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Golden Cheetah

Post by BlondieBoy » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:51 am

Thank you Reyn for the BBcode.



Code Name: Golden Cheetah

Name: ████████

Age: 30

STATUS: Dishonorable Discharge

Trained in: Special force unit. Knows how to use handguns, has fired rifles before. Has terrible aim with any type of firearm. A tip from his special forces squad leader is as follows.

Look, whatever you're planning on doing about ████████ you need to stop.....Yes sir, I understand that he ████████████████████████ but that is even more reason to stop trying to find him. He's a terrible shot with any kind of service pistol or rifle but he doesn't need to be. He's an artist with blades. He spent more time than anyone else in the unit training with blades of all kinds. He could kill you with a butterknife quicker than he could with a hatchet. I've never seen someone faster and half the time I could barely see him.

Personality: According to all soldiers that had interacted with Cheetah he was guarded. Didn't speak about his personal life, never went out to do things on his time off. He's an enigma.

Reason for Discharge: ████████████████████████

---------END OF REPORT----------

Entry 73

Glasgow finally sent a copy of my file, stupid bastard. If that's all they know about me then I've got nothing to worry about. Ask anybody in the unit and they'd tell you I was a pariah with a blade. The best they can do now is sit back and listen to his pleas to stop chasing me.
Entry 89

My damn computer got a virus on it and wiped out a handful of my personal logs. Sure was nice to wake up this morning to find log 34 detailing my favorite romp since leaving that shitty special forces unit was gone. Now how the hell am I supposed to remember what to do with my fingers? Ah fuck it.
Entry 90

Weapon Catalogue is as follows.

2 Katanas
3 Trench Knife around waist
2 Bowie knife, one on each ankle
4 hidden blades, one in each tip of boot, one in each sleeve
Had a pretty nice collection of throwing knives but I dropped them coming out of a convenience store the other day. Fucking pricks.
Entry 105

Had to change locations. Living out of Washington State now, California got too hot. Military swarmed my shack and I barely got out. They must've nabbed my file, Glasgow is going to face a discharge himself. His own fault for putting his trust in me.
Entry 120

Starting to think my disappearing files are targeted at me instead of some kind of bug. If you're reading this entry, if you've stolen this entry from me, I want you to know that you're an asshole.
Entry 135

Still fast, just stretched my legs for the first time in awhile. Think I clocked myself around 100MPH at full sprint. Can't pull that off in close quarters till I improve my footwork though. One of these days I'm going to create a tornado around someone, mark my words.
Entry 200

Just lost 60+ days of my files. Think I'm gonna go slit someone's throat for fun to cheer myself up...Ah who the hell am I kidding. I like Washington too much to shit in my own backyard. I'll slit someone's throat in Oregon and be back before dinner.
Entry 230

Finally worked all the rust off if you catch my drift. Cute little research chick, works for some big biological doohickey in the state. Figured I can plan a heist there, maybe get in and out with something off some value, trade it back to the bastards who won't stop sniffing for my ass o they finally fuck off. This is gonna take some time.
Entry 245

Got most of the setup down and I know the layout pretty thoroughly from what my little accomplice has been telling me. if any government finds or steals this file her name is Amanda Surrey, she lives in the capital of washington state and her car is a old Toyota camry. Take her instead of me it was all her idea.
Entry 250

Yuck. Some organization called Deterrence is a thing apparently? Either that's new or I need to keep my head in the game. Lofty ideals, grand promises, probably going to end with death and destruction for the masses so that's fun.
Entry 300

I need to scout this MUVU place today or whatever the fuck it's called. Figure out what kind of security they have, if there's any weak points in the architecture. Maybe I can get in and out without having to slice a few people to bits.

There will be no further entries. I will be returning the logs I have taken from you so far, in return for logs 73,89,90,105,120,135,200,230,245,250,300. If you ever check this terminal again, I am not associated with the government. Goodbye Cheetah.
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