Survivors{1x1 BxG Romance Zombie Apocolypse

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Survivors{1x1 BxG Romance Zombie Apocolypse

Post by BadgerBlues » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:49 am

{CAUTION: Gore(Mentions of Blood and Wounds), Language and Dark Themes(More or Less Death and Extremely Depressed Thoughts), Viewer Discretion is Advised}

The girl sighed as she walked alone, she had ran. Really, really far. Badger Phoenix, Genius Highschool Student and a great fighter. She had survived. To her own amazement. Now she was on her own, walking down the streets full of blood, broken down cars, old stores. It had been Five Months since the world had gone to shit. She hadn't seen anybody she knew for three months and had accepted they were dead and she was completely alone. She muttered something under her breath as she entered a shop, being as quiet as possible as she grabbed supplies. Food, water, clothes, etc. Whatever she found useful she grabbed. Her head turned as she heard something, only to find five zombies coming at her, blocking the entrance as they entered. She quickly started looking for a weapon, luckily finding a baseball bat. She sighed and looked at the entrance again, only to find ten more coming at her, blocking her way out still. She nearly accepted she was screwed but decided, just in case her family was still out there, she was gonna try. She swung the bat at the one closest to her, it's head splitting open and getting it's rotten brain all over the ground. She shuddered in disgust, making a small noise of panic as one nearly bit her but she managed to swing again and kill it in time.

A while later she had only gotten three more down, leaving ten to deal with. She heard some bodies drop, leaving her confused as the back door was broken down and a person brought her within the safety of some school gates further away. Somebody with a machete with dark, moldy blood on it, more than likely zombie blood, eventually joined them.

(Begin After this Part, choose to be the guy holding the Machete or The one who brought her.)
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Re: Survivors{1x1 BxG Romance Zombie Apocolypse

Post by Monika » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:57 am

*Hello and welcome to RPF. please be sure to read the rules if you have not already. All RPs need a Request thread, and keep all "Dark Themes" to PG-13 and refrain from excessive Gorey descriptions. Thank you.*
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