MAVU Project Lead: Amelia Roth

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MAVU Project Lead: Amelia Roth

Post by Annasiel » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:51 am

G E N E R A L _ P E R S O N N E L _ M A I N _ A C C E S S _ P O R T A L
:Query general_personnel.dbvs "Roth_Amelia" -sds -ncrp
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Query "Roth_Amelia"...
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"We, uh... have to get a new coffee machine for the break room. I needed the parts."
General Summary: Originally employed directly under Mitchell Stervos at Promethean Labs, Dr. Roth was offered a position at MAVU Industries following the acquisition and subsequent dissolution of Promethean. Disregarding Stervos' private projects, Dr. Roth has extensive knowledge of Promethean technology being developed both prior to and during the acquisition, as well as a comprehensive understanding of Promethean Labs' business culture and methods of operations.

Dr. Roth was born December 27th, 1985 in Annapolis, Maryland. She has declined to provide information on her early life, but a mandatory background check found she was enrolled in the Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School until Grade 5. Following this, she was placed on an accelerated learning track, and enrolled in the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School at the age of 11. She received exceptional grades in most of her classes, but demonstrated only average skill in English and History. Despite this, she graduated at the age of 15 as class Salutatorian. She was accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a partial ride scholarship, receiving her ScD in Mechanical Engineering (AoR Robotics and MEMS) after only four years. She was offered a position as a research assistant at the university's Department of Mechanical Engineering, and accepted, achieving two more doctorates, a ScD in Physics (AoR Theoretical and Atomic/Optical) and an ScD in Mathematics (AoR Mathematical/Computational Biology and Machine-Human Interaction), in her five years of employment. During her employment, she primarily worked on applied cybernetics, biomechanical enhancement, and the development of medical prosthetics.

She eventually left her position at MIT, joining Promethean Labs as a Junior Lab Technician at the age of 25. Here, her areas of research expanded to nanorobotic delivery systems, cybernetic augmentation in recreational and military applications, applied physical theory, and exosuit design. After two years, she was promoted to a Senior Lab Technician, then to Chief Engineer directly under Stervos himself. Following the acquisition of Promethean Labs by MAVU Industries, her position was changed to Project Lead, with the responsibility of overseeing the research and implementation of the various Promethean projects integrated into MAVU's itinerary.

While her track record is commendable, and she shows genuine passion and commitment to her work, she has also broken several professional protocols during her employment at MAVU. They are as follows -- improper attire, tardiness, improper use of company property, improper use of company resources, general misconduct, misconduct to superiors, defacement of company property.

Memo: Pajamas aren't business casual, Amelia, and if I catch you sleeping in the cooler again, I'm reporting you to HR.
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