Azuria Guidelines and Information

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Azuria Guidelines and Information

Post by Shinigami » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:53 am

Welcome to the Azuria section. I'm Shinigami, your humble moderator. I'll be laying down some simple guidelines here to help you out with creating your character and figuring this section out. ^_^

Magic and monsters:
First things first, Azuria is a medieval low-tier fantasy RP. Meaning that while magic does exist, it is pretty uncommon. Most spells and other forms of magic are of the low-tier variety; small fireballs, simple illusions, shape-shifting, simple shields/barriers, etc. And you don't have a limitless supply of mana. You may complain about this, but it's simply to make fighting a little more challenging.

Now, while magic may be rare, that doesn't necessarily mean that monsters are. Goblins are a common menace to travelers, and orcs and bugbears have been known to attack villages and underprotected towns. Not to mention the ghastly abominations that may or may not stalk the streets at night.

Other playable races:
All of that said, humans aren't the only playable race here. There are other races here in Azuria. Elves, tieflings, catfolk and even golems have been played, and that's just to name a few. You can even make your own race, but I do suggest posting a general reference in the bestiary once you do, or even beforehand. Just to help out other players who may want to make one of their own. :)

Now that you've read this, go on ahead and fill out the character template and wait for approval. :)
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