd not do anyone any good. Someone's got to avenge Billy Judkins, but a message gotta be sent out as well.

And so, his training kicking in, Ben did what he did best: He collected information. Like back during his time spent trudging through the Hindu Kush mountains, he did reconnaissance on Ricky Ibanez. Whenever he had the time, he trailed the sick fuck and got to know the guy like the back of his hand without ever even speaking to him.

Funny thing about a person, they sometimes don't notice that they got a routine of their own. They might not notice it themselves, but those who watch them will notice the subtle repetition in their day-to-day life. Ben used this to his advantage. Though Ricky had moved out of town by then, Ben was still on his trail.

One night, Ben parked his car right outside a local hangout called ‘the Vengeance’. Fitting, he thought as he waited. Throughout the time spent snooping Ricky Ibanez, Ben noticed that the guy always spent his weekends at this place, so he figured it was the best place to get the job done.

It didn't take long before the guy pulled up right outside of the place. Seeing that, Ben quickly got out his car and readied himself.

A word was uttered.

The man turned around.

The trigger was pulled.

On that day, Ricky Ibanez was found dead by his car.

On that day, the Patriot was born.

Image"Powers" and Abilities

Just Your Average Joe...
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Despite everything, the Patriot is still by all intents and purposes a regular human being. He can't deflect bullets with his mind, he can't break the sound barrier and achieve mach ten speed, and he can't demolish a whole city block with just a flick of his finger. At its core, he's just a regular man with a burning desire to see evil men put six feet under. However, such a task would no doubt require him to be just slightly above other men in terms of physical condition. To achieve this, he regularly does physical training and has also recently put in hours at the local gym. It also helps when his work sometimes requires him to pound away at railroad tracks. Though he's not exactly a muscular giant of a man with the endurance of a black panther, he's getting there.

With a Gun
“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” - The Second Amendment

Okay, maybe he's not exactly your average Joe. With ten years of service in the United States Army and extensive combat experience during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as both an Airborne Ranger and Special Forces Operative, he knows his way around a weapon and how to use it most effectively in killing another person. Granted, he does not have the same arsenal he did back during his time in service, but a bullet shot out of a civilian-grade firearm still hurts just as much as one shot out of a military weapon. His training and experience puts him at a significant advantage against he common street hoodlums and trash he targets, but he's smart enough to not let the people know just how trained he is. After all, there are only a handful of ex-Special Forces guys living in the Northeast; it'd be dumb to let investigators know that all of it was a work of one.

And A Will to Fight
“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”- Napoleon Hill

Despite only doing it occasionally (a.k.a whenever he has the time for it), the Patriot has made it his personal crusade to bring justice to those who have evaded the eye of the law for so long. Prior to any killings, he does extensive research and always plans out every single possible scenario before going through with anything. This careful and tactical approach puts him above most other amateur vigilantes and ensures not only a successful mission 90% of the time, but also reduces the possibility of the police ever tracking him down. Still, he is only human (and a middle-classed one at that). He does not have extensive networks to call upon nor the resources to carry out anything larger than the occasional raids against individual criminals or a small part of the criminal underworld. Seeing as though he can't cover his tracks by paying people off or by making a phone call, he's extremely cautious during each and every mission.

For the Good of the People
"Of the People, by the People, for the People" - Abraham Lincoln

Though not a superhero and definitely not one who is registered by the government, the people and media adore the Patriot. When the murder of Ricky Ibanez made the news, the Patriot made sure the man’s hard drive found itself in the hands of the Police, while a manifesto was sent to the local newspaper. In it, he detailed Ricky Ibanez's crimes and went on a rant about the fault of the justice system and how offenders like Ibanez should be dealt with: With a bullet to the head. This, coupled with the long rant about the American dream and how the government must keep the people safe, earned him the namesake of the Patriot.

The other killings that followed and the presence of a spray-painted American flag following the murder of a heroin dealer only further cemented the Patriot's reputation amongst the people.

Though some might see him as a psychopath who tries to justify his killings by targeting those who deserve it, the Patriot is entirely convinced that he is doing all this for the good of the people. As such, you would never ever find him opening fire on police officers or even doing anything that would otherwise put the lives of innocents in danger.
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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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