Operative Delta: Quentin Richmond

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Operative Delta: Quentin Richmond

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P R A E C E P S _ O P E R A T I V E _ D E L T A

"Killing a monster often requires creating your own."
SUMMARY: Quentin Richmond, known under MAVU-redacted documents as Operative Delta, O4, OP-4, the Fourth Horseman, or simply Richmond, is the lead stealth operative and wet-worker of the Praeceps Fireteam. Most information related to this operative is heavily redacted, having either been purposefully withheld from MAVU by Delta himself or genuinely unattainable by BLACK BUNKER researchers.

What is known about Richmond is that most, if not all, of his combat prowess and mental abilities stem from purely natural processes and training. He does not appear to possess metahuman abilities, nor is he augmented via cybernetic or technological enhancements like all other Praeceps operatives.

I do not like this man.

In this world, there are many evils. Some, more inexcusable and detestable than others. But this... man contains some unadulterated malignance that I see in so many patients who are mentally ill, sociopathic, insane— whatever sort of name you wish to futilely put on the undefinable. He is not one for brazen hostility, no; rather, he exercises this... undercurrent of malevolence that could only be described as insidious. Superficially, he is a man with morals and emotion and personality, but beneath that façade is something far worse. He does not tell us his true motives. He does not disclose his background and past experience. He demonstrates so many red flags, and yet Vanderhaal still wishes to recruit this man. Because he is obsessed with fighting a proxy war.

Killing a monster often requires creating your own, but this man was not created by us. No, he was leashed and is smiply being harnessed by MAVU— a practice that will only end in our downfall. How much longer until this man causes a security breach? Until he finally snaps? The others do not see it, or perhaps they do not wish to see, but I know evil. I know corruption, and it lurks behind his eyes, laying in wait for the precise moment to strike. The guise of amiability and camaraderie can only be upheld for so long.

Of course, Vanderhaal's short-sightedness prevents him from seeing past this one's efficiency. What he, and so many others, do not understand is that such cruel coherence and effectiveness comes at a cost to one's mind, one's soul.

They call him the Fourth Horseman, but he is not even a man. He is the Id given a mortal form, and I fear we have let a wolf in sheep's clothing out among the herd.


"I'd prefer not to talk about my past."

Richmond has explained to psychological evaluators that he is highly trained in the experimental martial art known as Silent Math. Its mechanics are conveniently unexplained by Operative Delta, who refuses to disclose the specifics of his teachings.

What is known is that the form grants the surpassing of peak human endurance without the use of technological or metahuman additions. Without MAVU-designed cybernetics, Richmond has demonstrated superhuman endurance, baseline intelligence, strength, and agility that has only been achieved in fellow Praeceps operatives through heavy modification. While agreeing to the use of various drug-based enhancers and combat supplements, Delta has been notably opposed to the use of technology in augmenting the human body, preferring to meditate and embark upon high-risk training exercises to further his physical and mental strength. While MAVU still believes in using highly advanced cybernetic modifications, researchers have begun looking into these alternative methods for viable use in workout drills within Praeceps.


Another trait of note within Delta's natural arsenal is the ability to extrapolate variables and outcomes of actions based on seemingly instantaneous mental calculations. By seeing the predictable consequences of each movement, Richmond is able to exploit the conditions around his person and perform acts deemed relatively unthinkable; his reaction speeds rival that of Operative Alpha's extrasensory capabilities, and his endurance surpasses that of any Praeceps squadmate.

The inferring of data points and variables also allows Delta to calculate relevant lines of sight, predict troop and enemy movements, and analyze points along the ground that produce the least amount of noise, among other aspects. In recognition of this fact, Richmond is the main stealth operative of Praeceps.

"I'm just lucky— don't worry about it."

With my line of work, you don't live as long as I do without some decent preparation and contingency plans. It just so happens that mine happen to be hard-coded.

Training in the art of Silent Math made me view the world in a different light. It's not just objects, feelings, emotions, everything... else, but something more. It's hard to describe.

Essentially, it's like taking a step back. Looking at the world through the lens of the fundamental constant within an ever-changing universe. Numbers. Everything has a variable attached to it, a certain inconsistency— or consistency— that can be exploited. That's the first part of it all. You see your opponent has a knife, you see how he's holding it, you see that his left leg is the weakest part of his stance— and you recognize, or infer, that taking out his bum knee is the quickest way to get him to drop the blade in pain, seeing as he was wincing earlier when he was steppig towards you on that certain foot. All that information's internalized, processed in seconds. With practice, it can become near-instantaneous. I never got that far because I became focused on something else, something that nobody bothered with.

See, action and reaction all centers around probability. What's the chance of that knife striking my face? Let's say it lands— okay, so it hits my face. What's the chance of it glancing the skin? Cutting my cheek open? Blinding me? Piercing my skull and killing me? There's always a chance of something happening, whether it's one in a million or ninety-nine-point-nine percent. Nothing's set in stone. It's just the task of getting the odds in your favor— and what I've trained my own brain to do is take these probabilities and percentages and act upon them like a reflex. People might be able to analyze an opponent across microseconds, but they largely ignore the one thing staring them in the face: chance.

Chance is the unregistered variable. You can't predict something you could never see coming.

Of course, like I said before, I work differently than the other students I studied alongside. In crude terms, it's a sort of natural luck, but I like to call it instinctual probability. Over years of practice and meditation, my body is able to take the path of highhst success without even realizing it. Half the time, I'm not even consciously determining variables and percentages because it's second nature. It's a reflex, at this point, to simply make me lucky.

The best part is, no technology or metahuman abilities can ever replace or replicate that. Nothing but training can supplant what I have. So you best start working, because it took me ten damn years, and it's nearly infallible


— most of the time, anyway. Like I said, it's always up to chance.

"At some point, you just learn to stop giving a shit."

Given Richmond's years of meditation and mental condition, it's incredibly difficult to provoke a fear response— or any undesirable emotional response, for that matter— in his brain. While this has served particularly useful in situations where Delta has been assigned assassination missions, Operative Gamma has expressed concerns that this mental disconnect is a result of ASPD, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

While he is certainly capable of being surprised— in fact, much of his combat intuition seems to be centered around surprises and spur-of-the-moment actions— Richmond does not display overt signs of fear when in the field. His mindset has proved to be invaluable when in hostage and captor situations, given that he is incredibly unlikely to break from psychological and physical torture.


While fervently objecting to the use of cybernetic enhancements, Richmond has agreed to the use of stimulant injections to boost adrenaline levels, white blood cell counts, red blood cell counts, and neurotransmission. While far from perfect, these boosters allow Delta to gain even more of an advantage over his opponents, or help match their level if a target is managing to overpower him.
OPERATIONAL DUTIES: Destruction of damaging evidence, assassination of high profile targets and VIPs, intel-gathering or informational theft assignments. General wet-working operations. Largely based as a solo operative deployed independent of Praeceps. Contacted through volatile message containers and self-destructive messages. At current time, holds absolutely no connection to MAVU in any way, shape, or form.

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