Calvin Dorsey, Ageless Gunslinger, Demon Hunter, and Other Things.

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Calvin Dorsey, Ageless Gunslinger, Demon Hunter, and Other Things.

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Take Your Best Shot
  • Name: Calvin Dorsey, Born in 1847 to Eli Dorsey and Mary Dorsey.

  • Alias: None.

  • Age: One-Hundred and Seventy-Two. This prolonged lifespan was brought about via taboo ritual conducted by The Hunter's Coalition. Ironic, considering their standing on such things. The Coalition went about binding remnant essence of the demon Amadeus, thus bestowing some minor supernatural ability to Calvin; including a greatly extended lifespan.

  • Height: 6'0

  • Weight: 185lbs

  • Hair: Brunette

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Occupation: Calvin previously worked under the employ of the (aptly named) Hunter's Coalition until the organization dissolved due to internal issues (Circa 1877). In the 21st century, he is simply a wandering hunter searching for a purpose.

"The size of a Walker with the capability of a Peacemaker; Ol' Colt really outdid himself"

Colt was an established manufacturer of firearms predating the formation of the Coalition, popular among the western American lawmen,rustlers, and citizenry. When the Coalition formed, an immediate problem surfaced in retrofitting weapons to injure supernatural beings, especially ammunition. Converting ammunition was time consuming and required significant manpower in order to maintain a decent stream of bullets. As a result, the Coalition turned to Colt and negotiated a deal between the two powers. Colt would manufacture a new revolver and corresponding ammunition, in return, the Coalition gifted hefty monetary donations.

No official name is given for the end result of this deal, though many hunters simply took to calling it "The Colt". No official patents or schematics exist for the weapon and no surviving models have ever been recovered, making Calvin the last living person to possess one. The Colt would be indistinguishable from the typical Colt 45 if not for various embellishments that encompass the weapon. Most of them are just that; decoration, however, the latin inscription "non timebo mala" or "I will fear no evil" bestow it's capability to wound/kill the supernatural.


Another factor is the custom bullets created for it. Their tips are often etched with a pentagram, adding to their deadly function. Calvin keeps a staggering amount of ammunition on-hand in various bandoliers upon his person, and painstakingly seeds old casings whenever he is low on ammunition.

A Fast-Draw or Quick-Draw implies drawing one's pistol quickly, firing, and taking down a target; often other gunslingers. This skill was popular in the American West what with romanticized depictions of 'cowboys'. What makes Calvin's 'draw' unique is his passive ability to manipulate his perception of time in it's passing, an ability brought about by Amadeus. In simpler terms, the world could be inching along in his perception, however time is advancing at normal pace for opponents. For combat, this means that he perceive minor 'tells' of a draw in 'slow-motion', and draw his own weapon before then.

Amadeus is a rarity among demon culture, in that he doesn't conspire against mankind nor purposefully cause harm. Before being bound to Calvin, Amadeus was living a perfectly human lifestyle serving as a United States Marshal. When bonded to Calvin, he simply advises rather than attempting to control the body. On rare occasions, Amadeus can muster the proper energy required to manifest outside of Calvin's body, for a limited time. This incorporeal figure takes on the appearance of a middle-aged lawman, although the visage of this form is obscured by the shadow of it's hat. Those who have been previously exposed to supernatural/paranormal events or often deal with such can somewhat perceive this form with enough concentration.


Calvin is capable of feats otherwise deemed 'impossible' with his revolver. This includes ricocheting bullets off of surfaces(and sometimes inside of targets), 'trick shooting', skeet shooting (Though often he's shooting deadly projectiles rather then traditional clay ones); all in the span of moments. With proper concentration, Calvin can nearly outdraw the human perception, although robotic opponents or enhanced(meta) humans are another matter entirely.


Calvin appears as a well-built male in his early thirties, often garbed in 'cowboy' attire. This outfit varies from time to time but always include a vest of some sort, a poncho tucked in as a scarf, and his signature 'bullet' hat. He is also seen wearing a leather mask that obscures the lower half of his face; it is unclear whether this is a crude breathing apparatus or simply decoration. At any given time, Calvin will be wearing at least two bandoliers with varying amounts of ammunition, along with his gun-belt.

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