The Thirteenth Hour

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Re: The Thirteenth Hour

Post by Poetic Ghost » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:45 am

“Oh, nice!” Sho has said eagerly as he moved towards the doors with the others, but before he could enter, a man blocked the doorway with his wheelchair.. it was Mr. Okawa. His eyes were glued to his watch, and Sho hoped that he wasn’t upset about their timing. As he began to speak, Sho began formulating a response to his question, but chuckled along with him, albeit a bit confused.

He followed close behind the teacher, but never moved the others around him. Sho could tell that Okawa’s time was important, and he wouldn’t want to waste it with unnecessary talk or daudling. He wanted to know the truth, he wanted to know what the old teacher was keeping from him and the children. What was the key to their abnormality? Why did he wish to share it with them, and of what use was Sho to this man.

As they entered the classroom, Sho felt a little pulse in the back of his mind, a wonder as to the nature of this man, and what was the response that he wanted from this question..

Sho answered first, but assumed he was the most confused. “I don’t feel very tired.. why do you ask, Mr. Okawa?” He asked in reply, and comfortably pushed his glasses higher on his nose.
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Re: The Thirteenth Hour

Post by Wint » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:15 am

Hayate's heart skipped a beat as he went to follow the other students who were on their way inside, and before them stood-- sat?-- Mr. Okawa himself.
He couldn't let him know how he felt. Hayate, as much as he wanted to be enthralled why the situation as others may have been, was just worried.
What did the man want with them, and why was his excitement even more worrying?

Hayate shook his head to refocus himself before he moved forth. His eyes were glued to the ground as he remained perplexed; but he forced himself to keep them leveled. He took a deep silent breath before he went inside the classroom, following and followed by the other students.

He looked to the edges of the silent and dark classroom, an atmosphere that in no way helped him calm down. Especially so with their teacher asking such an out of place question.
Of course they would be tired! It's almost midnight!
Maybe Hayate wasn't quite as tired because of his stress revolving the situation, but that did not mean he was energized like he just finished a beauty sleep.

He looked at the empty desks, searching them for means of... protection.
He hoped he wouldn't need them-- WHY DID HE THINK HE DID?!

Ignoring the intrusive thoughts, Hayate slowed his breath to slow his heavily beating heart as his eyes fell to the ground, before returning to glare as apathetically as he could at the teacher.
He would not reply to that question.
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Re: The Thirteenth Hour

Post by Azra » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:14 pm

"If you live among wolves you must act like a wolf." Taylor remarked in response she wasn't sure why it was the first thing to come to mind. She wasn't a history major and barely knew anything about Sovients in particular but something about that quote just seemed to register with her. She didn't think she'd like any of those people but the line really clicked with her, and also reminded her a bit of her favorite stuffed animal to weirdly enough. "That said the more common saying involves not biting hands or something." The punk remarked hoping it helped distinguish people just being people in all there flaws from actual opposition. Didn't mean her friend didn't storm off though leaving the punk to just fiddle with her crimson dyed bangs before approached soon after.

Taylor wasn't sure she really had an answer to that, seemed right to try though. "I think she's sweet, it's just more comforting to be strong. Sometimes though strength isn't in snapping back but knowing when not to." And that was all sounding way to anime or movie like for her cool exterior. If she kept that up she might seem more weeb then punk so she was quick to just gesture towards heading into the room. Sticking close to the classmate she knew but doing her best to keep her focus on whatever the teacher was going to say.

"More curious then tired. Assuming this is real I'd rather not sleep through it." That felt strangely weird to say to her though as it sounded like that was where they did go or something when they dreamed. Maybe they were supposed to be tired? She figured she'd just try to shut up and listen.

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Re: The Thirteenth Hour

Post by Someguy500 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:26 pm

Despite her trendy clothing and the punkish way she wore them, this other girl was pretty nice. She explained her friend's behaviour while not really denying that it wasn't exactly the best reaction. It certainly felt better than getting huffed at, that was for sure. Yuu was about to introduce herself when who else to show up at the door than Mr. Okawa, the person who'd invited them all here in the first place. Were they that late? They did get lost a while, maybe it was longer than she'd thought. He didn't seem too mad, at least.


The teacher sounded eager, no, excited to tell them about that other place. Following along with her sister as they found a spot to sit in the classroom, though, Rin couldn't help but hang onto something he said.

"...And much more to see that cannot be done away with mere discussion!"

The phrase stuck out to Rin, in the gloom. Only the teacher's face was illuminated in a single, dim light, his features casting shadows that lent an unkindness to his smile. What would he show them? What did it have to do with the other place? She wanted to know, but her mouth went dry just thinking about it. Reaching for her sister's hand, she squeezed it tight.

One look at her sister told Yuu everything, amd a few whispered words told her the rest. Smartly raising her other hand, she asked, "We're not tired, but why do you ask, sir?"
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