Ground Zero [Open Event]

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Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Alpha » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:06 am


[Wolf's Den]

[0600 Hours]

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to spread the word. And the word... is panic."

The Alpha surveyed her Pack. Some members old, some still quite new. They'd all displayed strength to her in their own ways, but she'd yet to observe how they functioned as a unit. That was far from the only reason she had decided upon bringing them all along on this excursion, but it generally paid to kill as many birds as possible with as few stones.

The group all sat in the Den's common room. Generally, briefings such as this were held in the operations center, but the Hunter had decided to wait until they functioned better as a team to insist they hold meetings in that less-personal environment.

"This... 'Deterrence' wants people to feel safe. Secure. They encourage complacency." A hint of venom crept into her voice, as she spoke the last word. There was little more she hated than complacency- cowards sleeping softly in their beds, knowing not of the true horrors of the world.

"We are to remind the world that there are monsters that lurk in the dark. We are to show them that we are not deterred."

To self-describe with monster was an intentional choice. The Alpha was well-aware of how those outside this tight-knit group perceived her. The rest of them, as well. Between eerily intelligent children, unflinchingly cheerful killers, and implacable cyborgs, they were a fearsome bunch.

”A private corporation called MAVU recently sent an assassin after me, in retaliation for our recruitment of the good Doctor Gravesend, before they could have him killed. As a secondary objective to this mission, we’re going to fire back. MAVU recently acquired a number of samples of highly dangerous pathogens from the United States government, under the stipulation that they be kept in a secure facility. Smallpox. Ebola. Yellow fever. The diseases most consider 'eradicated.' If but one were to slip the noose, it would be treatable. Were someone to release all of them, the resulting plague would be... biblical."

Her gaze fell upon Eliza as she spoke, certain the Little Doctor's mind was already ablaze with ideas for how to modify those viruses, or create new and deadly combinations that would put the Black Death to shame. Lucia allowed herself a ghost of a smile.

"Thanks to Doctor Gravesend, we have an idea of the building’s security. Most of it revolves around keeping the viruses in, not keeping intruders out. The real trouble will be dealing with the inevitable responders. But, I'll address that later. To begin with, we'll all need vacuum-sealed cleanroom suits while inside the facility. Those of us not of an especially biological persuasion won't find them necessary, but I'm afraid I'll have to insist. The semi-anonymous nature of these suits will give us a tactical advantage, given some members of the group are a known quantity to our enemies."

She looked at Jean, for a moment. MAVU’s former employee. Also the Pack's newest addition. Something of an unknown quantity. He’d earned his place, but compared to other members of the group he was more... erratic.

"The pathogens themselves will be dangerous to work with. On one hand, the threat of them being released if the enemy is to try to, say... bomb the facility, is a form of insurance. However, between the use of them for our own research, and a controlled release on our terms, preserving as many samples as possible would be preferable. However, no fault will be assigned if this is not possible, given the nature of the resistance we can expect. Speaking of which..."

A pause. If this had been in the operations center, she would have displayed a series of images, featuring the 'known elements' in this particular equation. Heroes whose appearances and powers were public knowledge. Not to mention some who were not.

"The name on everyone's lips is 'Deterrence.' We can expect them to deploy agents of one type or another, either special-operations or rank-and-file. Not to be underestimated, but not of the sort that we can't deal with either. The real concerns are the more high-powered entities. Given we lack the raw strength to simply eliminate them, without careful preparation and a good deal of luck, we'll have to rely on the threat of releasing the viruses to keep them at bay."

A more theatrically-inclined individual would have been inclined to broadcast some public message preceding the attack, to warn the more powerful 'heroes' against interference. The Alpha had no such delusions of grandeur.

"As for the assault itself... we can expect something of a 'grace period' before the capes arrive in full. We take advantage of this fully- strike with rapidity, and we can make it to the high-security lab before the alarm begins to sound. Eliza and I will remain in the lab to secure the samples, while everyone else fans out to hold the enemy off. We'll deploy one of the pathogens into the water supply before making our exit, to... drive the point home."

[MAVU Biological Research Facility]

[Washington State]

[2400 Hours]


Work didn't end at MAVU’s BSL-4 facility, even after midnight. Visiting hours were long over, and the day crew already home in their beds, but late at night, the corporation’s scientists labored in their secure facility, hard at work studying just what made the pathogens they kept so deadly.

A perhaps-conspicuously unmarked white van pulled up directly in front of the research center's public entrance. The doors opened all at once, and a number of individuals exited, all wearing matching clean-room suits, their visages obscured by the reflective glass. From the driver's seat emerged the Alpha, dispatching both guards at the door with her bow, the second arrow flying mere moments after the first. The wounds were significantly larger than one might expect from such a weapon, more resembling what someone struck by a high-caliber round from a sniper rifle would have.

Silent, the Pack moved through the public area of the facility, any guard they found dispatched with brutal efficiency. That was, until they came to the entrance to the labs. A heavy metal door, locked from the inside. More meant to keep any possible infected individuals from escaping, than potential intruders out. Nevertheless, knowing MAVU, there’d be more significant resistance beyond it regardless.

“The alarms are no-doubt already triggered,” the Apex said, taking a brick of C-4 from her bag. “But once we blow this door, the authorities will be alerted. That means heroes. Be they private military or the spandex-clad.”

With the charges set, she backed away from the door, gesturing for the rest of the group to follow suit. Turning away from it, to face them, she flashed a vulpine grin.

“Before sunrise, they’ll all be dead.”

Lucia’s finger depressed the trigger, and the door detonated, shrapnel firing inwards at those standing beyond it.

“Now, let’s remind the world that there are some animals it’s yet to domesticate.”

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Deterrence » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:51 am

The Pacific Ocean
0025 hours
The Indomitable

Under the waves was a monster. A prototype submarine, the largest of its kind, accelerating swiftly beneath the waves, a whale of a craft that by all standards of modern engineering ought not exist. Yet it did. Its crew were men of the same mold, larger than life, yet scrubbed from records. Their Captain remained reticent, his one eye fixated on the screens.

The situation was standard. A break-in at a secure facility, reportedly housing samples of some of the most deadly diseases known to man. Unknown enemies with undefined capabilities. No discernible motivation other than to spread panic, which would start the moment the media began reporting on the incident. Metahuman activity had sent disaster reporting through the roof. Everyone tuned in for the latest clash, horror, or exo-attack. It was a machine, a well-oiled one. But something was different.

The bridge was afire with activity. Hands flew over keys, looking for connections, anything to give them a lead. Unsanctioned and alone in the dark depths of the ocean, gliding through uncharted waters. The threshold, crossed.

The Captain leaned back in his chair. He rarely spoke, but when he did, it was in a gruff voice, deep and commanding. Damaged, too, charred by godly lightning in a battle the entire crew had watched. A patch lay across his right eye, black as night. He remained silent for the moment, deep in thought, head resting on his hand. Only one thought.

Smells like the Pack. She kept us waiting.

They all had to be thinking it. Handpicked men, all from the bloody rigs, for the skills they possessed. The fire in their hearts, untainted by the Deterrence machine. Take the guns, the uniforms, the training, the submarine, take it all...and leave the system behind. They followed a new leader now. The legend. A quiet man, alone on his throne. But they knew his work. The Major had made sure of it. Studied, examined, idolized. There was never a chance for them.

They waited for his command, always in silence. This had a chance of being their first deployment back on the surface world. They would accomplish the mission Deterrence had laid out for them, but under their own steam, unbridled by the corporate weight of that infernal mechanism. That was how he'd said it, at least. To protect a world without sacrificing what made it special. To prove one man could still win the day. Together they all had a chance of being that one man.

The Captain stood.

"Murphy...chart a course, and tell the men to ready the jet."

Moments later, the floating fortress was roaring at maximum speed towards Seattle. Aerial deployment was standard. This all added up - first of all, Deterrence wouldn't yet be authorized to deploy for a threat like this in Washington state. Without confirmation it was something the local forces couldn't handle, all that reputation and money wouldn't be sacrificed by the US Government to contain a terror attack like this. Not to mention the fact that MAVU wouldn't want them poking around.

But that was just another failure of a corporate machine. That was the failure of trusting the system.

The Captain stood up. It was going to be him. That was it, what they'd been waiting for. The man himself back in the field, even after all he'd been through. But they knew from the reports, too, that it was personal. She had no chance. Was he going to say it?

He spoke.

"It's showtime."

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Praeceps » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:32 am




Executives Present:
Vanderhaal, Jacob.
████, ██████.
███████, ███.
████████, ████.
██████, █████.

"Get me relevant security feeds from Site Washington. Now."

There was no lax expression upon Jacob Vanderhaal's face, no level tone which portrayed a graceful calm. This was the fourth attack within the year to happen upon MAVU property. The first was an attack upon the MAVU Commerce Towers in which a high-ranking executive was defenestrated over 60 stories; the second, an attack upon a financed power plant in which nuclear material was stolen to orchestrate an unprecedented terrorist attack upon Solar City. The third was a blessing in disguise, having kickstarted both support and funding for the Praeceps fireteam with the theft of MAVU property and the "death" of Jon G. Hudson. Over time, they had begun to prepare for the inevitable fourth, laying in wait to see how effective their security force truly was in homeland defense.

Today, Praeceps would be tested. Today, they would win.

The closed-circuit surveillance system within Site Washington was displayed upon the wall of screens within the bunker, each camera corresponding to an individual LED display. Further adjustments were made, with the displays being limited only to recording devices within the secure laboratory wings. Sure enough, the culprits came within view. Cleanroom suits disguised their identities, but Vanderhaal could reasonably guess just who it was.

The access to high-profile equipment. Knowledge of the research site and security patterns. The timing of it all.

"Where are the Operatives? Get them prepped and fly them out to Washington immediately. Deploy with CBRN gear and armor-piercing equipments, as well as sedative rounds." Vanderhaal called out to the researchers behind him. An executive, once busy at his desk, looked up with a fearful expression upon his face.

"We aren't able to deploy Operative Gamma, sir."


"He's in Research Site Washington."


"Now, our research regarding the structure and effects of the Ebola virus have multiple applications. For starters, we can synthesize effective treatments for infected individuals in West Africa, as well as design medication and treatments for those who experience post-Ebola syndrome after surviving initial infection."

Having recently been approved access to the Zaire ebolavirus strain, Julien Bisset had recently taken it upon himself to oversee the process of both safely handling the transfer and educating the head researchers of Site Washington in what their true objectives were. With a viral disease which had a mortality rate bordering on 50%, all necessary precautions had to be taken in ensuring that an outbreak did not occur within the facility. BSL-4 meant that multiple levels were devoted to contain one room, and Washington was one of 10 other sites that housed such requirements.

Bisset gave a look around the relatively unfurnished lab room as he finished speaking. The two head researchers, an American woman by the name of Julia Fredericks, and an African-American man by the name of Jackson Davies lightly conversed as O3 looked to the decontamination chamber which sat past the far end of the room. Two researchers were talking as well, discussing the nature of some data points or whatever it was that they did here. For a moment, Julien smiled, relishing in the atmosphere of the facility. Truth be told, the only reason he took it upon himself to come here was because he enjoyed this field of study, and it was nice not to be holed up in some bunker or a cramped Detroit apartment— not that the two were distinguishable from one another in any way, but that was beside the point.

The two division heads finished their small conversation and looked back to Bisset for him to continue.

"We have the potential to save lives, here, within Africa and abr—"

The blaring of alarms cut OP-3 off entirely, red lights flashing intermittently as shutters instictively rolled down across each window and door of the facility. This included the laboratory he and others sat in, which suddenly had rolling panes of reinforced metal descending from the ceiling within the fraction of a section. The mood of the room turned from peaceful to horrifying; Fredericks and Davies both abruptly stood up from their chairs and looked around as the two other researchers within the decontamination chamber rushed into the lab, expressions of panic crossing upon the face of each MAVU employee.

"The hell is going on?"

"Everything's locked, we can't get out."

"I can't deal with this— I have to get home in an hour—"

Julien, however, remained calm.

"Gentlemen, lady, let's remain calm, shall we? Keep in mind where we are— past that decontamination chamber is the Viral Research and Storage Ward. It's the most secure place within this entire facility. If anything has happened, I guarantee you that we won't be aff—"

A crash. No, an explosion. And close. Bisset's expression turned to a grimace, now, as he realized what was happening. Why the lockdown had occurred.

Why this location had been chosen for a bombing.

"Get into the decontamination chamber. Get on as many layers as you can, put on a cleanroom suit, and go to the back of the storage freezer. Now."

The researchers stood still. Gamma looked back to them all and furrowed his brow.


His voice cut above the alarms, now, with each man and woman dispersing at his word. The far door was opened and, after a few moments, shut; a white mist of vapor descended from the ceiling. obscuring the four people from behind the wall of glass which divided the chamber from the laboratory. Gunshots echoed through the various hallways of the research wards, the attackers no doubt drawing closer and closer to their intended location. He'd have to act fast. Have to think of something quick, anything that could delay their advancement before Praeceps could arrive.

Bisset moved to each of the lab benches and began turning on the gas pumps, letting the Bunsen Burners atop each table expel their flammable vapor into the air. Noiseless and scentless, it was the best bet he had at any semblance of a distraction. The gunshots grew closer still; within minutes, they'd be upon the room and would begin to break in past the thick security shutters which covered each window and door.

Minutes was all he needed. Using his cybernetic eye to access relevant security feeds, Julien finished activating each burner and began shuffling through the tables' drawers.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Azra » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:22 am

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"This is I.R.P.D officer Elektra Pygmalion, please allow a line to be established." The archer remarked as she sprinted the closing distance between where she was dropped off and the facility. Things like this were a bit complicated for the police division, all the corporate business and military matters of things made a officer getting involved feel potentially intrusive. A lot of businesses just wanted to pay police to keep out not come inside. That said was still her job to rush to these things and there had been enough actions taken against MAVU. Which was also why the response was so quick to deploy.

They tried to keep tabs enough to not intrude but be ready if something were to happen. Then when it did the station called in Doorway and had him set up a door as close to the building as they could. Elektra hoped that whoever was behind this was someone tied to Solar or the attack in New York City. Those people still felt like criminals to her then war lords but also weren't behind bars or six feet under as they ought to be.

Didn't really matter who was going after the place though just that it got halted, she tried to tell herself this repeatedly, drill it into her thoughts. Don't mind what hero or agency came in for this one, every pmc or vigilante who showed up she concluded she should work with. Probably why the department sent her anyway, she did tend to have a bit more of a soft spot around those types of people than others.

She was early the smoke from the demo charge having not yet cleared. Her super strength helped her steps carry at an accelerated pace as she rushed in. An arrow rested notched and held pulled back as she charged forward. If she could close in on them before they could hide amongst the people all the better. "Any confirmation on who to put an arrow in would be helpful." Not to mention feel good, this seemed like the actions of people and the archer liked it when it was people. Ghosts and spider mutations felt to similar, people though nowhere near as hard to shoot at. Still had to try and go with a non-lethal approach even now though. Upsettingly while anyone wanting to unleash Ebola and the like on the masses she thought deserved it she was supposed to operate within the law unlike the vigilantes and capes.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Joyous » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:25 am

Fredrick slightly adjusted the sleeve of his clean suit until it felt a bit more comfortable. It wasn't great, but it was fine enough. Yet the new suit was far from the only thing slightly uncomfortable. He found the idea of releasing a superplague to be rather tactless, the irony of such an opinion not being something that escaped him. There was nothing to be gained, no pleasure to be wrought. Simply death. It was through human interaction that one could experience the greatest highs. That wasn't to say he was opposed to the idea of violence and death. No, rather he delighted in conflict and provocation. To interact with others in a way that was utterly human. So to kill so many with a plague seemed like a disappointing waste, a method too impersonal. Yet even with the gripe he had with the method, he still couldn't stop himself from smiling at the thought of it. All that death would cause so much anger, an anger that would be directed squarely at the culprits, the Pack. To be in the crosshair of all the worlds ire... he simply shuddered at the thought of it all.

Still, it wasn't the type of plan he would normally pursue on his own. Yet that was rather the point of it. This wasn't his plan, no it was Alpha's and that changed things. The joy and goals she strove for, often conflicted with that he desired. Yet his allegiance to the Pack was strong enough for him to put that aside. He wasn't swayed or motivated by something as complex as her ideals or message. No, it was all rather simple. For in the face of someone who would go to any lengths and any methods to accomplish what she wanted to pursue her own desires with such veracity. It didn't truly matter what those desires were, she moved towards her own joy with an intensity truly unmatched. In face the face of such a being, how could he not be utterly enthralled? In the face of joy so strong, he was more than willing to sacrifice his own to watch it flourish into something truly magnificent.

There was a saying Fredrick liked quite a bit, don't play an ace if a two will do. Of course, it was a bit more difficult when applied to a situation like this, but the core idea still rang true. He or more accurately his Janus Luck was a bit of a wild card, a trait that made up both its greatest strength and greatest weakness. When put into a fight his state of constant flux was sure to cause chaos, however, that meant trouble for both sides. If he involved himself and things went well, then they were almost guaranteed success, however, if things when poorly... well, it wouldn't be pretty.

However, there was a catch. Like Alpha had said before, this was a plan that hinged on them having a fair amount of luck. Yet in situations like this, every do-gooder under the sun seemed to home in on their location like caped moths to a flame. It would be a stroke of good luck if none were to arrive, yet on the flip side, it would be a stroke of terrible one if a partially strong one was to arrive. Which was when the double-sided nature of his luck was at it's best. For the worse the bad luck, the greater the good in return. To put it simply, he only had to wait. If things went well, he would stay back lest he became a hindrance. Yet if things went poorly, the good luck he'd bring ought to be more then enough to shift the tides. He might not be the strongest member of the Pack, but when the going got rough, he was undeniably an ace.

As the left the van and gathered around the entrance, Fredrick finally spoke up. Informing the rest of the Pack of what his intentions were. "If you don't mind, I think I'll keep my distance for the time being. At least until things get dire. I'd hate the throw a wrench in the plans." While he was unsure what some of the newest additions or those who had simply not seen him deployed would think, however, he had a strong feeling Alpha would understand his reasoning. His gift was undoubtedly powerful, it just required it to be used in the right situations.

So when the door blew open and the rest of the Pack pushed in. He kept his distance, close enough to watch but far enough that most would have to go out of there way to attack him. After all, he didn't want to stay too far away from the action. Even besides the benefit of getting to the fight if he was needed, he was rather interested in watching the others fight. Particularly the new ones.
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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Annasiel » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:17 am

A research facility. Not just storage, but research. The amount of information there for reverse engineering, the tools and resources, the labs they had to have tucked away behind their tight-locked walls... it was enough to stifle any tiredness Eliza felt in favor of obsessive, burning desire to see what MAVU had tucked away. Well, almost enough. The little doctor bit back a yawn, looking up at the starry sky as the hopped out of the van with the others. It was way past her normal bedtime, a transgression she wasn't exactly unused to -- late-night experimentation was a frequent hobby -- but still a mild nuisance to work around without the direct gratification of cutting up something cool.

Her hand moved for her hair, brushed against fabric, then fell again to her side. Stupid suit. Stupid suit with stupid, boring parts that she didn't even need. It was a useless distraction, getting between her and whatever she wanted to study, slowing down her movement with big, clunky sleeves and uncomfortable wrinkles. At least she'd taken the liberty to decorate it from drab monochrome, sprucing up the boring palette with a delightful freckling of multi-color stickers. A garland of pink and purple flowers wrapped around the visor, and some decidedly appropriate kittens frozen mid-frolick down both the bulky gloves.

Schrodinger's cat, and all that. Least, she thought it was appropriate, but physics had never really been her strong suit. Not the boring theoretical stuff. Wasn't the cat in a box with something deadly? And now they were all going into a box with something deadly, too. Perfectly appropriate!

Her hand bumped against the visor again, and she hissed between her teeth. It danced around to the back of the hood, partially undoing the suit's clasp and pulling the headpiece off in a flourish seconds before the door detonated.

"Where's the fun stuff?" she said to no one in particular, stepping into the gaping entrance, casually ignoring the dead or dying idiots that had decided to stand behind it. "I wanna get to the fun stuff as fast as we can, this suit is so hot. I don't get why we have to wear them anyway, it's not like we're gonna infect ourselves, and it'd be silly to use anything airborne even with protection. I mean, I get that it's dangerous, but just don't touch it if you aren't smart enough to not get yourself sick."

A weight inside her stomach moved, and she patted it gently, fingers stroking the hard lump underneath her skin. Dumb as the suit was, it did conceal the fact the front of her body bulged a little bit more than what could be considered natural.
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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:05 pm

For a man who was constantly running a high fever, being trapped inside a full-body suit like this was something equivalent to torture. Jean had protested, of course. He didn't need protection against these pathogens, and if it was anonymity they were after, he could always inject his face to change it into something less recognisable, but none of that got him anywhere. Still, at least the suit was large enough on him so he could hide his needles in there. Being the same weight as the average preteen had its benefits sometimes. He could feel a couple of them every time he moved his hands; the tips were already pressed into the veins on his wrist, so all he had to do was flex his hand to push down the plunger.

"Ah, this is such a pain~" He sighed dramatically, stretching his hands round the back of his neck "What's the point in wearing so much protection if it's going to get torn off, anyway? I'm sweating like a fucking dog under here..."

There were barely enough gaps for the air to get through the suit, let alone whatever mutations Jean would inevitably put into himself. The fabric seemed to be as much for the purpose of keeping a biohazard out as it was for keeping one in, and it was beginning to grate on his nerves. Without drawing attention to himself, Jean took a scalpel and made a few cuts in the suit, just to let him breathe a bit. He may have been utterly enraptured by pain, but discomfort didn't quite have the same effect on him. Not yet. Maybe that could be something to work on in the future.

Suits aside, he was rather enjoying their little outing. Sure, it was somewhat frustrating when the guards were killed rather than taken back to be used, but he figured that such mistakes were caused by his own relative newness to the group. A dead man was a wasted resource. A live one was a weapon. There would likely be plenty of opportunities to take a few bodies for himself when things got moving. As effective as the group was, probability hinted at there being at least a few survivors of their attacks, whatever state those survivors happened to be in.

That state didn't matter, of course. When he was finished with them, they would be fixed.

The detonation of the door was a little louder than Jean had been expecting. Whilst he was certainly no stranger to violence or bloodshed, this was his first outing as an international terrorist, and things like explosives were still relatively unfamiliar. He grinned at the sight of it, his eyes scanning over the damage it had caused. Some people had been struck by falling debris, others had been burned to death by the heat of the explosion, and there was even one who looked like he had been decapitated- interesting stuff, certainly. As interesting as the deaths were, however, they weren't what Jean was looking for. Unmoving bodies were fine and all, but he wanted one that was still twitching...

"Hold on a second!" He exclaimed, pushing past the rest of the group to approach a man lying by the door "We have a live one~!"

Jean crouched down next to the man, pinning him to the ground with one hand whilst the other crawled gingerly over his skin, exploring each and every wound he had sustained from the blast. Whilst the man was clearly alive, he was certainly not in the best of shape. Not to worry. Jean would soon fix that.

"Oh, you're a lucky one, aren't you?" He murmured, the smile seeping through his voice even though his face was covered "A couple more inches and that would've gone right through your heart... now, wouldn't that be a waste..."

In a move that was either to prevent the man from escaping, or just to serve his rather strange desires, Jean placed his knee against the man's chest and leaned forwards into his face, continuing to mutter quietly about the state of his wounds. With his now free hand, he took out two needles; one with the familiar, black fluid, and another with something more purple in colour. He smiled, tilting his head so that the guard could see his face beneath the visor.

"And I'm a lucky one as well..." He sighed "To find, amongst all these idiots, a... specimen such as yourself. Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful your eyes are, hm~? Such a pleasant hue... I'd love to see more of them..."

With that, he pushed the two needles into the man's neck, filling his veins with substances that would put both his body and will under Jean's control. They took effect mere moments after injection, causing the man's skin to peel back and dissolve into his flesh, his head to crack and split open at the top, and for raw, red muscle to fill in all the gaps like water breaking through a dam. It was obvious that the transformation was painful just by looking at what was happening to his head, but he didn't scream. There was a reason for that.

"Don't make a sound, now..." Jean had said, leaning in to whisper in the man's rapidly mutating ear "Don't let anyone know I'm telling you what to do, okay?"

Regardless of whether it was 'okay' or not, there was no chance in hell that the man would talk of Jean's command after that instruction. The Indigo Serum worked well like that. Jean just hoped the whole ordeal would be over in less than an hour. After a few more moments, he finally took his knee off the man's chest, stepping back to admire his handiwork as the mutations finally reached their final point.


"Haha~!" Jean grinned, spinning around on his heel to face the rest of the group as he gave a theatrical bow before his newest creation "Look, it's our newest member~! Well, more like just an intern. He's going to kill himself iiiiiiiin.... one hour's time, right~?"

The man didn't respond. With his mouth covered by all that muscle, he couldn't respond.

"In the meantime, of course, he's going to be helping us out." Jean continued "He's not going to attack any of us, nor is he going to let anyone else attack us. He's going to be our little guard dog."

He turned around to face the man, clapping his hands together gleefully as he presented his work. Those blades on his head could cut a person clean in two, if swung with enough force, and the layers of muscle added protection to the man's skull that a pathetic clean suit visor could never hope to match. Best of all were his eyes... they really were an interesting colour, and that was all the more apparent now that there were so many of them. A fine piece of work. There was only one thing left to do before it was finished.

"Go on, then. Kill for us."
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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by illirica » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:13 pm

ResistanceWashington DC

“Aren’t we going to do something about that, sir?” The security breach at MAVU had been reported - quietly, of course, it wouldn’t do to cause a panic - but the US government was naturally aware, and Captain Docesznic made sure she kept in the loop about all the meta-developments. The more time she had to gather information, the better. Right now, she was in her apartment, but she was already getting ready to head in to the lab. She’d expected to get called in already, even, but that hadn’t happened, so she’d called in first.

“MAVU doesn’t want our involvement at this time.”

Teja made a little sound of derision. Too many situations got out of hand because someone didn’t want help.

“I know, I know. We’re keeping an eye on it. It’s not going to be your problem, though.”

“It’s a meta-event.”

“It’s an outbreak event. What are you going to do, zap the viruses with a plasma rifle? You’re not disease immune, either.”

“I’d be handline enemy suppression. And we have equipment-”

“Of course we do, but you think we’re going to put Capacitor in a hazard suit? No pretty pictures for the media.”

“Is the media really what we need to be concerned with, here, sir?”

“The media is the whole point. You’re not getting in on this just because you have issues about that New York thing, Docesznic. If the government responds, it’ll be with someone else.”

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by illirica » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:23 pm


MAVU Industries. The government database held locations, maps, snapshots. Some of those things, MAVU was no doubt aware that the government held, others, it may or may not have been. Right now, that was of little import, other than as preparation. Preparation was a fast-paced thing, not done in meetings or labs, but done on the fly.

The Valence Shell armor system was in full impermeability mode, the inner plating system sealed and shielded at the electromagnetic level. The outer armor levels were still as mobile as ever, but for a hostile environment with potential contamination sources, its user was making absolutely certain those inner levels stayed sealed. The suit could manage its own air filtration and generation - she'd have a full two hours without any exterior assistance, or longer if she was able to drop the total seal and do an environmental replacement.

It was rare that these things lasted that long, but the impermeability mode hadn't been designed for disease prevention as its primary function. In actuality, it had been designed for exo-atmospheric use, but there didn't seem to be much of a call for that at this time. Sol's Hammer was still up there. She'd considered infiltrating it, but it didn't seem advisable. Not without an invitation, anyway, and it might be easier to secure an invitation than to reconnoiter unannounced.

That mattered very little right now, other than that she was willing to bet that the Front Line's database probably had more information on MAVU than she did, which would have been useful. They wouldn't be here, though, she had... established that from associated information sources. The Front Line had fallen, and it might never pick itself back up. That meant something had to be there to stand in its place. It would have been nice if it were the government.

She knew that wasn't going to happen, though.

The attack had already begun. There were reports of explosions on local frequencies. There was probably more information on private channels, but she wasn't a hacker. Her computer system could pick up unsecured frequencies, as well as tap into any systems that she already had the access codes for, but MAVU's private channels weren't in her database - and neither were those of the attacking force. No doubt they had some sort of communication setup. It would have been nice to have a plan.

Then again, information gathering and planning were for other people. She dropped to the ground outside the building and walked in through the blown out front door, into the chaos, which largely seemed to be caused by a... thing. Maybe it had once been a person. That would have been interesting information, if she wanted to sit back and assess things. Right now, the important thing was stopping it. Lots of eyes... She raised a hand, and channeled energy through the palm, opting for a burst of energy that focused more on brightness than on damage, aimed for the center of the... face? For the sake of her thought process, she was defining it as a face. She followed the blinding burst with a second blast, charged more into the heat spectrum.

Fireballs. I'm a technological wizard. For some reason, that amused her. Out of character, really - she wasn't supposed to be amused on a mission. Then again, I haven't really established a character yet. One liners weren't really her style, though. Her style was more...

"Cease and Desist."

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Alpha » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:23 pm

Well look way down the river, and what d'you think I see?

I see a band of angels, and they're comin' after me.

Lucia hummed the tune softly to herself, as the capes began to arrive. In truth, it was a welcome distraction. As much as she cared for Eliza, her complaining was a distraction from the task at hand.

She glanced at Fredrick, as he spoke.

"Of course. If you're willing, I would appreciate it if you'd deal with the archer." She smiled, as if sharing a joke. "Best of luck."

It seemed 'Recurrent' had already chosen her own target. The armored heroine was beginning to prove an annoyance, after her appearance in New York. Jean's toy would occupy her long enough for the plan to get underway.

The Alpha and her Pack entered the rest of the facility. Sure enough, there were more guards, and metal shutters preventing further progress besides. Zulu's sword was more than able of dealing with both, the monomolecular edge cleaving steel and flesh with the same ease.

"I know the suits are less than comfortable," she said, as they kept moving. "I'd rather deal with a little discomfort than potentially getting infected. Not to mention, they're concealing our identities for the time being. It suits our purposes for them to believe this is a random terror attack, rather than... us."

With almost all of her group assemble,d the Apex had to do precious little of the actual killing herself. Some, they left alive. Fodder for Jean's experiments, or simply allowed to flee to spread panic. Not to mention as potential carriers for whatever pathogens they released later on.

Finally, the lab study room was upon them, beyond let another sealed door. Once they were through, all that would remain was the decontamination chamber, and then the plagues would be in Alpha's grasp.

Zithuele finished cutting through the door, and one powerful cybernetically-augmented kick knocked the perfect circle of metal into the next room. Following the rest of the team inside, the Apex observed the room.

Most of the research team had been evacuated- likely hiding further on, as they'd have no egress fleeing in the direction the Pack had come from. Only one man remained... either brave to the point of idiocy, or more competent than he looked. And there was a faint hissing sound...

Quickly, her eyes fell upon the burners, noting they'd been turned on. The man's plan was revealed to her almost immediately.

"Zulu. Kill this man. No firearms. The room's flammable." She looked at Jean, and gestured to the burners. "Doctor, if you'd be so kind as to disable those..."

Finally, the Alpha looked at Eliza. Perhaps not quite her surrogate daughter, but close enough. This mission, aside from its other purposes, was in a way a belated Christmas present. She'd stolen a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her, but giving the young woman the deadliest diseases known to man felt more appropriate.

"Grifter and I will proceed through the decon room to the containment ward." She grinned under the mask, and extended a hand for Eliza to hold.

"Shall we?"

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