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Name: Ghorius
Title: Chaos, Discord
Earthly name: Micheal Hart
Age: Uncertain
Species: Alien Parasite/human

"Look into my eyes, do I look like the guy to bluff?"

Ghorius, an alien symbiote often on the run. Self nicknamed Chaos or Discord in whatever his hosts language is. Ghorius's mind was not always a mess, in fact, he was once more symbiotic with his hosts. However, on an occasion, his host and him were violently tortured and examined by a foreign scientist. After days of agony Ghorius gave up on his host, and from fear and pain, leapt onto one of the nearest guards. He unleashed blood and gore upon the facility in all it's glory, and he found, he enjoyed it. They were so delicate when you dug deep enough, everything was. When he was done with them, he realized he didn't want to stop, so he moved onto a city. It wasn't about doing it by his own hands, it was about making it happen, after all, he only borrowed bodies now. Pushing them beyond what they were supposed to be able to do, destroying them far too quickly but giving them insane abilities. But, in spite of his abilities, he was caught and sent into space. What a mistake that was. The very next planet was ever so much more delicate then the first, they were so simple minded and yet had such splendid technology. He played them like puppets, and when they bored him with the ease of it, he forced them to create a ship for him. Planet to planet he roamed, taking a local host, causing mischief and disorder, and when finally he had his fill, or he found they were too threatening, he departed. And now, here he was, Earth.

The body:
Ghorius's actual body is actually rather small and appears much like a large bug of some kind. It actually has an extremely hard shell which could handle firearms and explosions and can survive without any sustenance for around a day. It can eat through steel with ease, but if something is made of living flesh it can connect to it's nervous system and muscles forcefully causing it to essentially absorb it, as painful as it may be. It's senses are primarily smell and heat based and it possesses no forms of communication, though he could write if he had too. It has no need for oxygen and is almost entirely closed in on itself aside from the alarmingly fast moving legs and it's mouth. Because of being focused on using others systems however, (when connected to a host) he can greatly increase his intellectual speed and capability, oftentimes plenty beyond those of the original host and himself. Because of this he may appear to possess incredible speed in reacting and control over his limbs, as he has far more time to his mind to process the same actions.

Changing bodies: Unless he has a few seconds this can be difficult, so it's almost impossible to do combatively unless he is familiar with the species and can leap from main neural system to main neural system (head to head for humans) or else he'll only have partial control for each. Currently he is hidden within Michael meaning he'd be unable to do so.

Actual speed: Considerably faster then most small animals. Imagine almost proportional speed to some of the faster insects, covering immense amounts of ground for their size without difficulty, up walls, up legs, doesn't seem to matter. Far faster then a normal human can run. Though, at the same time, he is almost entirely speed, durability, and if he can make physical contact, completely lacking any distance ability without a body to make use of.

Abilities/skills when connected:
Mine: When connected to a body Ghorius can hijack nervous systems and methods of controlling the body, and if none are available, he can actually create one himself using the bodies own materials. Sometimes he does this by entering the stomach, near the spine, or even occasionally taking place of the brain, or most of it. Those without such things may be difficult to control but if he can incorporate his own nervous system into it it is manageable. With this Ghorius also often pulls at memories and skills the individual already possessed, one of the most important of these being speech.

True control: Ghorius's connection to a body is far more extreme then most species have with their own. Not only does he have the typical controls of the species, but he is able to cause alterations to it to either temporarily enhance it's use to him, for aesthetic purposes, or just to be convenient for the situation. Oftentimes this is a simple use of removing restrictions on muscle use, altering how the blood flows or is created, and deciding how to digest food. On rare occasions he has created much more serious changes, such as even causing a mammal to have the ability to breath underwater, or making one host go into a paralytic like state while growing a coating capable of absorbing light in order to extend his life inside of it. However extreme changes are more difficult and may require more time to work with properly and not simply kill the host (even if they are, technically, just a discardable body for him).

The mind of the mad: Ghorius may not have been known for intelligence initially. But upon the growth of his madness, things began to change. His need to cause chaos grew in him a need to understand how to do so without putting himself in danger every time, and thus increasing his chances of getting more done. He began to learn tactics, to learn people, but especially, to learn to adapt to new situations. The more planets he went to, the faster he learned to alter a body, the faster he learned to manipulate and outwit.

Current additional traits in use of Michael Hart:

Strength/speed: Though he's only partially altered Michaels actual muscle density, certainly making sure it was in peak condition already, he also is able to push it well beyond what it is meant to go. While this can be dangerous as it can rip and tear muscles or tendons, or break bones, it still has it's uses when fighting a more powerful individual. Even without over-preforming the body he can outrun almost any human and beat them in physical combat.

Pain resistance: Ghorius actually feels every bit of pain the body undergoes unless he severs that area of performance, which he doesn't for the sake of proper use most of the time. However, he is entirely able to force the body to ignore this and move on. Letting him walk on nails if need be and not appear to bat an eye even if underneath he'd be screaming...or the equivalent of doing so. This helps to preform when injured in a way that would usually slow someone down due to shock or pain, as well as to appear fearless.

Appearance alterations: While he may reverse them to fit in better, Ghorius has caused notable alterations to skin tone, lips, hair, and even jaw structure of Michael to give him a more unique look from the rest of humanity.

Languages: Aside form the many languages he has learned from his past, Ghorius is now in possession of English and some Spanish, and is working on other human languages which are somewhat easier to learn now that he has so much experience with so many.

Preparation: Ghorius is working on a proper way to greatly strengthen his abilities. While considering use of chemical enhancement to assist he is currently simply working on building up special muscle in the appropriate places to make him beyond the peak human he is currently at, so that he won't have a need to push himself even when faced with powerful individuals.

Temporary money: Ghorius has access to all of Micheals resources until they run out.

The ship: To be explained further. In short, a small ship designed to warp space to preform very long distance spatial leaps, made to be fast, stealthy, and durable against considerable amounts of damage, even when grazing stars.

The Zenith/Equipment (under construction) a site for criminals and chaos.
Meets Aithne and fights Tyler Wells at The Afterglow bar before going to a concert with Aithne to cause chaos and running into Prism.

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