Operative Gamma: Nostrum

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Operative Gamma: Nostrum

Post by Praeceps » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:01 am

P R A E C E P S _ O P E R A T I V E _ G A M M A

"I am the cure."
General Summary: Henri Veigneur, known within MAVU documentation under the pseudonym Julien Bisset Nostrum and referred to as Operative Gamma, O3, OP-3, Golf, or most commonly Gamma by his three other squad-mates, is the designated medical specialist and scientific operative infiltration specialist of the Praeceps Fireteam.

Veigneur was born on February 7th, 1960 within the city of Marseille, France. His father, Jacques Veigneur, was a notable member of the GIGN counter-terrorism unit within France, having served under the unit since its founding in 1974 up until his death in 1988 when he suffered a fatal gunshot wound and was killed during a tactical assault upon the Ouvéa cave to free twenty-seven hostages taken by the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front; Jacques compromised one of two deaths within the hostage-rescue team within the operation, and news of the death reached Henri during his second year at John Hopkins University while studying to earn his medical license as a surgeon. The death of O3's father was, ultimately, the driving motivation behind finishing his studies and returning to France in order to join the GIGN himself.

The selection process for France's most elite counter-terrorism unit was incredibly difficult, with a recorded acceptance rate of 7-8% for all new recruits. Veigneur, however, excelled at both the pre-selection screening and post-selection training period of fourteen months. Marksmanship and general intelligence were both scored highly in official reports and a high aptitude for diplomacy and negotiation was also recorded by instructors. In an effort to carry on the name of his late father, Veigneur was able to gain admittance to the GIGN and began service in 1991. His completion of a medical license allowed him to further any medical research he conducted in addition to his primary service, developing reliable methods of healthcare during combat situations and working on government-funded projects. Veigneur's duty to France, however, came first.

In 1994, the hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 by four GIA terrorists resulted in an extensive standoff between French and Algerian insurgent forces. During the period of negotiations, the GIGN extensively simulated the circumstances of a tubular assault and familiarized themselves with the inner structure and workings of an Airbus A300 aircraft, similar to the vehicle which the GIA terrorists had hijacked. Originally overtaken in Algeria, the plane was flown to Marseille, France wherein preparations for a tactical assault were enacted. GIGN operatives proceeded to storm the plane from both the rear and front facing entrances, killing all four terrorists and resulting in zero hostage deaths. 9 servicemen were injured, including Veigneur himself, who had taken a stray bullet to the thigh.

For over two decades, O3 had reported no major injuries or failures in his service to France under GIGN. Mid-November of 2015, however, marked a tumultuous period in the Île-de-France region after a wave of terrorist attacks were orchestrated, primarily in Paris. Veigneur's unit, in coordination with various other branches of the National Gendarmerie, conducted a series of raids and searches across the northern portion of the country with the intent of flushing out and neutralizing ISIL supporters. One such assault was executed on the 31st of November, when 10 GIGN counter-terrorism operatives breached an abandoned wine refinery and vineyard near Versailles. When engaged in close-quarters combat in the basement of the complex, a terrorist activated his suicide vest, but not before Veigneur had tackled the man and pushed him away from the line of attacking GIGN agents. The resulting blast managed to cave a portion of the ceiling, killing two other terrorists; due to O3's heroic efforts, no French soldiers were killed. Gamma himself, however, had lost both his arms to the mid-bicep as well as his legs to the area just below the knee. Shrapnel from the IED also blinded Henri in his right eye— miraculously, however, Veigneur survived and was subsequently hospitalized.

While he eventually recovered from critical condition, OP-3 was a quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound for approximately 2 and a half years. In the summer of 2018, Veigneur was approached by MAVU and offered a trial for an experimental cybernetics program in the United States— in return, he would enter conditioning for the Praeceps Fireteam.

Henri accepted and had his death faked, with the cause of death being the complications that arose during surgery while hospitalized in Paris. Veigneur was given a new identity— Julien Bisset and offered employment as Head of Research at MAVU, given his wealth of knowledge regarding biomedical fields and accelerated learning capacity. His "new identity includes qualifications both as a medical practitioner and surgeon, having recieved the degree of Master of Medical Science [MMSc].

Standard facial and physical alterations were undergone, as is customary with all Praeceps agents.


"I think they look pretty good on me."

The Vol line of manufactured prosthetics are among the most advanced artificial limb substitutes in the world. While Veigneur was originally outfitted with low-tech replacements for his lost arms and legs, his work while employed under MAVU brought significant advancements to their prosthesis department, as evidenced by Vol.

The prosthetics themselves are each a high-tech prototype, with commercial versions unattainable at the present time. Each limb was designed specifically with Veigneur's bodily structure and frame in mind; fashionable, lightweight, and integrated with the human body in such a way that removed wireless signals and connection entirely. the Vol limb system sports a variety of hidden features with the purpose of enhancing both armed and ranged combat.

Direct wiring and connection to the nervous system results in a 1:1 reaction and input speed, as if they are Veigneur's actual limbs instead of a substitute. Frictionless joints provide unparalleled mobility and agility; gyroscopic stabilizers in the arm, wrists, and fingers have instituted an incredible shock absorption and steadiness, granting O3 complete stillness of the digits even in the conditions of an earthquake. The Vol's chemical composition is that of a near-bulletproof, lightweight metal-polymer hybrid, designed with generous help from Operative Gamma himself.

Veigneur's legs in particular sport heightened reaction speeds and dexterity independent of Henri's own physical capabilities. With agility far above a peak human's, it was only natural that O3 was suited to operating upon his squadmates in combat and scout missions.

The last artificial construct of note was not a limb, but an eye; with his optical capabilities enhanced, Veigneur possesses to cycle through electromagnetic wavelengths, update his vision with real-time patient statuses, and conduct surgical operations with unprecedented accuracy.


Following the security breach and destruction of MAVU Research Site Washington, Gamma had suffered extensive injuries to his entire skull and upper chest, notably in the form of having his entire lower jaw removed by SUSPECT: JEAN GRAVESEND. Attempts to create a seamless transplant of an artificial jaw have proven unsuccessful, given the extent of the injuries; as a result, MAVU researchers have specially designed a hydraulic-based substitute.

The Vol right eye prosthetic has been changed out with an EMP-resistant, bulletproof optical sensor capable of cycling across multiple electromagnetic wavelengths. It is bolted to the socket and features a highly advanced neural link due to Atlas-Particle Enhanced Circuitry System, or the APECS— pronounced "apex". Gamma's left eye, using the same technology, has been replaced with a short-range photon emitter capable of generating fine lasers to cut through materials or damage enemies in combat. This piece of technology is commonly covered with a cloth strip by the operative and uncovered when he utilizes it.

Veigneur's teeth have been removed due to extensive damage to the jawline, replaced with a carbon-based experimental material capable of withstanding extensive blunt force trauma. With the 'Mandible' system, Gamma has a bite force measured over 4000 psi— greater than that of the Nile Crocodile.

Also present at the base of the brain stem is an immunopotentiator; highly advanced through, again, the APEC System, the medical implant is capable of identifying viruses and substances within the body and designing antibodies to react with and nullify the drug and/or foreign body by deactivating the enzymes present within the substance's structure.

Photo of Henri Veigneur after the success of the Air France 8969 assault which resulted in the freeing of 229 hostages. December 26th, 1994.

O3's medical knowledge— already at a high level due to his graduation and residency at John Hopkins University— has been constantly supplanted by both neural implants and constant study. While not a practicing surgeon due to his employment under MAVU, Veigneur retains his credentials and has been known to conduct operations upon high-risk patients with very high mortality rates; his expertise and technical skill, however, has resulted in a high percentage of success. Henri's bedside manner often grants him favor among the people and patients he meets.

Tactical knowledge, in addition to medical, is also a strong suit of Operative Gamma due to his service to the GIGN for close to three decades. O3's affinity for operational oversight and terrorist psychology has led to him often abstaining from Praeceps assignments and retaining control from the BLACK BUNKER Subterranean Command Site, conducting medical procedures and maintenance upon the fireteam after each operation has concluded. This has resulted in Veigneur resigning himself to more of a support role, rather than an active assault team member.

"My days of gunfighting are over. I'd rather heal than hurt, if I can help it."

Cover Story Description: Julien Bisset, Director of Research at MAVU Industries. Known for televised appearances and likeable personality, as well as an expert consultant for medical cases. Charismatic. No wife or family of note, and is viewed to have a close relationship with Jacob Vanderhaal.

Julien Bisset is dead.

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Re: Operative Gamma: Nostrum

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Updated sheet with new images; replaced the Aiguille system with the Mandible system.

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Re: Operative Gamma: Nostrum

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Love this dude

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